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L is for Lockdown: Increased security makes Android Lollipop harder to root

If you’re one who likes rooting your devices to load your ROMs or custom operating systems such as Cyanogenmod, there’s a huge chance that you’ll find it almost impossible in Android Lollipop.


Several independent developers over at XDADevelopers, a leading site for Android rooting and customization, explains that increased security patches on Android’s framework for the newest mobile operating system have made rooting very hard for methods normally run by scripts and flashes, as it needs to be done and modified all the way down to the root kernel for it to work.

A senior developer at the forum pointed out this might cause your device to brick given the latest build of the new Android OS, mainly because the script required to grant root is no longer allowed to run at boot time from init.d, but rather it is forced to run from a SELinux dedicated context instead. This, apparently, is a new prerequisite for all apps and services running at startup.

While the OS is one step closer to release as it hits devices next week, developers are now in fear of saying goodbye to the gool ‘ol Android customization and take Google’s kiss of death.


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6 Responses

  1. Hmm says:

    Posted oct 22, 2014


  2. _montz says:

    maro-ROOT pa rin yan .. pentagon nga naha-HACKED .. Windows OS nga namomodify .. yan pa kaya .. reaLLy hard at matatagaLan nga Lang siguro with that new security feature ..

  3. kurtloveshai says:

    may jailbreak nga sa ios8 ito pa ba na inborn na for custom usage. hahaha! naninibago lng talaga siguro yung xda. mahahanapin din to ng paraan :D (hopefully)

  4. Rainbow Rat says:

    Lahat may exploit. Imposible na nowadays ang total lockdown.

  5. asWang says:

    talaga lang ha?

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