New Android ads surfaced prior to the announcement

New Android ads surfaced prior to the announcement

As the world of technology awaits the announcement of Android 5.0, Droid Life has uploaded the user-posted Android ads from reddit.

The videos are relatively simple and show a slogan of “be together. not the same.” It embraces the diverse universe of Android users which could be the rich, the elite, the working class, the hipsters, or even the maginalized sector. Android comes in various shapes and size that anyone can find their perfect device.

Android is the major smartphone operating system today with multiple skins or themes depending on your manufacturer or preference. Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC, Acer, Motorola, Xiaomi, and Asus are just a few of the brands that has Android on their smartphone. But if you prefer the pure Android experience, the Nexus line of Google has you covered.

Here are the ads for your enjoyment.


Android “Winnebago” Ad

Android “Crowd” Ad

Android “Bus Stop” Ad

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