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Fast Five: Headphones Under Php1500

If you don’t want in-ear headphones or even those with built-in microphones, how about some over-ears? In this Fast Five edition, we round up some of the most affordable headphones you can get below Php1500.


While an in-ear provides portability for travelling or doing any physical activity, an over-ear headphone can give noise-cancelling, surround sounds that can accompany your in-game play or usual productive web browsing. List is in descending order.

Coloud Boom Blocks (Php1,450)


First on our list is the Coloud Boom Blocks, which is designed to deliver your daily dose of music with less outside noise thanks to its closed construction, and offers lighter weight on your head.

Sennheiser HD 201 (Php1,299)


Sennheiser’s HD201 headphones offer a durable, lightweight build, and is said to be one bang-for-the-buck audio accessory with its terrific sound quality and noise cancellation. It comes with a two-year warranty too, so you get your money’s worth.


Philips SHP 2500 (Php1,189)


This Philips headset has an Ergonomic earshell design to enhance wearing comfort. It’s equipped with a really long cable too, so you can get to enjoy music even at further distances.

Techno Tamashi TH-1049 (Php599)


An unheard brand for many, Techno Tamashi offers great bang-for-the-buck headphones, the TH-1049 for one. This headphone delivers a solid listening experience with great bass and clear sounds. The volume dial helps in adjusting listening levels without having to go through your device.

A4 Tech HS-800 Gaming Headset (Php530)


The most affordable headset rounding up our list comes from A4Tech, who makes PC peripherals at affordable prices. The HS-800 gaming headset, for one, costs only 50 pesos above half a grand and is said to provide decent sound quality.

That’s it for this edition of affordable audio cans you can buy under Php1.5K. Do you think another headset deserve to be in this list? Write down your suggestions down below.

Get in touch with Carl at @lamielcarl on Twitter or visit his website for more updates!

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14 Responses

  1. emman says:

    good list Carl!

  2. andre says:

    Sennheiser HD 201 for PHP 799? Are you sure? It’s 1.9k or so…

    • FreakTM says:

      Good spot, sir. The linked page was for a 50% off sale made by Lazada on that particular item. Which makes me wonder why it’s gone up to P1,900+ now (from P1,600 SRP at the time that the sale was still active).

      I also tried clicking on the HS800, cheapest one in the list. The price in the linked page is actually at P599. Not a bad deal, though. Will drop by Electroworld later to try it out.

    • Hey Andre! Just noticed that it’s sold out already. I started working on this article a few weeks ago and it was initially priced back then as Php1,099, so those prices had slowly depreciated (and eventually sold out) over time up to the date of the publishing. Anyways, I replaced the link and changed the value from another merchant instead. Thanks for the heads-up! :)

    • Z says:

      I have this headphones and been using for a year. The only downside is it has a really long cable. I bought these at 999 on Octagon.

  3. Headphone Guy says:

    For under 2k, the Superlux HD681 EVO at PhP 1990 is the best choice. Beats everything in its price range.

  4. odie46 says:

    maganda Sennheiser HD 201. 4 years ko na sya gamit and it still working. truly bang for the buck. nabili ko sya sa isang shop sa taft P900, but now upon checking P850 na lang

    • Mel102 says:

      I agree sir. I bought mine for 600+ at Lazada last year. Truly a bargain. Tunog 4k. Sound range is great. And downside lang ay mahina. Pero okay lang, hindi naman ako bingi para lakasan ng todo o parinig sa iba music ko.

  5. reason's4good says:

    Philips SHL 3000 1,299
    Philips SHL 3001 1,499

    Sony MDR? 1,299

    Sennheiser HD201 good and well balance but low volume.
    900 lg to sa festival.

  6. v says:

    My complaint about plantronics and altec lansing headsets – plastic breaks easily

  7. A says:

    Maganda ang Sennheiser HD201 at affordable pa, drawback is the synthetic leather nag crack and peel off after a few years. At yung rubber throughtout the cable length nag break down din but still working though.

    Nagkaron din ako nung Philips SHP 2500, ang longest running kong headphones. Sulit na sulit! The ear pads eventually conforms to the shape of the area around your ears. Sa dami ng bagsak na inabot nito buhay padin. Nasira nalang ung plastic adjustable parts nya pero pwede naman DIY fixup. Matibay at hindi nagbreakdown yung cable unlike the Senn.

  8. Gerome Tiu says:

    Check out the other models of Tehcno Tamashi like the TH-T1 and TH-T2, Its also below 1k on Lazada

  9. Viotch says:

    shocks kung alam ko lang ito yung presyo nitong mga to… napabili kasi ko ng Audio Technica ATH-XS5 nung sale sa megamall nung saturday P1,499.00

  10. tots says:

    check Photive brand

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