5 Tips for Selling Used Gadgets Online

5 Tips for Selling Used Gadgets Online

Selling your gadget is one way to minimize costs of buying a new one, as selling off your old stuff can fund most of your next big purchase. With many scams reported and some are still floating around the world wide web, how do you protect yourself from them? We give you a rundown of important notes to keep in mind when selling your pre-loved gadgets online.


Besides selling or trading in places such as Greenhills, there are also online forums, groups, and websites where you can sell your gadgets. Here are a few tips to make the most out of the selling deal.

Always keep your gadget box and receipt. Before everything else, well, you have to safe-keep your device’s package. Buyers are most likely to buy a gadget which has a complete set — box and accessories intact, and a plus if it still has a receipt that acts as its official warranty. Selling only your unit has a bigger chance of deflating in resell value.

Determine conditions of your device. When did you buy your device? Does it have scratch marks and other cosmetic wear and tear? Are there performance and device issues? These are some of the common questions buyers ask when they look for potential purchases online. It’s better to be honest and state its cosmetic and performance issues beforehand so you won’t end up arguing with the buyer should he decide to meet up and finalize his purchase.


An inconvenient truth when you sell your used gadgets, depending on its current condition, is it marks down in huge values when you resell it. Unless you add on freebies and additional accessories and protection like cases, slim armors, or tempered glass, you can’t sell your device at a price point near when you bought it. It’s important to price your gadgets according to the current reselling values in the market. Most of the online selling prices do come from Greenhills, by the way, so try to price your gizmo at that price range.

Timing is important. If you are planning to upgrade, it’s best to sell your phone right before the next generation comes out. It’s pretty easy to predict the flow with international brands which follow a schedule, and may be a bit difficult for local ones, as they release new phone models more than the times we won overall in Miss Universe or an Olympic Medal every month.

Advertise smartly. There are a lot of ways to advertise your gadget for sale. You may start with your circle of friends first, then span out to buy-and-sell websites and facebook groups such as OLX, Ayosdito, TipidCP, and Hachi’s Buy and Sell. Some of these sites have certain rules that have to be followed before these sites approve your postings.

With posting photos and advertisements of the gadget online comes a responsibility of protecting them. There have been instances of users stealing photos from the original seller to scam potential buyers. A way to protect your properties online is to place watermarks on your pictures. Some mobile photo-editing apps offer adding text to your pictures. If it’s a bit taxing on your end, you may take photos of your gadget with your name written on a paper before posting them online.

Be firm in selling. Since you are the seller, you need not to bend to your buyer’s demands and stick to your pricing and meetup place. Nevertheless, it’s not that bad to bend down to haggling especially if negotiations are going smooth. If you’re new to selling, have someone accompany you as a witness to your transaction and as an added protection as well. Stick only to places you know well.

We hope that these tips will help you make the most out of your pre-loved gadget and give you a very smooth transaction. Do you have any tips? Share them at the comments section below.

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