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It’s official: Android L is Lollipop

After months of speculation over the new Android L name, internet search giant Google has finally unveiled the name to follow Kitkat: Android Lollipop.


As seen from the technical preview, Lollipop is designed to be flexible and will work on all new devices under Google’s new design philosophy called Material Design. It also features a better battery management under Project Volta. As we have reported, it also features better Security, Device Sharing, Google Now access and Connectivity.

The new Android operating system is scheduled to ship out with all new Nexus devices and will roll out globally on other devices in the coming weeks.

In other related news, the Nexus 6,  the Nexus 9 and the Nexus Player are now all official, and they all run Android Lollipop out of the box!


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11 Responses

  1. Avatar for Hen-Sheen Hen-Sheen says:

    Lollipop? They name their Android Operating System (AOS) after candies & sweets! Kit Kat is just one of them; Chocnut, Goodbar, Jawbreaker, Krackel, the list goes on… To make it easier for the manufactures of these gadgets, how about an Android Ramen? All of these words are making me hungry!

  2. Avatar for Freeje Freeje says:

    Chuppa Chups!

  3. Avatar for theo theo says:

    lick this apple :)

  4. Avatar for Johnny Walker Johnny Walker says:

    mahal naman…mag ACR na lang me…unlipop pa…ahihihi!

  5. Avatar for Denmark Denmark says:

    Lol lipop..

  6. Avatar for sabilion sabilion says:

    sabi Lion daw
    di naman alam ng iba ang Lion na candy sa america lang yan di ba?

    mas ok ang lollipop

    naalala ko ang dating kong 3310 pag pinindot mo ang Menu key sa gitna at sabay tanong ng “What time is it?
    sumasagot yun, sa meron 3310 dyan na orig subukan niyo.

    bakit sa advance na android wala pa rin yan?

    • Avatar for theosmosis theosmosis says:

      Bakit mo kinokompara ung Nokia sa Android?

      Phone Manufacturing Company at Operating system yan.

      Balik na nalang sa 3310.

    • Avatar for Abuzalzal Abuzalzal says:

      Lololololol Napahiya ka tuloy ni theosmosis. Lolololololol

    • Avatar for sabilion sabilion says:


      ang galing mo, eh alam mo ba ang O.S. ng 3310?

      pag nag reply ka kala mo wagas

      ka simpleng feature sa 3310 di pa ma implement ng android.


      di yata ako ang napahiya,
      ikaw alam mo ba ang O.S. ng 3310?
      pag hindi, ikaw ang dapat mahiya

    • Avatar for Abuzalzal Abuzalzal says:

      3310? Naka-3310 ka pa hanggang ngayon? Ano ba iyan, rematado sale? Ph300 lang? Lolololololololol

    • Avatar for sabilion sabilion says:

      sabi ko na nga ba
      hindi mo alam O.S. ng 3310

      ngayon ikaw ang napahiya sa pakikisawsaw mo

      at may reading comprehension problem ka pa
      saan parte ko ba sinabi na 3310 pa gamit ko hanggang ngayon?

      Note 3 at CM Flare 3 gamit ko ngayon
      pero buhay pa din ang 3310 ko, nasa cabinet ko lang.

      intindihin ng mabuti kasi bago mag sawsaw
      napahiya ka tuloy

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