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Akamai: PH Internet Speed Still at 2.5Mbps in Q3 2014

The Philippines’ average internet speed is still at 2.5Mbps, according to the Akamai State of the Internet report for Q3 2014 published early this month.


Compared to the Q2 2014 report, there was no movement with the country’s average internet speed, and was reported to be a 39% increase from the data collected the same period last year. This also puts us down at one of the slowest in the Asia-Pacific and two notches down to 105th in worldwide rankings compared to 103rd last quarter, where we now share the same average internet speed with Vietnam.

Our internet speed peaked at 21.3 Mbps, a 1.1% decrease from last quarter. Here’s how the country’s internet speed is compared to the past three quarter reports:


Akamai reports that the country had increased its broadband internet connections by 200 percent over the last year. We reportedly now have 0.2% of users with speeds above 15Mbps (-0.4% from last quarter), 0.7% of users on broadband connections with speeds above 10Mbps (+3.8%), and 8.8% now on speeds above 4Mbps (+6.9%).

As for other countries, South Korea still takes the top spot in the whole Asia-Pacific region and worldwide with an average speed of 25.3Mbps, followed by Hong Kong (#2 in Asia and Worldwide) and Japan (#3 in Asia and Worldwide) with 16.3Mbps and 15.0Mbps, respectively. Here are our average and peak speeds when compared and charted with the rest of the region:

(Click image to enlarge)


In other reports, Akamai said that the country is not ready yet for 4K, as their data concludes that we, along with Malaysia and Vietnam, failed to qualify for inclusion as Akamai saw negative quarter-over-quarter changes of 4K readiness.

Overall, Akamai reports that the global average internet speed have decreased 2.8% to 4.5Mbps in the same period. To view more of the State of the Internet Q3 2014 report, head over to this link.


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3 Responses

  1. Easy E says:

    can you guys compare how much our neighboring countries pay for their internet? Yung LTE ha. Katulad ng Korea, SG, HK, at ang iba pang SEA na bansa. Para macompare natin yung speed at price. Baka naman kasi mahal na mabagal pa binabayaran natin dito, para todo-todo na ang galit natin.

    • wais says:

      Sa Singapore (SingTel)ang Unlimited Fibre Plan na 1 GB (with Digital Landline – unlimited calls) ay nasa Php 1,800. Kapag broadband wireless bundle na 500 MB DL/speed (4G) with digital landline at HD Cable subscription (30% off ang mobile plan mo kung sa SingTel ka din) Ang cost niya ay Php 2,950.

  2. Kong King says:

    These “average” speeds are highly misleading and do not reflect the experience of the vast majority of internet users. They are arithmetical means, I think, which are highly influenced by the lucky few.
    It would be much more meaningful to give median or modal speeds.
    I guess the median or modal speed during evenings and weekends in the Philippines is Globe Tatoo or Smartbro wireless at a mere 100-200Kbps if you are lucky. This less than one thausandth (1/1000) of the supposed average in the table.

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