Five Places Filipinos Love to Buy their Gadgets Offline

Five Places Filipinos Love to Buy their Gadgets Offline

More and more Filipinos use the internet to transact since we have more e-commerce sites and online gadget stores. Nevertheless, many still prefer to buy their gadgets first-hand. Here are five places we recommend should you like to take a little tour of the metro to buy your next gadget.


Buying a product offline do require a lot of effort – transportaton fares, time, and a lot of patience are key to find that best gadget deal. Holiday season is in full swing, and you might wonder how to spend that hard-earned bonus or thirteenth month pay. Before you proceed, I recommend that you ask yourself with these six questions before you buy a gadget.

Here’s our list in no particular order. Definitely not a paid advertisement.

1. SM Cyberzone (Megamall and SM North EDSA)


Photo from SM Cyberzone’s website

While it come as no surprise for many, shopping malls are one of the primary destinations a lot of people go to when they want to buy a gadget. Our malls have evolved over time as they now have dedicated areas just for everything tech: SM has CyberZone which is perhaps the biggest and most widely visited. There are a few more competing ones that cater specifically for the tech-savvy such as Forum Robinsons in EDSA-Pioneer, Mandaluyong.

If you’re on a tight budget and want to purchase a second-hand unit, or want to have your gadget repaired without going to the official service centers, establishments such as Ever Gotesco in Commonwealth and Farmers Plaza in Cubao, both in Quezon City, have floors with kiosks of cellular shops that also offer accessories such as cases and screen protectors, to name a few.

Here’s a tip: We discussed before that concept stores are actually made by the distributors at the request of the brands they carry. While going to a concept store sure do make purchases offline easy, we recommend that you search around for the best deals. Oftentimes, I get products that I want at a lower price on stores that carry a lot of products than the concept stores themselves.

2. Gilmore Avenue in QC


Photo by alfman of Panoramio

If there is one destination I go to when I purchase computer parts, it has to be this place. Gilmore, located in Quezon City, is an IT hub for all things computer-related — cases, motherboards, and other computer peripherals. There are shops that offer discounts if you are a part of an online community (PCHub), and a few that you see also in malls (PC Gilmore). It also helps that the location is easily accessible by public transportation (a few meters away from LRT-2 Gilmore Station), so walking to the stores are quite hassle-free.

Here’s a tip: Don’t get persuaded by promo men giving you brochures and leaflets as soon as you go down the Gilmore LRT Station. Take time to roam around. Lots of stores here do match the price of their competitors, and it’ll help you a lot if you jump from one store to another and use your bargaining skills to compare and lower prices, and get that sweet gizmo deal.

3. Hidalgo Street, Manila


Photo by cesarcentroncambay of Panoramio

Photo by cesarcentroncambay of Panoramio

Hidalgo in Quapo is a haven for photography enthusiasts, as the street is famously known for its camera stores that are priced significantly lower than the ones at the malls, partly due to cheaper rental rates and the provision of a local store warranty than the standard one given at mall points of sales. When I was deciding for my DSLR purchase a few months ago, a few of my friends recommended that I visit this area to check out prices.

Here’s a tip: Have someone accompany you here in Hidalgo. Quiapo is not that much of a safe place to roam around, and it is with our utmost recommendation that you wear plain clothes and avoid bringing too much valuables on your trip.

4. V-Mall at Greenhills Shopping Center


There is no denying that Greenhills Shopping Center is an electronics Mecca for some due to a wide assortment of tech stores and repair shops to boast, claiming its own spot in this list. Stores in this mall can give you the best deals from computer parts to smartphones.

Here’s a tip: Going with your ride? Expect difficulty in parking. Get your haggling abilities ready as well.

5. CD-R King


This is a special place. We can’t point to a specific location/branch because almost all of the 300+ CDR-King shops in the country are equally impressive (much like any of the Iglesia ni Cristo structures).

Rounding up our list is actually a shop infamous for its reputation of selling an assortment of products ranging from ultraportable laptops, e-bikes, smartphones, LED television sets, to even a 3D printer worth a hundred thousand pesos, this store has so many products to offer that even convinced us to list down ten cool gadgets you can buy from them. CD-R King truly lives up to its name as a one-stop place for cheap tech devices. Don’t expect top-notch high quality gadgets though, you may encounter a few defective ones on your purchases. Affordability comes at a price, they say.

Here’s a tip: While we may all agree that we get lemon CD-R King-branded devices once in awhile, I always go to them to purchase a few peripherals from other brands they carry. I find it cheaper to get it here than the other establishments.

How was your last offline purchase? What was the last gadget you bought offline and where? We’d love to have your reactions at the comments section below.


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24 Responses

  1. Dong says:

    Good article. Have been to all these places and bought stuffs except dslr gadgets.

  2. peeyaj says:

    I agree with Hidalgo Street in Quiapo! There are some great deals and bargains there. From vintage Minolta lenses and new Sony cameras, Hidalgo St. is a photography mecca.

  3. Hen-Sheen says:

    CD-R King!? But that depends on the consumer buying their products. If they advertise on T.V., then I will buy those products! The Yugatech BLOG team should also include Gadget King Philippines. Lemon CD-R King? The person who wrote this article must really “Like” that shop. Ever heard of proof-reading?

  4. ewanlangha says:

    ummm, yung Raon di ba kasama yan pag sinabi gadgets o tech stores?

  5. Sonofa says:

    Nakalimutan niyo po yung mga friendly neighborhood na 5-6…
    Halos lahat ng mga cellphones ng mga household help at mga low income workers sa kanila nangagaling

  6. Markenzy says:

    I think the annex, that will be a center of buying phones for me

  7. Easy E says:

    I agree with this list 5/5. Yugatech should next enumerate top gadget shops in the country outside mega Manila. Like poeple from cebu, where do they go to find the best gadget deals?

  8. mac says:

    Kayang kaya naman pala ng yugatech gumawa ng good original articles. More from this author please.

  9. Ex-Alodian Knight says:

    I wonder if the V-mall has some stalls that sell Refurbished Meizu MX-3’s.

  10. XeviousD says:

    asd, calm down, dood! Are you high or something? At least this person is trying to make sense in what he’s writing! Kaka establish lang ang Lemon Law. I’m not on Hen-Sheen’s side either! Ang Pangulo natin ay nag pirma itong law na ito para maging maginhawa ang buhay natin &, we have a party crasher. If you want to embarrass others, then I suggest you do it outside, not here! Pinoy din siya; that type of mentality will get you into trouble!

    • asd says:

      HAHAHA! Mas nakakatawa pa yung comment mo kesa kay HenShit. ‘Di ako magtataka kung iisa lang kayo. “Ang Pangulo natin ay nag pirma itong law na ito para maging maginhawa ang buhay natin &, we have a party crasher.” Ano yan pre google translate? Wala akong maintindihan. Wala rin akong pakielam kung naintindihan niya yung Lemon law o hindi, ang pinupunto ko kung bakit siya nagaala-expert editor at may proof-reading pang nalalaman.

  11. Gilmore! the place to be to build your gaming rig.

  12. Milhouse says:

    Not only V-mall in Greenhills.

    Theatre Mall, Briidgeway Shops, Shoppesville Plus, and 2nd Floor of Tiangge between Shoppesville and V-Mall sells tons of gadgets and PC products too.

  13. Yuj says:

    Dati sa overpass sa harap ng SM North.
    Mga “murang” celfones!
    Kaso nareport e Hahaha!

  14. Highndry says:

    Sa cebu….



  15. TECHSHOP28 says:

    Metro Manila
    techshop28 for best selling genuine bluetooth gadgets and powerbank located at 1546 Plaza Pedro Taft Avenue Malate Manila (Lrt1 Pedro Gil station)

  16. Andrea says:

    I been to those places. But nowadays, It’s so easier to shop with hassle free. I usually purchased my gadgets now at

  17. rod says:

    Yeah, cdr king products are hit or miss but there is no denying that some of us once bought a product from cdr king. Di ka techie kung di ka nagdaan sa point na bumili ka ng products from them once

  18. Darwin Del Rosario says:

    Nice article :) >>> saved to bookmarks..

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