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8 Tips to Maximize the Battery of the HONOR 8C

One of the smartphone brands that provide affordability without compromising the quality and performance of their devices is Honor. One of its newest arrival in the country is the HONOR 8C. Aside from its refreshing design, it also comes with decent specs especially its battery capacity. We already know that this phone lasts a long time but if you want to optimize it to extend its battery life, here are eight tips that can help you maximize its battery further.

1. Adjust the screen brightness

Screen brightness is one of the major reasons why any devices’ batteries drain quickly. When comparing IPS panels to AMOLED ones, the former consumes more power than the latter (know more about smartphone displays here). Reducing the brightness to just about one-fourth of the bar will greatly increase the battery life of your HONOR 8C.

2. Configure display settings

When screen brightness adjustment is not enough, you must also check the display settings of your HONOR 8C to see what you can tweak further. Turn on the Smart resolution option to reduce the screen resolution automatically if your device when it’s low on battery. Also, set your screen timeout to 15 seconds by going to the “Sleep” option and choosing the lowest possible time to automatically lock the display.

3. Turn on Power Saving mode

Under the battery settings, you can choose between Power saving and Ultra power saving mode to save more battery life. The former limits the background app activity, disables email auto-sync, system sounds, and reduces visual effects to save power. The latter, on the other hand, only enables at most 6 apps including Dialer, Messages, and Contact. You can customize all of them and put in your application of choice.

4. Disable unnecessary power consuming options

Normally, you’d leave connectivity options enabled but you never really switch them off. Disabling Wi-Fi, Mobile Data, Location, Auto Rotate, and Bluetooth after use will help your HONOR 8C last longer significantly. You can also enable Airplane mode as well to help you lessen power consumption.

5. Manage apps running in the background

You can manage all the apps running in the background on your device by going to the Battery options again and pressing “App Launch” option. From there, you can choose the apps manually and choose whether you want them to run on startup, can be launched by other apps, or keep them running in the background.

6. Turn down the volume when gaming

For gamers, it is important to hear the sounds inside the game due to its more immersive experience, however, lowering it down or using earphones will greatly reduce the battery consumption of the HONOR 8C.

7. Turn off auto-sync for emails

Turning off auto-sync will prevent apps like Gmail from updating your inbox periodically which consumes power more than you know. Try turning it off and you’ll see the difference.

8. Check “Optimize battery usage”

Lastly, if you think that there are more things that need optimizing on your HONOR 8C, just go to the Battery settings again, but this time, go to the optimize battery usage. This feature will analyze the whole device’s settings and will show you which settings can still be tweaked to further reduce battery consumption.

So those are the tips in which you can optimize your HONOR 8C’s battery life. What do you guys think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Vaughn is your go-to person when it comes to comparing gadgets especially smartphones. He's also a gamer by heart and the "Hackerman" of the team.

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  1. jobert_sucaldito says:

    Honor 8C? Why not get the Redmi 7 instead? Same soc and everything, its even cheaper.

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