Aesthetic Tech Accessories to Buy for your Workspace

There are a lot of tech accessories out there. Some enhance the functionality of your current hardware, while others complement it. If you’re looking for something to buy to upgrade your workspace or add some unique things, here’s a list of aesthetic tech accessories you might find interesting.

Cable holder

A perfect tech accessory to organize all your messy cables and wires. A good lifesaver keeps your computer cords bundled and untangled at home or office.

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Laptop Stand

A lot of us now work and study at home, and it is essential to have one of these. A laptop stand will raise your notebook screen to eye level, preventing strain on your neck and back caused by a forced downward perspective and avoid overheat.

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Phone/Tablet Stand

No need to find a mug to prop your phone up against while browsing or watching your favorite series. Just put your phone or tablet on the stand. It also makes it easy to check notifications.

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Palm Keyboard Rest

Photo by: IronmeetsWood

Using a palm or wrist keyboard rest will allow you to work from a comfortable, relaxed position and helps reduce the risk of developing stress- and repetitive motion-related injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

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Bluetooth Speaker

Another accessory that you might need. If you’re looking for something unique and cute Bluetooth speakers that can also be an excellent addition to your work desk, this Bluetooth speaker is great. If you’re not that picky, the sound is excellent and loud.

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Desk Laptop Mat

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

Say no to a boring desk. Add a desk laptop mat and see it for yourself. It adds up a vibe, and it’s more pleasing to eyes when you see your desk clean and organized.

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LED Strip Lights

For a more aesthetically pleasing desktop setup, try putting up some LED Strips light behind your working table or all-around your ceiling. If you’re the person who loves to work in a dim room, these LED strips light can be a perfect source of your light since it offers different colors, which you can also match with your mood.

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Neon Light

If you’re not fond of strip lights, you can also check this one. Neon sign lights can be customized, so if you’re looking for one this shop, we recommend do customize neon lights. Neon sign light is perfect when wall-mounted.

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Anti Lost Alarm Tracker

Another tech accessory for your keychain, this smart key connects to your phone over Bluetooth and lets you keep track of your essential things. If you lose or misplace something attached to the smart key, you can check the app to see the last time it was connected to your phone.

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Folding LED Desk Lamp Wooden Handle

A foldable LED desk lamp that is a perfect addition to your work desk. If you love a side lamp, try this one.

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Levitating Flower Pot

Do you have a small plant on your work desk? Why not upgrade your pot into a levitating one? Owning one is cool.

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So that’s all for now. Let us know in the comments below what’s your favorite tech accessories in this list. Don’t forget to tag us with #YugaTechMadeMeBuyIt if you purchased any of the mentioned products above!

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