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Watch out for Google Philippines!

There was an entry at PTB about Google hiring Country Representatives for the Philippines over a year ago. That ad was there for the longest time and I thought it’s because either no one’s applying for such a high position or Google is just to picky.

So, I was surprised when Marc told me about his email correspondence with this lady who’s apparently the Philippine Marketing Manager (of sorts) for Google. He confirms the story here and posted job openings too.


And I thought if ever they did open an office here, it would be to get some Adsense rep to coordinate with local publishers. I guess there aren’t that many UPS Club members around here. :)

Still, this development is a real good news. Anybody here wants to work for Google Philippines?

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36 Responses

  1. jun says:

    Is it just me or has anybody noticed the recent big 3 evelopments?. First Paypal (even if it’s half-baked), then Jim Griffith comes here and now Google sets up shop.

    I wonder what will come next? Good times ahead as Marc would say.

  2. sylver says:

    “and posted job openings too.” –> hmm…interesting! ;)

  3. purelocke says:

    Better start a web 2.0 company, get noticed, amass a large enough user base and get bought by Google…..

  4. Kaye says:

    Oh Holy God. This is what I’ve been waiting for. ;)

  5. jary says:

    Is there already a Google HQ here in the Philippines?

  6. Fortune calls Google America’s best employer for 2007.

    Most IT outfits here are sweatshops. A Google office in the Philippines would be a slice of Heaven in the pits of Hell.

  7. jary says:

    Mike, I definitely agree :)

  8. Princess says:

    Is it really true they’re planning to setup a team here in the philippines?

    I received an email from a guy named Bruce last December 2006, using the google domain. He said he was aware of my credentials was asking for my resume. I asked if he’s for real and he gave me his contact numbers (in Mountain View, CA).

    I wasn’t able to call him, or send my resume til now. I still think it’s too good to be true. Watchatink?

  9. Ehkai says:

    i wanna work for google, if ever, but im still a student… so sad…

  10. Mia says:

    will this really happen??! how to send CV?? i want to start exploring now…

  11. dew says:

    i’m just curious, what kind of work will it be?

  12. shem says:

    goodness.if ever this is true, i bet the workplace would be paradise.have u seen the offices that google has set up for their employees? God it’s like paradise! i want to work there i swear.but i’m not a computer major. T_T so sad.

  13. prince says:

    cant waitttttt

  14. oca says:

    where can i see the job postings? i want to work with google :) if ever this would be true…

  15. wow! i hope there will be a job posting for call center reps…

    i want to work for google!

    hope this is true.

  16. nah says:

    I’ve been looking around the net for developments on this one. Sad to say, I have not found any significant improvements, yet. If google will indeed set up shop here, it would probably be for data centers and software development, AFAIK google does not handle call centers.

  17. MLM says:

    is this even true? has google started shop already? I’ve been trying to get info on this? can anuone help where i can send a CV or visit their office? I have no idea where it is, if indeed google is already here. Please help.

  18. gee-u-next says:

    i know where it is..hehe..located at fort bonifacio

    • MRN says:

      Hi! Is it possible to get the complete address of GOOGLE Phils.? Can you send me a link? Really need it very badly…please please please.


  19. oca says:

    really? in fort?

  20. Christopher says:

    Now, where’s the office? It has been four years since this post and I haven’t heard any updates yet.

  21. Googler says:

    Visit me here in Singapore. Matagal pa po yan. Balitaan ko kayo pag ok na!

  22. Jay says:

    Hi, Googler, are you working for Google? My friend wants to get in touch with your company. May we get your phone and office address in Singapore, kung wala pa sa Pinas? Pwede kami pumunta dyan. We want to meet you guys, since we have a product that is based on the android program of Google. We want to see how we can partner with you. Please get in touch with me at [email protected]. Thanks,

  23. Jay says:

    gee-u-next, can you help me with the Google office at the Fort? do you know their contact phones? will appreciate your info very much, thanks

  24. abel says:

    it’s my craziest dreams ever to work in Google. I don’t know if it’s possible. hehe

  25. Jerric says:

    look’s like google got stuck in the pitstop for quite a while now haha! it’s sure is a dream come true to work for google, but you better be ready to know your qualifications first.

  26. Victor Teotico says:


  27. jex v. says:

    [SIGH]…even in my dreams didn’t see myself working there…baka in reality mangyari hehe(asa?):]

  28. Marichris says:

    Hi! Can i get Google Philippines’ contact number? Thank you! :))

  29. Its 2011 already, and this post has been made last 2006. Wow! and still no Google Philippines :/

  30. Messie says:

    If ever Google Philippines needs finance persons, I will certainly give it a shot. I tried looking sa Google mismo, but the only available jobs are for Google SG.

  31. Gayle Loth says:

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  32. Why is there no headquarters of Google here in the Philippines? :)

  33. Ivy says:

    On what number can i reach you. i have some queries

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