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PLDT myDSL DNS Problems

For several days now, we’ve been experiencing some erratic and widespread DNS problems with PLDT myDSL. I think Smart 3G/GPRS is also affected with it, although my Smart Bro is working fine.


We’ve also received numerous reports of the same — random sites not showing up or loading. The issue has been reported to PLDT Customer Support and though they’re not confirming the problems, all efforts to correct the problem failed. So, until now, PLDT hasn’t resolve the issue and we get all of the heat from hosting clients.

Anybody else experiencing similar problems with their DSL providers?

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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151 Responses

  1. Yes it is widespread, though they don’t want to admit it. Most of Taguig is down for almost 3 nights already, and PLDT still have no ETA on when the internet will be back up.

    Contacts reported that QC and Southern MM are also experiencing disconnections and very slow connections.

    Most of Makati PLDT connections are fine however.

    I am in an iCafe right now since our office in Taguig don’t have Internet until now.

  2. Nick Nichols says:

    Yeah, same thing has been happening with PLDT in Davao, Abe. But it’s better now.

  3. Dusty says:

    Having problems also on my PLDT DSL at home (Sta Mesa) , I couldn’t access a lot of sites. At first I thought it was my router that’s causing the problems but when I switched to another DNS, everything worked.

    But here in the office(Makati) everything seems to be fine.

  4. JP Loh says:

    DNS has been erratic with PLDT lately. But I switched to Globelines last week. No problems encountered yet.

  5. nica says:

    yeah, there are times that we experience fast and non-break-off intermissions as we browse the internet. We have smooth browsing (we just experience disconnection for about 1-10 minutes every now and then) from 10am to 2pm (and sometimes, it extends up to 3:30pm) but after that time, our connection is dead, we only have internet connection for about 10-15 minutes and then it goes dead again for 30-45 minutes or so. This is ALWAYS experienced around 4:30pm until our closing time (7pm).

    we experience the same prob as you guys have. it has been going for one week.. and we’ve been calling PLDT’s customer support everyday and everyday we were given instructions on what to do whenever we encounter the problem, it isn’t helping tho :(

    they won’t admit it and our network admin’s pissed off because he can’t see what wrong with our connection here unless PLDT admits its their fault.

    today,so far.. connection’s good here in ortigas =3

  6. Noemi says:

    my daughters use PLDT DSL and have been complaining lately of their connection. They are based in QC and never had connection issues before.

  7. It’s really PLDT’s problem. I bet there’s a communication breakdown and the Customer Support were not informed about it.

    I’ll also bet that PLDT’s IT dept still can’t find the root of the problem, especially now that I’ve received reports that it’s happening nationwide for more than a week already.

    It’s worst than I first thought.

  8. purelocke says:

    Confirmed DNS problem in Malabon. It is really an annoying and “erratic” problem, as there are times that port 80 or 8080 is not working, while other service ports are. Also noticed that when connecting, PLDT assigns the same address for the default gateway and the WAN IP. Problem is not limited to myDSL users, but extends to PLDT Vibe as I imagine them to be using the same backend.

  9. seav says:

    Even Airborne Access is affected. Couldn’t get to my blog when I tried their wifi last Saturday.

  10. It’s time to inform the TV media ;) and force PLDT to say something about it.

    Dang, I badly need uninterrupted access this Wednesday.

  11. Bob says:

    I am using PLDT DSL, but I use OpenDNS for my DNS provider. Not a problem at all….

  12. Migs says:

    If it’s really DNS problems, then the earlier post on Fix your ISP DNS Problems should help.

  13. Kiven says:

    had the same problems last week although my line seems to be back to normal. have been with pldt for so long i dont even bother to call na.

  14. jhay says:

    Nope, everything’s peachy with Globelines.

    Heard the same complaints from my classmates who’s on PLDT. It’s really driving them insane, it’s the only reason they still couldn’t finish their school projects.

    I think it’s about time customers really unite and do something concrete about PLDT’s lousy services.

  15. minor says:

    What to the controversial conservasation Between the Client and PLDT DSL customer support ?


  16. Arbet says:

    DNS poisoning?

  17. Just a follow-up, Taguig is back to normal.

  18. kzap says:

    I use the Verisign name servers, and the problems stopped. :)

  19. Raffa Jacob says:

    I thought my router was the problem. Didn’t realize it was a MyDSL problem! I used OpenDNS and this seems to have fixed it. Thanks!

  20. M. Y. says:

    3 weeks ago, Globelines in Cavite experienced DNS problems. Lasted about 1 whole day for me.

  21. quezacolt says:

    just try going back to dial up! haha

    my dsl didnt work for 2weeks i switched back to dial up, just to finish our project hehe

  22. cleober sinues says:

    This problem has been on going for more than a year and PLDT customer service is of no help what so ever. Most of the time, speed goes way slower than dialup connection (sometimes I end up buying prepaid internet cards). I am also frustrated with the quality of customer service especially if you ask them if they would reimburse or give due credits during times when their internet is unusable because of the connection speed. They’ll give you a deaf ear or give you a reason that it’s not stated in the contract, isn’t it they’re the ones not delivering the service that they have promised (an internet speed faster then dialup)? Anyway, i decided to switch to Bayantel, had no internet problems and customer service is great. Good luck to your DSL connection I hope you get a better service.

  23. bea says:

    hay nako…. dati smart bro ako e… ngaun pldtdsl ampz…. kaya pala matagal magpunta ang mga techy nila e… 2 days pa bago ma i deploy sa techy nila….. tapos pending pa sa ofc ng mga ilang araw…

    kaya ngayon ginagawa ko…. dumdiretso na ko sa nearest pldt business center dun ako tumatawag sa technical nila…punta agad sila… nde ko na dinadaan sa hotline…. sobrang tagal bago maayos…… ngayon less than an hour naaayos na internet ko pag may problema.

    pero gosh a… ayaw ako tantanan ng techical activity na yan a…. kahit nung smart bro pa ko ah….. grabeeeeee

  24. Suggestion lang po, try po ninyong gumamit ng ibang DNS settings tulad ng sa opendns.com

    Primary DNS:
    Secondary DNS:

    Change mo lang sa properties at TCP/IP settings. :)

  25. Jeff0208 says:

    I have both SmartBro and PLDT DSL right now.

    My SmartBro has a connection problem and I am not using it for almost 6weeks now. And none of their technicians came back after they visited 2 weeks ago. However, I can get connection for about 30-45minutes before it disconnects and reconnects after 10-15minutes (based on our observation). Infairness, I can access almost every site I am visiting including MCP (MotorCycle Philippines).

    With MyDSL, i have problem connecting to MCP from the start MyDSL was installed 2 weeks ago. I also experience temporary disconnection at between 10pm-2am for about 30minutes to 2 hours disconnection to which I really don’t have any Idea why I do not have internet connection. I tried contacting TechSupport on both PLDT any SMART regarding these problems I am encountering specially with my SmartBro but still no proper response from them.

  26. Siro says:

    i hate the same problem at pldt….

    if your modem didn’t pick up 210.xxx.xxx.xxx
    it won’t acces some sites or limited only…

    its the wan ip that it picks up…
    sometime the dns’ fault….

  27. paeng says:

    Now, given problems due to ther recent earthquake in Asia, I am getting better performance when I turn off OpenDNS.

  28. Roel says:

    I’ve had the same problems. I’ve called MyDSL tech support several times, the agents were nice pero they were not able to help me. Ayoko magalit sa kanila because i am a tech support agent myself for AT&T Yahoo! DSL. So i fixed na lang my own problem by using openDNS. It worked for me, hope it’ll work for you too.


    Primary DNS:
    Secondary DNS:

  29. bea says:

    my brother is now a certified pldt employee, what he found out was that the csr of 172 are all OJT student some were not but most were. hehehe. we’ll nothing much to say. wag na tayo magalit sa kanila..kawawa naman…hay!

  30. kaito says:

    oi , ok yung open DNS , working sa ‘kin. lamatz david at roel…. try nyo …

  31. POH says:

    to whom it may concern,

    lam nyo bang myDSL ay isa sa pinaka may pangit na services dito sa philippines at un ay napatunayan na namin!

    napaka inportante sa amin ng internet! please lang!

  32. busted says:

    hay naku pldt csr’s are way too stupid.. nag ka problem ako sa pldt dsl ko … kasi nag report ako ng dead phone (which i found out was “accidentally switched off DAW” ng lineman nila when our phone was ok na .. dsl went dead.. it turned out na ang pinatay naman nung lineman eh yung fiberoptics necessary for dsl connection. nung nag reklamo ako sa pldtdsl d sila makasagot sa kin so what i did i bugged then day in and day out ..tapos sa isang time na pag followup ko ng status ng report ko yung stupid na csr asked me mam eh may dsl service ba talaga kayo.. subscriber ba talaga kayo baka hindi naman … naku as much as i wanted na d sya pagalitan.. that was just way too much stupidity kaya un … inaway ko .. sorry sa mga csr .. pero kasi kung papasok ka sa ganyan job better know what your doing and saying .. being new is not an excuse for stupidity.. walang gamot sa drugstore para sa taong sadyang tanga

  33. agent_orange666 says:

    Putanginang PLDT myDSL na yan, ayaw kasing ma-detect yung IP address ko kahit maayos ang LAN ko. Last Friday night nagsimulang magkaroon ng problema sa IP address. I tried to contact 172 for help pero sabi daw gagawa ng report. The next few hours, hindi daw nagawa yung report! What the fuck!? Nagiging irresponsable yung putanginang 172 CSRs na yun para ayusin ang DSL ko! Isa pa, I’m also working at PLDT but I felt embarassing to serve the Filipino customers like me.

    I love websurfing and online games kaso kung ganito na lang ang problema sa DSL, absolutely that’s no excuse! I will not pay for the motherfucking service because of DSL connectivity problem. Eh sarap kong pukpukin yung mga putanginang PLDT Technician para asikasuhin ang problema ko. 2-3 araw na akong may problema sa DSL ko.

    Asal hayup talaga si Manny Pangilinan kung ganyan ang panloloko sa serbisyo ng PLDT myDSL and stop that motherfucking advertisement about Plan999 and other products to endorse kung hindi nila kayang ayusin!

  34. [email protected]!ñ_ says:

    PLDT sucks!!! almost 3 weeks na! hindi pa rin activated. Sucks ang service nila

  35. [email protected]!ñ_ says:

    PLDT sucks!!! almost 3 weeks na! hindi pa rin activated. Sucks ang service nila!!! wala pa rin naka install na DSL.

  36. Andrew says:

    I’m experiencing a similar problem as well. A few days ago, my DSL started only being able to access certain sites such as Google but not other sites such as Yahoo, Friendster or Multiply. I think it may be a DNS problem but haven’t been able to resolve it through openDNS. I’m trying to contact PLDT customer service now.

  37. kulitz says:

    I learned something sa isang net cafe owner, everytime may DSL problem sa PLDT, tinatawagan nya yung CSR then cnasabihan nya (or pinapagalitan nya yata hehehe)na i-take note ang details sa connection problems (account name, connection problem, time na nagstart ang problem, etc) and told the CSR to report it and mark it para pagdating sa billing, pinapa-pabawas nya. I think fair naman yun considering we’re paying monthly, dapat continous yung service nila for the whole month. ndi na dapat bayaran yung time na nawala yung connection! cguro gayahin natin yung owner mentioned above… para matakot tlaga ang pldt… they should be! cguradong bagsak ang payment remittances nila!

  38. ging says:

    It’s annoying to hear all these comments on pldt internet connection. I thought I’m the only experiencing this situation but reading all the comments, I can now conclude that their service is really very appalling especially their customer support. They are very active when it comes to collection & disconnection but when it comes to technical support they are completely useless. Their service is nils compared to other telecom providers in other countries considering they are the pioneer and largest in the Phils. We, ADSL SUBSCRIBERS are completely helpless!!!

  39. bentot says:

    got problems again with the dialup connxn.. only few selected sites loads up..

  40. marcpodi says:

    here too in Laguna… buisit na buisit na ko sa mga sumasagot sa 171 pero di mo naman sila masisisi kasi taga-sagot lang sila at taga-salo ng mga mura ng customers. Pero yung mga actual engineers dun di nila nalalaman kung gano kahirap walang connection sa internet lalo na in a span of days.

  41. Wamcy says:

    3 days na rin walang DSL. BADTRIP!!! and the fact na binabayaran natin ito!!! same problem here in pampanga!!!

  42. stan says:

    Same problem here in iloilo, dsl service is down, when will this end?

  43. ganja says:


    can u help me about my problem regarding po sa pagconfigure ng router im using ASUS rx3041…kc pag econnect ko ang wire ng dsl sa router..hindi n ako makasearch sa internet..i have two pc para makashare ung internet..


  44. kulitz says:

    well… pldt struck again… we lost connection for about 2 weeks! CSRs even those na nasa opisina talaga nila dont know what to do… parati na lng cnasabi na fina-followup nila. to make sense of the story, last september 2007, we applied for a static IP kac dynamic yung sa amin eh may free naman pala kami 1 static IP, so i requested a change from dynamic to static.actually, walang nangyari, iwas expecting them to call me to give our IP pero wla. just this november, biglang nawala ang connection. i was thinking they made the changes na… after 2 days, i followed up… sabi nila may problem ang area namin.the next day, i called again, ang sabi nila, it might be our application for static IP. umabot ng one week, galit na kami pero ganun pa rin ang explanation, to be followed up daw. pag dating ng 2nd week, we wrote a letter to the head of the business zone but we didnt wait for the answer anymore, we decided to shift to bayantel… guess what, nagmakaawa cla… then after a few minutes, dumating yung tech sa ofis namin and naibalik yung connection. pucha! na change na nga pala ang IP pero di nila cnuguro na ma puntahan ng tech para ma reconfigure! kelangan ka pa talaga magalit para ayusin nila ang problem mo…

  45. gg guy says:

    i’m using opendsl. pero ayaw na magconnet ng GG Client ko

  46. mos says:

    No offense. PLDT myDSL services is not that good. Maybe if they have not that professional. They must think that it might get effect more more someday. They must do more more effort in their work. They must Plan before entering some kind of Services. They are just making money not making better people lifes.

  47. Alvin says:

    ever since i got my PLDT myDSL installed i’ve been cursing so much

    after 2 hours na ddc ako.. dapat ko pang e unplug ang modem tpos e plug ulet [ routine for after every 2 hours ]… Pag tumatawag ako sa customer hotline.. feel ko ang BOBO ng mga kausap ko, lagi nilang pnipilit na nasa PC ang problema. WTF?!! eh bakit nung SMART BRO pa gamit ko eventhough mabagal d naman napu2tol ang connectin.. 3 times na clang nagpadala ng technician d2 pinalitan pa nga ang modem pati ip address.. mali daw yung ganun at ganyan… For Your Mutha Fucking Informations You Morons hindi PC ng mga subscribers ang may PROBLEMA kung hindi ang mga bulok nyong LINYA!!!! ayusin nyo naman… sayang lang ung bnabayad namin!!!

  48. pldt is a complany filled with dumb asses says:

    argh! wtf is up with this net??
    why cant there be any good net in the phils??
    so much better when i was in the uk :[
    Bloody wankers!

  49. kenj says:


  50. ricky says:

    pls fix my problem a cannot connect to privite games,,

  51. vixell says:

    grabe na dsl ko,,,,,tuwing gabi palagi sya na ddc every 5 mins!!! imagine kung me dinadownload ka tapos konti na lang tapos na biglang maddc yang hinyupak na dsl na yan!!!tapos nung tumawag naman kami wala rin silbi ung pinag gagagawa nila…kesyo me problema pc,,,me problema linya,,,,yang utak nyo cguro ang may problema….

  52. vixell says:

    grabe na dsl ko,,,,,tuwing gabi palagi sya na ddc every 5 mins!!! imagine kung me dinadownload ka tapos konti na lang tapos na biglang maddc yang hinyupak na dsl na yan!!!repair tuloy ng repair ng lan connexon,,,nakakapagod na!!!!tapos nung tumawag naman kami wala rin silbi ung pinag gagagawa nila…kesyo me problema pc,,,me problema linya,,,,yang utak nyo cguro ang may problema….

  53. jackie says:

    hello i have a problem hope you guys can help, its been 3weeks since i got a problem in pldt mydsl kasi ang ip add ko 169 eh sbi ng 171 bad ip daw so im not able to use internet! taz pasulpot sulpot lang ang connection buti nga now naka chamba 124 ang ip add ko kaya nakapag internet ako,naku……THEY’RE SUCKS!

  54. jackie says:

    what’s the best provider ba, digitel dsl offer 777/mo free modem and landline 384kbps or pldt mydsl 990? kaso kasi bad experience nako sa pldt eh, ewan ko lang ang digitel… if 1 month at di pa ayos ang lintik na IP ADD na yan im planning to go for digitel na lang eh but isip ko rin baka naman mas worse naman ang digitel..anyone can help? should i change a provider or ill wait pldt solve may prob??????help! thanks….

  55. Angelito B. Hizon says:

    Dear friends,
    Ako wala ako problema sa myPLDTDSL ko, plan xcite akin P1,950/mo ang DSL plan ko. Ang bilis, for almost 3 years ko na ginagamit, di ako masyado namomoblema.
    Regarding sa DNS problems, madali lang naman magpalit ng working DNS numbers if my problem ang automatic DNS settings, narito ang ilan sa mga gamit ko DNS numbers pairs.
    pair 1)

    pair 2)

    pair 3) you can see it in http://www.opendns.com

    So dapat marunong kayong mag configure ng DNS, makikita ito sa network connections, then click properties, then click internet protocol, dun mo i adjust ang DNS mo.

    Sometimes need mo lang i off muna ang modem at router mo, then meron na connection mo.


    Lito Hizon

  56. nerrad says:

    bkt nwawalan wlan ng net d2?? kbd3p aaa??? sampaloc area ausin nyu!!! syng ung bnabyad nmen!!!!

  57. nerrad says:

    ausin nyu 2ng sa sampaloc kbd3p nwa2lan ng net plge nde tmatgal

  58. Ed says:

    guys globe broadband also having the same problem, after four months of intermittent connection, they just tol me na wala na cla magagawa sa linya nila….crap! and i was thinking of switching to pldt..it seems that they are also encountering the same problem..does smart bro gets the same problem?

  59. Anna says:

    tama sa http://www.opendns.com din kme kumukuha ng alternate dns–

    globe broadband ang gamit ko, madalas sinasabe sa modem connection status connected ako sa internet, pero di naman makabrowse at maka ping. kahit i-on at off ang modem, unplug replug cables, minsan gumagana, kadalasan hinde, so pag nag run diagnostics ako, dns failed. so ggamit ak ng dns found sa opendns.com/ madalas limited or no connectivity din, wala akong problema sa NIC card ng computer ko, i’ve been a tech support for internet ng international account AT&T at TimeWarner sa US yun. i know how it should be fixed. it’s either the DNS pag dns failed, modem pag madalas nag lilimited or no connectivity, or computer problem na, or mismong ISP provider ang di maganda. good thing i can work it out with many steps. kung hinde, kawawa naman yung mga walang alam, lagi na lang walang internet connection sa kanila.. bwiset talaga mga ISP. once nagsubscribe kna. iiwan ka sa ere. bahala ka kung di magwork, since may contract ng 12 months din. bad trip.

  60. tang inang DSL yan says:

    tang ina nyo magsarado kaya kau tang ina sayang bayad namin p0ta panay dc ng dc tang ina nyooooooooooooooooooooooooooo puking inang dsl yan maluge sana kau tang ina nyo kadaminuto dc mamatay na may ari ng pldt dsl

  61. tang inang DSL yan says:

    tang ina nagbabayad kami ng maus tapos yung trabaho nyo ayaw nyo ayusin tang ina nyo kakapang gigil p0ta ausin yung makita city

  62. tang inang DSL yan says:

    tang ina hindi ako magsasawa kakakamura kung ganyan kau kautak gus2nyo tagap lang kau ng tagap ng pera ayaw nyo ayusin yung trabaho nyo king ina nyo

  63. tang inang DSL yan says:

    kahit iban nyo internet namin hindi ako magsasawa mang gulo sainyo 666

  64. edgardo t. silagan says:

    ako din nagkaproblema sa DSL connection ko laging connection time out or failed to connect minsan nakaconnect na biglang maglaho dns-related problem ba ito? thanks

  65. ace ximix says:



  66. Jofel Nistal says:

    WTF! every 2 to 3 minutes, laging DC! tried replacing the router with a brand new one, ganun pa din! parang ayaw ko nang magbayad. yung package ko na 3MB, pag nag speed test ako, kahit walang nagddownload or nagsttream ng video, yung speed nya ay 300kbs. ayusin nyo naman serbisyo nyo, nagbabayad kami ng maayos.

  67. Since mar l7 2009 and everyday thereafter,and up to this writing i have been reporting almost daily the recurring problem of my DSL 027712588 and account no.0181868384. It is like Islaw Palitaw lulubog lilitaw sa taing kalabaw ang Dial tone and Internet connection. Please bring this matter to the attention of the responsible people of PLDT and rectify this problem. Salamt po!

  68. rodneypogi says:


  69. STRIFE says:

    mabagal tlga tol..prang humina pa lalo..nuon umaabot 50-60kbps pag DL ko ngaun 30-40kbps nlng..huhuhu..sana nmn ayusin nila serbisyo nila….

  70. secret says:

    Mga TITI kayo..puro kayo reklamo.. e d kung panget paputol nyo na agad para di sayang pera nyo.. may alam aqng mgndang internet provider… pag nagkaproblem action agad ang mga technical…

  71. erap says:

    P.I. na pldt dsl na to…every 5 minutes na lang napuputol. tapos eto bayaran na naman. hayy buhay…mga tol gawa tayo ng sama-samang reklamo..

  72. missing lady says:


    Eto garantisado mapapansin kayo ng PLDT sa mga complaints nyo.

    Mag email kayo sa PLDT Customer Care at eto email address:
    [email protected]

    DAPAT EMAIL NYO DIN ANG (DTI) Department of Trade & Industry. eto email: [email protected]

    Siguradong mag rereply and DTI at pag ka received nyo ng reply ng DTI iforward nyo sa PLDT.

    Ako nga Disconnect ang DSL ko almost 5 days wala akong connection kasi daw “process daw and reconection” Kaya sa bwisit ko nag email ako sa customer care ng PLDT at CC ko and DTI.. grabeh mabilis pa sa alas kwatro and reply at pag uwi ko aba may DSL na ko. Todo pa ang Sorry ng PLDT sa akin at nag email din sila sa DTI informing na may DSL. Nakakaloka talaga.

    Wag kayo mag tiis… takutan lang yan at syempre mapapahiya ang PLDT pag may complain report sila sa DTI.

  73. missing lady says:

    After ng Connection ng DSL, dapat humingi kayo ng rebates sa mga days na wala kayong connection. dont forget email din ang DTI ha. sana makatulong po.

  74. zanthor says:


  75. yzarknoir says:

    kami nga 1 week nang walang internet ehh, 1 week na rin ako nag fafollow up sa pldt, wala paring respond,

  76. B4 says:

    PLDT really sucks bigtime. I’ve been using their Pro package for 5 years, with no single late payment, and this is how they’d give back.

    I lost dsl connectivity for a week, and their CSA are totally useless. It turned out they’re migrating existing users, those using residential PPPoE xDSL to the current Dynamic IP type clusters. But I had to pester the nearest PLDT office to get an explanation not to mention the time lost for work.

    And now their DNS are going haywire. And they said it’s supposed to be “much better”. My ass…all they’ve improved is their skills when it comes to nagging you about your bill.

  77. KAWET says:


  78. Patrick says:

    badtrip tlga ang pldt dsl.. ambilis na sana ng connection kaso bigla na lng nawawala eh. ilang beses na ko tumawag sa knila ok nmn daw kaso hindi sila ang nasa receiving end kya di nila naeexperience ung bigla na lng nawawala ang connection.. do something pldt kundi maraming mawawala na customer sa inyo

  79. jomelson says:

    im a computer gamer and have been using pldt for 2 years pero ngayun lang naman nag loloko.. im always disconnected every 5mins..siguro ganun talaga pag old customer ka na..pldt ayusin nyo naman..

  80. Freakoh says:

    Tagal nrin kaming gumagamit ng PLDT, i’ts been 6 years. Pero same problem, maraming site hindi maaccess. Madalas youtube at yahoo lng pwede. Tapos babagal nalng kahit ang expected speed dapat eh 1.5mbps nagiging .4 or .3mbps nalng.

    Pag nareport ka, paki patay po router, paki check po IP, paki disconnect wire, bla bla bla. Check-Up routine daw. For me seems to be the most stupid routine to do. Sinabi mo na nga na 15minutes ago may net. Hindi nawalang ng ilaw at hindi rin naman pinakialaman ang connection pero bakit need parin na gawing single connection?

    At sana wag masyadong mayabang mga Customer service na sabihing wala po samin ang problem, Anak na mga kalbo mga toh, Kaya nga nagrereklamo kami kasi sa connection namin may problema hindi sa connection nyo. Bakit hindi nyo nalng itrace mga sub station nyo? Kasi connected kayo sa kanila pero sila sa amin ang hindi.

    Wag nyo naman kaming gawing Bobo. Masmarami pa ngang Subcriber ang masmatatalino sa technical nyo eh. Secret password pero pag nagtype 1 letter per second Cno hindi makakamemorize ng password?

  81. Mga sis at brod. Digitel Business Plan ang kunin nio. May sarili siya’ng static IP, sa inyo lang iun. Di tulad ng dynamic IP, nakiki-share pa kayo sa iba. Try nio. Ako, switch ako sa Digitel kasi ang daming tse-tse buretse ng PLDT tapos ganyan din lang pala ang serbisyo. Pati GlobeLines sa amin dito pangit din ang service nila. OK.

  82. wtf!?PLDT says:

    kakainis na pldt =.= lagi na lang disconnect every 5mins. WtF! nakaka-irita na. i play online games and it always happy every now and then. been like this for nearly 2 months ever since i got here at the new place i’m living at. ayusin nyo naman serbisyo nyo. sooner or later konti na customers nyo mga bwisit =.=

  83. _whaTdFuk_ says:

    _____Hoi!! amp POTA!!! dam!!! ilang bwan na kung gani2 laging “DC” ng “DC” amp! ayusin nio naman!! tawag ako ng tawag sa 171 wala pa rin silang ginagawa grebe lagi nalang gani2 connection ko laging “DC” at na kakaka asar ang maga tech nio pag dadating d2 sa bahay kala nio kung sino grbe mag tanong.. lalagyan moh pa ng virus ung computer ko kung anu anung cnasabe mo wala ka naman magawa sa problema ng dsl ko amp ka gago!!! ausin nio naman sana ung mga tech nio pag aralin nio muna aH! para my alam naman di BOBO grebe almost 2mont na 2 problemang 2 hinde pa din ma aayos grebe!!.. ausin nio naman!!! PLDT!! pano na ung mga gamers di makapag laro sa bwisit niong connection nag babayad kami sa oras tas for what laging
    “DC”!!! amp!! ta3 kasi mga tech nio eh!! pag aralin nio ah para my alam naman!!

    BOBO kana nga! pati tech mo bobo pa!! amp!! di ko ma imagine pano ka! yumaman BOBO KA KC!! BOBO! PUTNAG INAG DSL YAN !!!

  84. konsenxa says:

    pldt has problems, i also know that, but please be patient and don’t use foul words, if you’re not happy, then switch your ISP, dont judge people saying things like “bobo” and words like “putang ina” it’s just sad that there are filipinos who has a garbage personality like yours..

  85. joey db. says:

    ..dito sa san pedro, three days nang sablay ang connection. Apply nga kami ng mataas na plan to get better connection, but still sablay talaga..i think our government must react on this..wala tayong proteksyong mga consumers.Panay lang ang singil ng mga ito pero yung services sablay..

  86. Hmmm PLDT DC! says:

    pldt dc hay kakasawa na ! hope naman maayos na to ,!

  87. daltonkamote says:

    eh isa lang masasabi ko, para lang silang linta, sip ng sip pero halos walang na gegain nabenefits ang consumer, samen halos araw2 laging nag rereset ang pldt modem nila, dns issue at ip issue, taena kaka burat!

  88. paolo says:

    hi, im just wondering if any of you are experiencing router problems. me and my neighbor share a net using linksys, but then 1 week ago, we cant connect using wifi. without the router, the net is fine. so we bought a new one, thinking it was the router that has problems, it was working okay for 2 days then this morning we cant connect to the internet. pldt blocking routers?

  89. Miguel says:

    Hay naku… Sana wag akong magkaproblema if may phoneline na ako.. Im curently using their default internet.. 384 kbps as promised… 269 lang ang na re recieve ko… at least free ung 269 kbps…

  90. peter says:

    it’s so inconvenient! our internet here in sta. mesa is down for almost a week, what’s going on with them?!, can’t they fix this? we’re having problem with some of our clients, i’ve read some of their comments, all of them are negative. this is quit a shame for pldt…

  91. Allan says:

    Its been more than 1 month already and PLDT still hasnt fixed its connection, im wondering, is there a law or any legalities that can help us with this matter, i mean we are paying good money for the service that we are not getting, its like outright stealing

  92. JayR says:

    after bagyong ondoy, my SMARTBRO died. bakit ganun? and the worse thing is.. nagpunta na ko sa smart station nila, even called for almost 2 weeks straight, kunyari me pupunta dito at gagawin ung antenna, only to find out na wala na naman syang matinong connection. Then, pag nagcomplain uli ako sasabihin na naman nila ung default answer nila na “please wait for 24-48 hours to check ur network connection and we will give feedback on ur number”

    PAULIT ULIT !! nakaka-asar na e. Dito lang ba sa pilipinas pangit ang net? bat naman sa mga kakilala ko na taga Korea, and even Singapore?

    nakakapanghinayang kc na almost 3 years na akong SMARTBRO tapos e papatanggal ko lang dahil sa uber-poor service nila.

    and yes i agree to sir allan’s comment na
    “we are paying good money for the service that we are not getting, its like outright stealing”

    please do something about this.

  93. Moz says:

    i thought ako lang may problem regarding with my PLDT dsl connection un pala ang dami din.

    for almost 2 months wala akong ma receive na matinong service galing sa kanila everytime na tatawag ako sa customer service nila they kept saying the same thing over and over again may pumupuntang mga technician to our house to fix kung ano mang problem pero after 24 hours bumabalik sa dati ung connection mawawala. Kaya napipilitan ako to go to an internet cafe nearby to do my school works it frustrates the sh*t out of me everytime na makikipag siksikan pa ako sa internet cafe kasi sobrang bagal ng PLDT mydsl sa house harap harapang pag nanakaw ang ginagawa sa mga customer nila they should do something to improve their services.

  94. lance king says:

    yah the pldt seems to have caused a lot of problems on us ive been having same problem for 2 weeks now..i underwent speed test and the result is 0.04 mbs…this is not what we are paying for…nasasayang pera natin..

  95. tae talaga yang mga pldt na yan!! 3 month na qng hindi makagamit ng maayos sa internet palgeng DC kung makaconnect man wala din hindi rin makaconnect sa internet tpos disconnect agad paulit ulit lintik na yan!! srap mg net eh!! sayang ung bnabayad q eh!! pati ung Hotline nila kala mo crang plaka sa paulit ulit lang din ung cnasavi nila!! pati ung technician hindi rin alam gagawin sa connection q eh!! lintik na buhay yan oh oh!! “@$&#*&^” wala na clang paki alam sau oras na nkabitan kna ng internet !!! mas msaya pa kung sa compshop nlng mag net mas mabilis pa!!!cla pa my ganang magalit kpag ka ngcomplaint ka sa kanila !! aba galing ha!!! kakapal ng mukha!! ma i blog nga yan!!! pra wala ng mag apply sa knila para malaman nila ung pagkakamali nila!!

  96. tae talaga yang mga pldt na yan!! 3 month na qng hindi makagamit ng maayos sa internet palgeng DC kung makaconnect man wala din hindi rin makaconnect sa internet tpos disconnect agad paulit ulit lintik na yan!! srap mg net eh!! sayang ung bnabayad q eh!! pati ung Hotline nila kala mo crang plaka sa paulit ulit lang din ung cnasavi nila!! pati ung technician hindi rin alam gagawin sa connection q eh!! lintik na buhay yan oh oh!! “@$&#*&^” wala na clang paki alam sau oras na nkabitan kna ng internet !!! mas msaya pa kung sa compshop nlng mag net mas mabilis pa!!!cla pa my ganang magalit kpag ka ngcomplaint ka sa kanila !! aba galing ha!!! kakapal ng mukha!! ma i blog nga yan!!! pra wala ng mag apply sa knila para malaman nila ung pagkakamali nila!! ………

  97. tae talaga yang mga pldt na yan!! 3 month na qng hindi makagamit ng maayos sa internet palgeng DC kung makaconnect man wala din hindi rin makaconnect sa internet tpos disconnect agad paulit ulit lintik na yan!! srap mg net eh!! sayang ung bnabayad q eh!! pati ung Hotline nila kala mo crang plaka sa paulit ulit lang din ung cnasavi nila!! pati ung technician hindi rin alam gagawin sa connection q eh!! lintik na buhay yan oh oh!! “@$&#*&^” wala na clang paki alam sau oras na nkabitan kna ng internet !!! mas msaya pa kung sa compshop nlng mag net mas mabilis pa!!!cla pa my ganang magalit kpag ka ngcomplaint ka sa kanila !! aba galing ha!!! kakapal ng mukha!! ma i blog nga yan!!! pra wala ng mag apply sa knila para malaman nila ung pagkakamali nila!! .

  98. Freakoh says:

    Well? It’s been almost a year mula nung una akong magpost dto. pero walang nabago, still worst service from PLDT.

    I don’t know if the tech support here in zambales is insulting my intellect or maybe he is just plain stupid. He told me PLDt business plan 1.5mbps ever since we subscribe 4 or 5 years ago is really having only 700kbps now.

    PLDT print ADS few months ago said “PLDT is now upgrading our service to boost your surfing speed!”

    Well? i’m a bit stun here. from 1.5mbps to 700kbps is what they called speed boosting? What the heck? should i thank you PLDT or shall i curse you for upgrading? i knew that not all PLDT staff is that stupid so please come and explain it will yah? Better if the administrative people out there will be the one to explain it to me please. here’s my email: [email protected]

  99. PLDTschmuck says:

    wala nang magagawa sa PLDT, puro tyo reklamo wala sila gngwa. Lipat nlng ng BayanTel masmaayos pa, baka atakihin pa ksyo sa puso sa sobrang galit. isipin nyo nlng, mmatay rin my ari ng pldt.

  100. sofedup! says:

    ako din having intermittent connection for the past several days and i monitored it religiously.i’ve been losing sleep nga din para mamonitor ko ng todo.una may pumuntang tech tpos sinisisi na vista daw kasi OS ko kaya ganun.at siya mismo hindi din alam kung papano aayusin,hindi p nga nya alam papano gamitin yung vista eh. then dahil nga dc ako ng dc sa mga random na oras at ang duration eh paiba iba din, minsan minuto, worst eh inaabot pa ng ilang oras, report ako ng report sa kanila tpos pag tumawag naman yung tech nila, itatanong kung may internet daw ba ako at present..edi natural meron ulit..intermittent nga ang problem eh..ibig sabihin pabalik balik na dc.ang galing nga nila magtiming tumawag eh, for some reason ayos ung internet pag tumatawag sila then a few hrs or minutes later dc ulit.pagkaganun daw close n nila ung complaint ticket..so report n nmn ako ulit.ung isa pang nakausap ko din sa phone na tech din nila, kaya daw ako dc ng dc kasi daw may ‘virus’ daw ang yahoo na pilit pumapasok sa pc ko, at dahil vista nga eh hindi daw makapasok, result daw nun eh pagkadc ko..o ayos na explanation ha,,may super computer virus pala na ganun? palusot ng palusot eh. tpos ginawa ko, tinanggal ko muna sa splitter ung phone line at iniwan yung dsl line for 19hrs straight! amazing..ndi na ako naddc! then nireport ko ulit sa pldt. today, may nagpunta na tech ulit.pinipilit na hindi s kanila ang problem.pinalitan yung modem ko saka yung splitter (pero mukha pa rin luma ung splitter, parang mas luma pa sa orig na splitter ko kasi may itim itim n gilid) tpos sabi ireformat ko daw ung laptop ko kasi baka yun daw ang talagang reason. e nung minsan may 3 other laptops pa ako hiniram at ikinabit ko dito isa isa..ganun din dc din ng dc..ano ibig nya sabihin? 4 na laptops lahat needing reformats? at that time medyo nagtaas na ako ng boses sa galit pero pilit ko p rin pinipigilan sarili ko.basta importante sa akin palitan nya n lng tpos monitor ko n lng ulit. saka nagspeedtest pa sya, taas nga daw ng speed ko eh.eh ano ngyon? ano silbi ng mataas na speed kung hindi naman makaconnect? engot talaga.ang nakakaasar pa, pumitik pa ng kabitan ng extenstion phone, kasi kakainstall lng nito last august at yung nag install, nag iwan sa amin in case magkabit daw kami ng extension na phone.nkaplastic p nga yun, ndi pa gamit..aba! napansin ko na lng wala na sa ilalim ng lagayan ng phone ko. kaso nakaalis na sila so wala na..grabe tlga sila, naperwisyo ka n nga ng todo pipitikan k pa ng gamit..mura lng nmn cguro un pero kahit na no!nagmalaki pa nga na IT sya eh.onga IT, IT na bobo/klepto. (ung tagal bago makabitan and yung sa delayed na dating ng billing nila, another story pa yun, puro wala kabuwisitan talaga. gusto ko nga sana mag bayantel kasi sa mga nabasa ko, ok naman daw Customer service nila, khit talo sila sa speed ng pldt, bawi nmn sa mga tech nila dahil marunong talaga mag ayos, kaso wala naman sila linya dito sa area namin.

  101. sofedup! says:

    kapag hindi pa rin naayos ito, asawa ko na haharap at sasabon sa kanila, nagsawa na ako..puro kabwisitan na lang eh.

  102. chelseal says:

    Email: [email protected]
    Email: [email protected]
    Email: [email protected]

    Try noy mag email sa dti at customer service ng pldt..ang ginawa ko eh nag email muna ka sa dti then forward ko sa pldt email dti regarding dun sa complaints ko kasi nga wala me connection at take note, to the maximum lever ang update sa akin ng pldt at ayun nag ka rebates pa ko.. takutan nlang yan .. basta everytime na reply ako pldt lagi naka CC si dti.. alam ko sa NTC pwedi rin dun

  103. chelseal says:


    Eto garantisado mapapansin kayo ng PLDT sa mga complaints nyo.

    Mag email kayo sa PLDT Customer Care at eto email address: “[email protected]”

    DAPAT EMAIL NYO DIN ANG (DTI) Department of Trade & Industry. eto email: [email protected]

    Siguradong mag rereply and DTI at pag ka received nyo ng reply ng DTI iforward nyo sa PLDT.

    Ako nga Disconnect ang DSL ko almost 5 days wala akong connection kasi daw “process daw and reconection” Kaya sa bwisit ko nag email ako sa customer care ng PLDT at CC ko and DTI.. grabeh mabilis pa sa alas kwatro and reply at pag uwi ko aba may DSL na ko. Todo pa ang Sorry ng PLDT sa akin at nag email din sila sa DTI informing na may DSL. Nakakaloka talaga.

    Wag kayo mag tiis… takutan lang yan at syempre mapapahiya ang PLDT pag may complain report sila sa DTI.

    After ng Connection ng DSL, dapat humingi kayo ng rebates sa mga days na wala kayong connection. dont forget email din ang DTI ha. sana makatulong po.

  104. sofedup! says:

    thanks sa tip..baka gawin ko yan pero hintayin ko na muna umuwi asawa ko para may extra back up. kasi kung ako lang mag isa, baka ganun ganun lang din itrato nila sa akin eh.lalo lang ako mabwisit. salamat sa info ulit.

  105. ssien says:

    oo nga. gngawa ng pldt yan pra i-upgrade nten ung DSL nten. kasi nung nkaraang buwan may tumawag samen na nag ooffer 2nkol sa pag uupgrade ng DSL from plan 990 to higher priced DSL nila. Cguro walang kumagat kaya gnito ung gngwa nila. Pwde kaya silang idemanda??

  106. peter says:

    our connection is back to normal na. everything seems to be fine pero sana ganito na lng palagi. i could still remember loosing my client after we failed to submit our finished products OTL. internet base kc trabaho kya we definitely need a stable connection.

  107. ryab says:

    oo nga amp pangit ng dsl kala ko mabilis ang bagal pla tas lagi pa nawawalan sakin mas madalas nga wala kesa meron e

    anu po b mas maganda connection speed ayoko nmn sa bayantel mabagal din un
    pero sa sky internet mas maganda kala ko mas maganda pldt kaya lumipat ako pangit pla worst

    ano b maganda connection how about smart bro sabi nila pangit dw?

  108. dave says:

    ano bayan ang DSL PLDT ambagal ng connection d2 sa imus cavite…my ginagawa bah kayong action all about sa mga comment ng inyong mga customers i think wala…kc til 2010 ganun pah din ang nah eencounter koh i hope sana mah pix nio nah…tnx para d kmi umaasa…tnx..

  109. Eddie says:

    3 months na on and off PLDT dsl namin. We’re paying P6k/month. This is really highway robbery. Been calling 171 hanggang nagsawa na ako. They keep insisting that the problem is on our side. Wala na talagang pag-asa kaya I’ve decided to switch to Globe na.

  110. Edward says:

    i have same prob here.. grabehh nga ito if its happenning way back 2006.. what does it mean? normal lang to? internet providers like SMARTbro you should double check this matter every now and then.. its happening again… i’m at camarin caloocan area.. even the smart plug in’s have a prob.. OMG!!! even DSL wahhhh… grabehh you should limit only the subscribers in a certain area.. the CSR told me that my connection is not directly connected to me… i’m not that techy pero you should be consistent with your old subscribers… di n nga ako ngrereklamo sa bilis (este sa bagal) ng connection nyo miske may time n sobrang bagal ng connection. pero un na didisconnect ako sa isang Online game radomnly ay iba n un… hassle n ito di n maganda ang nangyayari d2… may iba p me option para maayos to? globe suck also but i haven’t tried the SUN… hope you can do something about this matter ASAP.. thanks

  111. paul says:

    I get disconnected everyday while using the internet. I Can’t even download properly! What the heck is PLDT doing? Everytime i try i ge errors! The disconnections started december 2009, last year, it was resolved for a while 7 came back 2 weeks ago with worse problems!

  112. Eugene says:

    this is bull shit pldt is a scam.theyre reducing our internet speed in purpose..at first when you pay for their 999 plan, of 1mbps internet speed. yeh right theyll give you the exact speed. but within few months or a year.. theyll decrease the connection into half. i paid 1mpbs speed and im just getting half or 1/4 of it. i tried calling their hotline its always busy. fuck pldt.. bull shit talaga..right now its worse. my connection is turning off for few mins then on.. same thing happens everyday. -_- its just a conspiracy theyre pretending that they dont know. anything or trying to solve the problem. or w/e.. dam can you guys give me a free dns server. that i can use..

  113. PLDT WEAK says:

    wew putah pldt lagi dc ung nilalaro game!!! wew weak kau asa kau mga nubs pldt!!!!

  114. JAMES says:

    Lage na ddc yung CABAl ko damm kasi ayun sa running ping ko lageng nag titimeout TAKE NOTE tinignan ko na sya ng 24 hours 2 days din napansin ko around 2- 5 30 AM Straight ndi napuputol since december pato cguro naka 10 na tech nadin sila samin. Kung ano ano na ginawa aheheh PINALITAN na yung buong LINYA ng telepono , tapos yun iba nag kape na sa bahay tapos sinisi yung laptop ko bulok daw , palitan nadaw yung modem. tsk tsk SAYANG bayad lageng putol putol D PDE sa GAMES to tsk tsk lageng DC i try ko rin E mail DTI thx sa INFO

  115. striker says:

    AMAP eto REASON,

    TANGGAP nang TANGGAP si SMARTBROKEN nang Client 20mbps cap hati hati ang mga 30+ na smartbroken subscriber. SO LAHAT YUN nakikihati kay PLDT kasi smartbro eh DUMADAAN kay PLDT kaya pansin nyo si smartbro ang LAYO nang REROUTE kasi nga AVOID na maka BOTTLE NECK kay PLDT still BANDWIDTH naman ang KULANG>……… DAPAT REPORT NA YAN>

  116. Ozzy says:

    pati ako nadamay amf XD bad3p na ako almost 1month ng every 5-10 minutes disconnected ang internet namin GOOGLE.PH na nga lng DISCONNECTED pa din wew ~_~

  117. JAMES says:

    lolz sabe sakin nung tech sorry sir wala na kameng magagawa kasi madami na po tlgang gumagamit sa area nyo and medyo malayo nadin po talaga. Hindi po namin pinipilit itong serbisyo namin sainyo desisyon nyo na po yan kung itutuluy nyo pa. Nag email ako sa DTI pero walang reply prang nag bago na ata sila ng email

  118. --------------------------------- tae na PLDT --------------------------------- says:

    mga dude wala kau sa dsl q.. buong araw walang internet db… heheheh

  119. Redqueen says:

    e2 oh try nyo ginawa ko yan parang wla ung pahinto hinto ng connection


  120. Mabilis nman ung internet q.. kya lang mabagal tong pldt dsl ko sa games!! taEh! kya nga aq lumipat sa pldt n2 dahil sabi nila mabilis daw sa mga online gamEs!!!!! nu ba gagawin q? me kelangan bq ayusin sa settings n2? awtz bad3p!! -_-

  121. adrian says:

    wtf?!! almost 2 years na yung prob namin na laging kailangan i-reset yung router nga mga ilang oras na gamit. (although, maayos at mabilis ang torrents), DNS lang pala problema! nakatatlong router pa naman kami.
    buti na lang, gusto ko tong huling router, may built-in modem at wireless pa.

    thanks sa mga nagpost nun. duda nako na-DNS yun dati, pero di ko alam may libreng DNS pala!

  122. tojara says:

    yeah dito sa laguna nakakaranas na ako ng dns problem akala ko sa router then sa modem tapos nalaman ko may problema sa dns tapos yun nabasa ko yung iba gumamit ng open dns at whoala gumana din sakin pero tatawagan ko parin pldt, nagbabayad ako ng tama pero hindi naman ako makagamit ng internet ng maayos hmmpp!!!

  123. doyet says:

    It’s my 1st time to have an internet and i chose PLDT My DSL, and for the 1st two months using it, i’ve never encountered such any problems at all. anytime i want to check my mails connections were good at that time…but unfortunately, 3rd month of use, problems arises, connections on and off, it takes a day before i can have a signal. For an emergency use, i cannot use my internet because no signal at all, my transactions delays, and i could not get into my deadlines due to poor connections at times…please, help me or give me some suggestions how to deal with these problems. how can it be? plese be aware of the problems arises from your connections, help us like we are helping you…………………………………

  124. i-hate-pldt says:

    my pldt dsl here in pasay is no good. they are blocking my website google adsense and now I could not configure my website efficiently. why would they do that.. if pldt won’t fix this i’m definitely dumping pldt dsl into garbage I will discontinue my subscription and I don’t care if they will block list my name there is plenty of dsl provider out there

  125. chris klein says:

    kaya pala lagi DC samin. pati kami dito sa Baguio City affected din. kawawa naman kami, pano business/work, lugi na. d rin matawagan CSR. :(

  126. TagaTikol says:



  127. vincent says:

    naku sobrang naiinis nako nireformat ko na ung pc ko lahat pati ung command prompt inaus ko ung ipconfig nya at dns fluch dami ko nang gngawa saknila pala problem tumawag nako sakanila at inaway sa phone halos wala na nga massabi customer service rep pero report lang ang gnwa di nya alam customer servce rep din ako sa isang call center internatiol account kaya alam ko palusot nila ….

  128. BOn clay says:

    POTA di ako mkpagDOTA! ShiT!

  129. marotz says:

    lang kwentang pldt parating naddc in few mins. tpos ambagal pa 999 plan subscription ni youtube na 5 mins video 20 min loading time?

  130. Nabibwiset says:

    Ponyeta yang PLDT, wag na kayo mag provide ng internet services!!!! ilang araw ng palaging disconnect!! Lintek!!

  131. kean says:

    potang ina na PLDT mag iisang bwan plang aq ang hina na agad na connection,unang kbit ok mabilis nung na tagal na haaaaaaaaaaaaay! naku anak ng teteng unti unti bmabagal kahit i speed test q sa speedtest.net configuration failed lumalabas missan nga wala i loading ng loading,.di na aq mkapag donload na movies,..ilo2ko nyu lng kming mga subcribers manlo2ko.

    tang ina ka tlaga pldt! pareho kau ng smart bro tang ina nu!

  132. edward says:

    bullshit tlga ang PLDT!! plagi na lng dc!! ngbbyad nmn ng maus peo ang service nila e sbrang nkkbuset!!!! badtrip!!!!!!! lecheng PLDT!!!!!

  133. edward says:

    bullshit tlga ang PLDT!! plagi na lng dc!! ngbbyad nmn ng maus peo ang service nila e sbrang nkkbuset!!!! badtrip!!!!!!! lecheng PLDT!!!!! ampotah..

  134. atty. cortez says:

    wala nabang ibang paraan na maayos ang lintik na DSL na yan? may computer shop ako, at mas mhaba pa ang oras na walang connection kaysa meron. may quota ba kau kung ilang complaints ang dapat nyong matanggap bago kau umaksyon? kung wala din kaung maganda maiseserbisyo sa mga may negosyo, mas mabuti pang magsara na kau, dahil ang dami nang nalulugi sa inyo.maawa nman kau. puro na lng kau kabig ng pera, ayaw nyo naman ayusin ang serbisyo nyo!

  135. enrico says:

    wew Badtrip hindi ako makapag laro ng maayos.

  136. zay says:

    dapat dyan nirereport na kay tulfo eh isa din silang criminal eh nag babayad ng maayos ang mga tao tapos sila di nag proprovide ng maayos na service,grabe dapat dyan patawan ng civil case

  137. juska says:


  138. Meee says:

    kainis di ako makapag porn

  139. charlino says:

    pota! mag iiligal nlang ako sa vastnet(subcontractor nila)

  140. ryan says:

    ANak na pitumpot pitong pating kaya pala DC always ako di ako makapag Online games ng maayos ah na DDC always shit na PLDT yan dapat PLDC talaga name nyo oi palitan nyo name nyo

  141. cherry says:

    anu ba yan kaya pala na d-dc ako..!! T_T d ako maka laro ng maayos…!!! tae..!!!
    akala ko maganda tong pldt… hays.. sana na lng hindi namn inalis yung globe…!! pota!

  142. aj says:

    packing tape na pldt yan,

    maabutan na ng lose yung wins ko sa lol eh, nung una 200+ ngayon 100+ na lang at dahil dun bumaba winning ratio ko dahil sa kakadc, ilang report na napaprocess ko pero hanggang ngayon ganun pa ren, more than 6 months na saken tong dc ng dc anak teteng

  143. chiton says:


  144. cyjanidybel says:

    I see that this post is dated nearly 6 years ago, but I’d just like to address that I’m currently having the exact same problem.

    We’ve subscribed to PLDT myDSL for.. I’m guessing, around 3 years ago, but this is my first time experiencing this.

    My Smart Bro suddenly works fine, though, I can’t access Smart’s website for some reason. Every other site loads fine in decent speed. Our landline phone is down, however, so I guess I’m doomed to not be able to report this unless I go to their congested offices or branches and report this in person… Which I’m definitely not doing. Nakakatamad masyado.

    Sobrang tempted na talaga akong sunugin ang mga Lopez. Sigh

  145. nico says:

    grabe lng tlga ang pldt, tawagan mo man ung csp o kahit mag tawag ka ng mag aayos na mga agent, more than than 2 months ko na nireport sabi pupuntahan daw, asan na ngaun? mag 3 months na wala pa din? nag babayad naman kami ng maayos .. mas mabuti pang mag palit nlng.. bwiset

  146. TAkte!! says:

    wew kakainis
    plaging dc anu bayan pldt
    kung may mag pakabit
    pero pag reklamo na
    Hina!! yudafootspa

  147. sixace says:

    This is a very old problem with PLDT that they never bothered to fix, same DNS issues. Luckily the work around is quite easy. Simply configure your DNS settings manually on your computer and either use OpenDNS

    or personally i prefer google DNS

  148. Josh says:

    Pangit talaga ng serbisyo ng PLDT d nga nila magawang gawin mabilis nag serbisyo nila eh. D sila marunong sumunod sa deadling nila. 3-5 working days daw eh tagal na wala parin

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