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Fast Five: Last Minute Gift Ideas under Php1,000

Christmas has come and gone, and so are the presents that await us every season. If you haven’t bought one when the year is almost ending, we’ve got you covered in this Fast Five: here are some last-minute tech gift ideas that wouldn’t cost you too much, as these are priced under Php1,000.


We’re recommending five devices straight our of our own purchases this year and hope that this could also be of help to you and to your loved ones before the year ends. Fast Fives are not sponsored posts, as always.

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Pyxis reversible microUSB cable (Php300, Cherry Mobile stores/kiosk)


With the proliferation of cheap, knock-off ones that doesn’t offer stability in both power and data transfer, finding a good cable to charge and sync a device has been a dilemma for some. Cherry Mobile’s not really that known for their accessories line but their Pyxis brand has sturdy cables to offer — it’s strong enough to withstand applied force from heavyweights and is surprisingly reversible (Why had no one thought of this before? This is plain genius!) to accommodate your inserting pet peeve. We’re using one in our HQ for charging and data transfer, and our experience has been really good so far.

Here’s a tip: Check the transmission speeds of your cables by using it on a PC or testing it with a mobile app. Not all cables are built equally. so invest in better ones as these last a lot longer.

Bavin Charger with additional 2 USB Ports (Php349, Lazada)


When we have a cable, we also have one charger to accommodate multiple devices right off the bat. This Bavin charger has one dedicated microUSB plug with two more spots to charge all your devices in one go. The probable downside is that it’s just rated at 1A.

Here’s a tip: Don’t just use chargers without checking the labels. Remember to always follow what your stock charger’s ampere rating as your battery may suffer when you use higher capacity plugs in the long run.

Joway JP62 10.000mAh power bank (Php799, Lazada)


realme philippines

You’ve seen us feature a lot of power banks this year on several of our guides — there are tons you can actually purchase both offline and online, like this 10,000mAh one from Chinese brand Joway. Unlike its other similarly-rated contemporaries, the JP62 is slim and light enough to feel like you’re just holding another phone in your hand. It also has a two ports, one with 2.0A for those who like to need to have it fast.

Here’s a tip: We’ve always warned you of copycat power banks that oftentimes deliver subpar performances compared to original ones, so it’s best to stick to better brands or risk one with an unknown by checking their online reviews before ordering.

Motorola Earbuds (Php599, authorized stores)


Motorola’s officially back in the country, and not only does it bring smartphones of all shapes and sizes but a good line of audio goodies that we deem bang-for-the-buck. The Earbuds, for example, is available in an array of colors and has a microphone and button to boot. It’s not one with a rubber pad to insert in the ear, but the larger drivers and a bass port that’s built right into the stem of the earphones are enough not to resist this.

Other notable mentions: Some of our top in-ear headphones under Php500 are here.

AWEI 921BL Bluetooth Headset (Php810, various offline stores)


Bluetooth headsets are becoming more common nowadays thanks to holiday promotions and more alternative options, but nothing beats AWEI when it comes to providing a decent wireless music experience at an affordable price which makes it the priciest and the last in this list. I’ve personally bought one at a store in Trinoma as a holiday gift, and there are a few available at E2 Power Gadgets store in SM Megamall Cyberzone as well.

Quick hands-on: Decent bass and well-tuned down to the lows unlike the 920BL and is a bit cheaper too, when I bought it, at Php810. The only downside could be the battery life (4-5 hours) since I got used to Bluetooth headsets that last for more hours, but I don’t really mind.

That wraps up this year’s last-minute bang-for-the-buck tech gifts. I do know a lot more can be suggested, so do drop them down the comments section (and maybe I can try a few myself).


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2 Responses

  1. Joe M says:

    Pyxis magic duo cable- for those using both apple and android devices (P250, Lazada)
    Tronsmart 3-port USB charger with Quickcharge 2.0- way better and more stable than Bavin (around P700, Lazada)
    Platinum bluetooth speaker/ flashlight/ powerbank- Platinum is a well-known brand when it comes to karaoke supplies (P999, Lazada)

    • The Emancipation of Elusive Chanteuse says:

      Hi ask ko lang pwede po ba yang nirecommend mo na USB Charger sa normal phone? I mean sa hindi Qualcomm powered phones?

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