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Countertop Dishwashers You Can Buy Online

Getting new home appliances is indeed satisfying, especially if you’ve got the most useful ones. If you are ever thinking of upgrading your kitchen essentials, a countertop dishwasher might be one of the things you need! With these, you may not have to spend a lot of time scrubbing dirty dishes and get it all done quickly. These also boast a compact design to fit in small kitchens. In case you are interested getting one, continue reading as we bring you the list of countertop dishwashers under PHP 23K that you can buy online.

AVA Dishwasher

The AVA Dishwasher is a dishwasher machine for washing, drying, and disinfection. It features dual high water pressure spraying for the washing system and natural drying or extra drying with PTC and fans for the drying process. Despite its small size, it has a large capacity. It has a useful two-shelf design; the top layer for forks and knives and the bottom layer for bowls and plates. Other features include touch screen controls and LED display. The dishwasher has five cleaning modes, such as Standard, Fast, ECO, Enhanced, and Fruit.

PHP 16,800 | Buy it here.

Tekno Countertop Dishwasher TDW-3000W

The Tekno Countertop Dishwasher features six wash programs, including Intensive (140min), Normal (120min), ECO (180min), Glass (75min), 90 Min, and Rapid (30min) modes. It has a built-in heater, which supports dry cycle in all programs except Rapid. The Tekno Countertop Dishwasher also features a push-button program selector, a delay start button, and a child lock option. Moreover, it also comes with indicators for the program, progress, and Rinse aid and Salt warning. For storage, this dishwasher also has a wine glass holder and cutlery basket.

PHP 18,995 | Get it here.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Dishwasher

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Dishwasher is a kitchen cleaner dishwashing machine that works with the Mi Home App. This machine features an OLED panel with a touch function. It features 6D Dual-Layer Spray Wash System and 11000Pa Strong Water Pressure for sterilization and disinfection. It also highlights residual temperature and wind supply double-effect for drying to reduce the bacteria effectively.


PHP 20,574 | Grab it here.

Whirlpool 40cm Countertop Dishwasher

This Whirlpool 40cm Countertop Dishwasher sports the 6th Sense Technology and Power Dry Technology. It features seven wash programs, a start-delay function, and a sanitize function. This is easy to install and comes with a cutlery basket for more organized storage.

PHP 21,598 | Buy it here.

Hanabishi Dishwasher with UV Sterilizer

The Hanabishi Dishwasher with UV Sterilizer is a 35Liter-capacity dishwashing machine. It features a touch control for four wash options. It supports various modes, such as Normal, Rapid, Economic, and Intensive Glass. This dishwasher has a top and bottom sprayer for washing and PTC hot wind for drying. Additionally, it has 70C high-temperature disinfection, UV lamp, and interior light.

PHP 16,845 | Get it here.

Maximus Tabletop Dishwasher MAX-003

The Maximus Tabletop Dishwasher features plug-and-play installation! This dishwater supports seven programs, including Intensive, Normal, Eco, Glass, 90min, Rapid/Quick, and Self-Cleaning modes. It also boasts large capacity storage. It comes with a built-in water heater and water softener for extra-drying. Other functions include Delay Start, Start/Pause, and Child Lock. Furthermore, it has indicator functions for Rinse aid, Salt, and Water faucet options.

PHP 22,999 | Grab it here.

There you have it! Those are some of the countertop dishwashers under PHP 23K that you may purchase online! Perhaps with these, you’ll never have to scrub dirty dishes again! Also, note that these could also be better cleaners since they have functions for sterilization and disinfection. PLUS, these are not only time-efficient but may also reduce your stress since you won’t need to worry about those loads of dishes to clean up.

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