Google introduces the Asus Nexus Player

Along with the launch of Android Lollipop and the Nexus 6 and 9, Google also launched an entertainment device what it calls the Nexus Player made by Taiwanese electronic giant Asus.

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series


With the Google Nexus Player, the internet search giant aims to create an effortless and seamless Android entertainment experience on television, all with apps, video streaming, games, and movie content directly from the Play Store. As a treat, Google Nexus Player will also have a joystick for games, and a remote control with voice control function.  To be able to use the device, one must have a TV with HDMI input & HDMI cable, and Internet connectivity (Wi-Fi only).

Google Nexus Player Specifications:
1.8GHz Quad Core, Intel® Atom™
802.11ac 2×2 (MIMO)
HDMI out

The new device is powered by the latest Android TV and will be out in the market for $99 (Php4,441, gamepad sold separately) along with the new Nexus devices in the coming weeks.


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8 Responses

  1. Avatar for Hen-Sheen Hen-Sheen says:

    The Video Game Crash of 1983 = 21 Century Breakdown of the Video Game industry… Way too many (C.P.G.)Consoles, Portables, & Games! If they keep this up, C.P.G. could be low priced at any store (online or offline) worldwide. That’s a good sign to buy playable technology but…..

  2. Avatar for Justin Justin says:

    They should have gone with NVidia Tegra 4.

  3. Avatar for Ja.Ke ? ? Ja.Ke ? ? says:

    ay sayang HDMI lang ung tv namin. hindi xa internet tv. :( sad.

    • Avatar for backstabbd88 backstabbd88 says:

      pre hindi naman kailangan smart tv/internet tv, basta may hdmi lang. Yung nexus device ang magconnect sa internet.

    • Avatar for kuro kuro says:

      Yun nga ang purpose ng mga ganitong gadget, para gawing smart tv ang ordinary lcd tv’s.

  4. Avatar for jayrwafu jayrwafu says:

    Asus real game changer…. sana mag-sale na ang other brand, before its too late…

  5. Avatar for delta delta says:

    GG CHERRY MOBILE.. hahaha

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