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Fast Five: Bluetooth Stereo Headsets under Php2K

Bluetooth may be one of the oldest wireless connectivity feature around but it is still widely used in a lot of electronic gadgets. It is not just found in smartphones and tablets but also in audio equipment like headphones and earphones. In this week’s Fast Five, we take a look at some of these Bluetooth-equipped headphones that enable you to listen to audio from your device free from wires and not break your bank in the process.


While wired cans are the most preferred by many as it still deliver top-of the line audio, these wireless audio buddies may be necessary if you’re someone who’s always on the go. Aside from the luxury of freeing you up from all the hassle of the tangling cords, music streamed over Bluetooth tend to have a crisper and richer sound. Here are some of the best buys we found both on offline and online that are priced just below two grand. Items are listed in a descending order according to price. Prices are listed as of Oct. 2015.


KingCom Zeus Thunder dB (P1899, Wellcom 3C SM North EDSA)

If you need a wireless headset with a decent build quality, great bass, and an incredible battery life, then look no further because KingCom offers one long-lasting pair of cans with the Zeus Thunder dB. We’re not really exaggerating things here, it really did last for a long time based on our review.


Playground BH200 (P1,590, MemoXpress SM North EDSA)

Playground has its prized BT headset in the form of the BH200, a water- and sweat-resistant accessory that’s touted to deliver up to 8 hours of uninterrupted music streaming. It also has in-line controls, magnetic casings, and NFC for easy pairing.




QCY QY7 (P1,135)

Looking for stylish and classy ones? The QCY QY7 is lightweight and is being offered in an array of fashionable colors. It also has a built-in microphone for times when you need to receive calls without bringing out your phone. Quite luckily, it’s one of the latest headsets to use the Bluetooth v4.1+EDR that operates more efficiently on lesser energy.


FineBlue Mate 7 (P990)

Another choice for a low-cost wireless headset would be the FineMate Mate 7, which features earbuds that resemble those of some company’s design we might know, and flat cables for a tangle-free experience. It touts a standby time of up to 120 hours and up to 5 hours of continuous use.


Awei A980bl (P978)

Flat cables and metal earpiece heads? This may be the thing for you. Rounding up our list of great wireless headgear comes from Awei, a maker of bang-for-the-buck headphones (some of which we reviewed before). Like the BH200, the A980bl offers a magnetic mechanism for keeping your headphones intact around your neck when you’re not using it.

And that’s it for this week’s Fast Five of some of the best bang-for-the-buck headsets you can purchase and try. Don’t you think there other great Bluetooth headsets around that are not mentioned in this list? Drop them over in the comment section below.

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20 Responses

  1. Can you please do another version of these but for Over-the-ear bluetooth headphones available under 2000/1000. Thank you

  2. Test says:

    Can i take a bath with the playground bh200? If not, what other waterproof bluetooth headsets can you recommend?

    • Carl Lamiel says:

      Hello! I advise not to, as most of the items on the list only offer water resistance. Should you wish to purchase ones that are waterproof with IP ratings, be prepared to shell out more as they cost 2.5k and above.

  3. Dondy says:

    Hi where can I buy this

    FineBlue Mate 7

    Thanks your Blog is always informative.

  4. Apple says:

    ^try nyo po bumili sa astroplus hehe..

    • Melvin says:

      Hi, where can I repair my Awei A920BL bluetooth earphones Explosive Bass with magnetic lock? Di na po kasi tumutunog yung right side ng earphones eh. Thank you po :)

      Kung meron around sa Manila po sana :)

  5. P N Bear says:

    Sony SBH-20. Got mine for about P1300.

  6. K says:

    I tested FineBlue and Awei and they are lacking bass. This is not suitable for upbeat genre. You may also consider Remax S2.
    As for the better bass in earbud type, Playground BH200 is the winner. The only issue is that its control pad is sometimes flimsy and you can only reset it when you drain its power and recharged it.

  7. Mr. G says:

    sana magkaroon na ang coloud

  8. Juan says:

    Don’t even consider buying BH200. It sucks. Sira agad yung binili ko after 2 days, 10 days bago napalitan. After getting replaced nasira nanaman after 7 days and that’s light usage lang sa office. Sayang lang pera

    • Hood says:

      I bought my bh200 back in july and it still works fine. You’re probably unlucky.

    • Dissapointed at BH200 says:

      Yeah, it sucks. relatively good sound and fit, battery life is almost 8 hours, but bad connectivity (during running) and NFC on mine was not working, so I paired manually with BT.
      i used it for jogging and in 2 weeks it broke, it wasnt charging after i drained the battery on continuous usage. I bought it in Automatic Centre for P1498, i sent it to warranty and it took from Nov to Jan to get my device back. And when i got it back, after 2 days it broke again during my first 2km run. when i powered it on, it heated up and then no more.
      i don’t know if it was my sweat, but it is supposedly sweat resistant. i made sure the cover flap is sealed too.

  9. wheng says:

    Can you please put the name of the store where we can buy these….

  10. Alex says:

    There is a Sony Bt Headset for under 2k

  11. aquagirl20 says:

    Been using Playground’s BH200 for 4 months now. Didn’t have any problems so far. I just had to adjust the cable shorter to avoid it from snapping. It works perfectly with a Bluetooth connection. It’s just a bit sensitive with some materials though (like denim pants). But overall performance, it’s a two thumbs-up for me! Bought it at P1,690 from USB World in SM-Bacolod and it’s all worth it.

  12. Liessa says:

    I bought my QCY QY7 at http://www.goods.ph almost same price as stated on this article. but its hustle free they deliver it on my door step. i recommend buying QCY QY7 with them. Regarding on my headset. It’s has pretty good connectivity and sounds quality.

  13. Dominique says:

    What mall or store to buy awei brand earphones? Thanks

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