Unlimited GMail and Yahoo! Mail with Smart

Unlimited GMail and Yahoo! Mail with Smart

Smart partnered with Nokia to offer unlimited email access via Nokia Messaging for only Php299 a month. The push messaging service will include GMail, Yahoo! Mail, Ovi Mail and HotMail.

The additional Php299 monthly plan is only available to Nokia E75 subscribers but may be extended to other handsets that support Nokia Messaging.


For SMEs and corporate subscribers, the push email will also support POP3/IMAP accounts. There’s a 24-month lockin period for new applicants.

This plan may be a cheap alternative to those using mobile email on a daily basis since the minimum charge for Smart 3G is Php10 for 30 minutes. The Php299 monthly unlimited breaks down to Php10 per day.

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21 Responses

  1. Carl says:

    Need ko pa gamitin ang email forwarding para magamit ko to ng husto.

  2. loadex says:

    will this be the start of nokia messaging out of free trial?

    Gamit ko kase nokia messaging.. and pag may wifi signal auto nag update siya.

  3. spork says:

    About time. Time for sms to end and to move onto something more sensible.

  4. chris says:

    sana hindi lng sa iisang unit Nokia E75..

  5. Rome says:

    It’s good! I can now send my Tweets or Facebook status thru email. Sana kasi may unlimited mobile/phone internet plan na.. we appeal for faster and cheaper internet Globe, Smart, PLDT, Sky, etc!! Sa ibang bansa mura na daw eh! :p

  6. Ruwaydah says:

    Hi..I am interested in getting my friend from India currently touring Manila and then Davao, online. He has his laptop with him…what would you suggest he get that is fast, prepaid and an affordable way to get him an internet connection to put him online for one month while in the Philippines.
    I wish to purchase this for him from Cape Town, South Africa and to have it operating with in a day or two.


  7. Dan says:

    Why waste your cash when you can surf the net for free using OM?

  8. Jhay says:

    Hopefully, SMART makes a similar deal with the other handset makers like Sony Ericsson and Samsung.

  9. Here in saudi arabia.. pwede ring push email sa BlackBerry nga lang …

    About P1,200 pesos per month ( 100 SAR )

  10. aedos says:

    No need to subscribe on any plan., just use Opera Mini. You can check your e-mail every minute.. Free!!

  11. Jes says:

    @Ruwaydah– I’m in Davao. SmartBro prepaid USB stick is reliable.

  12. This is great news but hopefully the service will be extended to other units as well.

  13. i think too late na tong service na ino-offer nila.

  14. Guys, i have mine work with Nokia e90 and am using Globe, but right now it’s still on trial. Nokia send me an email that my Nokia Messaging is still on trial and they will let me know when it expires. How can I have it working when i’m on an unlimited account with Globe after the trial period?

  15. pilo says:

    Opera Mini is better. NO need to subscribe.

  16. Robin says:

    I am interested in this service. I hope you can find out what the supported handsets are… and mostly if it works with Windows Mobile.

  17. MJ says:

    So this Nokia Messaging, is this available for Globe yet? Anyone know?

  18. Phil says:

    @aedos and @pilo
    Push messaging is different from checking your email everytime.

  19. Nancy says:

    “Why waste your cash when you can surf the net for free using OM?”

    “No need to subscribe on any plan., just use Opera Mini. You can check your e-mail every minute.. Free!!”

    Like you just download the ‘regular’ Opera Mini and not the modded version and you can have unlimited email?

    I may want to try this out.

  20. Richard says:

    pls help me to install uzzap correctly in windows 7 kasi lagi lang after the installation pag i run ko na uzzap-bin.exe has stopped working..pls help…tnx..

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