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CDR-King outs 11-inch Ultraportable Laptop

This may not be the first time CDR-King is selling a laptop (they started out with a netbook some time ago) but this time, they’re slowly getting into the much bigger form factor — the ultraportables.

CDR-King Fastbook
11.6″ display @ 1366×768 pixels
Intel Core Solo @ 1.4GHz
Intel GMA 4500M
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
3 x USB 2.0 ports
HDMI port
1.3MP webcam
3200mAh Li-Ion battery

The CDR-King Fastbook notebook retails for Php15,500 as listed on their website.

Hat tip to Froilan.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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74 Responses

  1. jun says:

    parang mahal for that specs..

    • deal_hunter69 says:

      I agree. I checked Villman for their cheapest budget notebook and what I found was this notebook:

      MSI CR410X selling for just Php. 16,995!
      14 inch screen @ 1366×768
      AMD V120 2.2 GHz
      ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4270
      2GB DDR3 RAM
      250GB SATA HDD
      Super Multi DVD-RW
      3 USB Ports
      HDMI port
      Ethernet port
      Mic in and Headphone out
      Built-in Webcam w/mic
      802.11 b/g/n Wireless

      This is the site where i found this more reasonable laptop:

      I’ll prefer MSI CR410X given that it has better specs and build quality than the CD-R King Notebook

    • poche says:

      haha mas ok na yan msi tapos mas ok pa graphic card and may peace of mind ka pa.

  2. boy_fanboy says:

    Core 2 Solo? Seriously, a current-generation Intel Atom or an AMD Fusion APU can beat that notebook at a lower and more reasonable price. Cd-R King should lower the price if they want to make this notebook successful.

  3. charli3 says:

    mahal to for a disposable item. XD

  4. ohyeah! says:

    At a slightly the same price you can already get a decent budget notebook like the MSI CR410X.

    In terms of the specs and price i’ll pick MSI CR410X over this because it has much better processor and graphics compared to this CD-R King notebook.

    MSI CR410X only sells for Php. 16,995 at Villman.

    Check it out here:

  5. Ishmael Ahab says:

    I have bad experiences with Cdr-Kings products because of low quality. Kaya I am not that excited with this product.

  6. wilde says:

    Oh come on CDR-King, you can still lower that price!
    Sell it at like 8,999

  7. Zo says:

    maybe with that price it has a lifetime warranty? :D LOL

  8. jm says:

    haha..FASTBOOK eh? i wonder how fast is that compared to other netbooks..ahahaha..Goodluck! better buy a branded one kesa sa CD-R king ^^ other products from CD-R king maybe yes. LAPTOP? its a big NO!!

  9. jm says:

    actually, it has limited warranty 1yr. I just saw that they are using LITEON adapter for this and that’s +1 but for the LAPTOP still ^_^

    full details can be read here:

  10. Name: IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    can’t wait till CDR-King releases a Macbook Pro knockoff “Macopa” XD

  11. Zo says:

    i was being sarcastic LOL everyone knows how much cdr king warranty service sucks lol

  12. Bryan Mania says:

    wag po sana tayong magcomment ng ganun ganun nalang kung wala naman tayo personal experience sa ACTUAL na unit,
    nakabasa na ako ng review ng isang ACTUAL owner nitong laptop na ito from tipidpc.com and he says its an oem laptop from a brazil laptop maker (biggest laptop maker in brazil) and so far masaya naman siya sa CDRKING laptop niya.

    and sino nagsabi sa taas na mas mabilis pa daw ang ATOM dito? balong have you done your research? ang atom has 512kb cache lang, this SU3500 Core 2 single processor has 3mb cache so you do the math

    same lang ang power consumption nila with a max TDP of 5.5 watts so your getting the same power consumption pero mas malakas ang core 2 single, also mas maganda ang power saving features ng core 2 single versus the atom kaya baka mas makatagal ka sa battery.

    comment ko lang din versus the MSI CR410x is different league sila dahil ultraportable po ito, hindi kagaya ng MSI na mainstream laptop dahil 14 inches na siya, which can only last 3 to 4 hours, with the ultraportable it can reach 6 hours

    • Paul says:

      Well said, Bryan. This is an ultraportable (2.86 pounds — it’s as light as a netbook), the MSI is a mainstream laptop.

      Unfortunately it won’t reach 6 hours like you expect, they only included a 3200mAh battery. According to the website it lasts up to 3 hours.

    • Pinoy Persuasion says:

      This should be the attitude! Don’t be too judgemental on new things, esp gadgets.

    • boy_fanboy says:

      Actually, i’ve also read somewhere in tipidpc that the CD-R King Fastbook is of good build quality but the main drawbacks in the unit is the old generation Core 2 Solo CPU. That’s the only thing that makes this notebook not a “good buy” considering that there are other units in the market that performs better and sells cheaper than the Fastbook.

      The processor cache does not contribute to the overall speed of system; it’s the system architecture that determines the speed of a system.

      Unfortunately, the highest Core 2 Solo processor can easily be beaten by a current-generation dual-core Atom or AMD APU.

      Evidence? Take a look at the benchmark scores here at this site:

      Browse the site and you should see that the high-end Core 2 Solo processor should score around 500. A dual-core Intel Atom, for example, the Atom D525, which is a processor that’s commonly used in high-end netbooks gets a score of 711. Also, the AMD E-350, another dual-core cpu score 743.

      It’s not the frequency or processor cache that contributes to the overall speed of the system. The game is all about how sufficient an architecture is. Core 2 Solo is built under an old architecture so you better forget about better performance despite the huge amount of processor cache.

      Technology is getting smaller, faster and more efficient.

      Overall, if you want better performance while getting more battery life, go for at least a dual-core Atom or Fusion netbook.

    • JM says:

      ^^^ like for the above post ^_^

    • EDWIN says:

      Do you known why notebook or netbook is much expensive than laptop with same specs???…. simply because of it lightweight size and easy to bring along advantage, kaya yun mga travellers ang mas prefer ay notebook o netbook, saka you don’t need higher specs kung di ka naman programmer na katulad namin…..

      @ CDR King attackerS:
      Nakakatawa talaga ang mga pinoy…. crab-mentality talaga…. di naman kayo pinipilit bumili, saka check nyo lahat ng CDR King outlet at laging pila ang bumibili kahit walang promotional advertisement sa TV or print-ads…. respect naman natin yun karapatan ng iba

    • Ulysses says:

      kung gusto ko ng better performance, i’d better go for 14-17 inchers. i won’t waste my money just for this one… :)

      besides, this one is only for budget users, or for just people who want to have somewhere to type at and browse the web. yung iba, wala namang alam kung anung pinagkaiba ng solo processor o atom.

    • boy_fanboy says:

      agreed. only geeks will care about the specs of the computers they’re buying. normal consumers don’t care about the specs…they only care for the price and what’s enough to get their tasks done.

    • adam says:

      Well explained. Sir Yuga please come up with a review if possible. :-)

  13. chinitoguy says:

    Why buy a netbook? If you want portable gear for your internt use anytime anywhere consider a tablet PC. Don’t buy Apple! Get a Samsung Tab 10.1!

  14. nameless says:

    The warranty service sucks for CD-R King. tss. They should offer some freebies for this price.. like portable HD?

    • adam says:

      Agree ako dyan. Pwede yung mga affordable products nila kahit di ok ang after sales pero pag laptop na medyo you have to think twice.

  15. ocommon says:

    pag bibili ako nito, lalagyan ko ng electrical tape ang label para di halata hehe :p

  16. alexandersarabia says:

    wahahahaha talagang tinakpan yung CD-R King label

  17. Anito says:

    Next time don’t be surprised na CDR-King will sell Cars! Wahahaha

  18. 117 says:

    Next time baka makita natin yung CD-R king selling food and transportation products.

    CD-R King Coffee Creamer
    CD-R King 3 in 1 Coffee
    CD-R King Vinegar
    CD-R King Soy Sauce
    CD-R King Helicopter

    …Man, this is such a nightmare, CD-R King will scare me if they’re going to sell these products

    • stitch says:

      XD CD-R King Coffee Makers and CD-R King Rice Cookers,,, oh and don’t forget CD-R King washing Machines!!!

    • 117 says:

      oh, those appliances will surely ruin my home lifestyle! uncooked rice, stripped clothes, spoiled food…that’s what you expect when you use their appliances lol!

  19. red says:

    hwag nyong mamaliitin ang CDRKING. sa US yung RADIOSHAK yumaman sa rebrands. dell and gateways starded thier product thru rebrands.

  20. jediekins says:

    saw one kanina. mejo okay naman looks niya.:)) sana benta nila ng mga 5k nalang.:))kung super mura lang niyan pwede na pang laspag pang internet lang sa bahay.:))

  21. Noir says:

    Can sir Yuga test/review this one or the 20K 40″ LCD they sell ?????

    Although I will just personally get a Fusion APU for a wee bit more for better overall performance and battery life

  22. John Carl says:

    Wanna comment negatively pero you know already what people would say sa micro netbook na ito. :))

  23. 1001 says:

    Okay naman siguro ito gaya ng myphone o etouch o cherry mobile pagdating sa phones. Yun lang,nakakhiya bang makita yung brand?

  24. HAHAman says:

    How about the Asus Eee PC 1215pt. At 16,997, it’s a bit cheaper but a lot more powerful. There’s a lot netbooks and notebooks out there that could kick the Fastbook’s arse. Nobody really cares if it’s an ultraportable, laptop, netbook and notebook because the emergence of dual-core and power-sipping processors. The job of ultraportables can now be done on mere netbooks slapped with an Atom N550 or Fusion APU. :)

  25. i’m not confident with cd-r king products…

    • lulu says:

      true. labag sa loob kong magbayad twing bibili ng CD-R King products, feeling ko magbibilang lang ako ng araw para bumalik at makipagtalo sa staff para sa service or warranty :(

  26. Ry says:

    ang tataray kaya ng mga saleslady ng CD-R King :/

    • Name says:

      ganun talaga eh minimum wage sila kahit ako magsusungit eh, tapos panay reklamo pa ng customers eh malay ko bang 100% quality lahat. tapos then the owners are the only ones getting rich. haha capitalism

  27. benchmark says:

    I haven’t tested or use any expensive items at CD-R King so I really can’t comment on the unit itself.

    But as CD-R King as a whole, I still go there and look for products/gadgets that I need and do buy something in their shop. I don’t know pero I think most of you have been there na din and bought something.

    Kahit saan namang shops we have bad experience. But then again, CD-R King is CD-R King, they sell products in cheap to not so expensive products. Some are good, and some are bad. Chambahan lang yan eh. :-)

    If you don’t like the quality/service they are providing, then go to other stores di ba? Ganun lang naman kadali yun. :-)

    • tmcr says:

      Yup! Stop buying cheap CD-R King products that are sira na after a few days/months. Pandagdag lang yan sa problema ng e-wastes sa bansa. Kulang na kulang na tayo sa paglalagyan ng landfills.

  28. mattscradle says:

    Kung 10K ang price nyan tingin ko bebenta yan.

  29. kyodine says:

    what’s next? cdr-king dslr camera? man, they’re already selling lens caps and hoods. and for the vain, they also have beauty products. lol. :-)

  30. DaMobsta says:

    IMHO CDR-King exists for consumers sleek enough to do research on what they buy first, instead of the common window shoppers that are the ones that actually keep on going back and complaining about the products they bought.

    Let’s face it – every C-King branch contains 80% rubbish items and 20% bang for the buck items. It’s up to the consumer to determine which of the items are good buys, and this is why the internet is such a big help for us.

    For example, where would you find a Blu_ray player for 3,990? Only in CDR King! And internet sources tell us that it even bypasses Samsung BR players. That’s what you call bang-for-the-bung CDR king buys.

    My 2 pesos ^_^

  31. Edwin C says:

    O, saan ang review nito? Kasi hinde branded kaya wala na lang story tungkol dito? E, bakit pa na-post ito dito wala naman palang review?

  32. Proudpinoy says:

    Sana naman yung mga nagyayabang na mayaman sila and they won’t touch CD-R king products ay talagang mayaman. Please list your gadgets, bank cards and cars as well para kapani-paniwala. We can’t deny the fact that CD-R King serves millions of Pinoys from class A to G.Kahit mahirap ka and you need a cable for your TV set, sa CD-R king, may makikita ka.

    • Benchmark says:

      I agree and even rich people nga go to CD-R King… :)

      I am not defending CD-R King, but we can’t blame them if pahirapan magpareplace ng unit sa shops nila…Reason? Try to ask the CD-R King crew nicely. Mga tao din sila tandaan nyo. Kausapin nyo ng maayos, sasagutin kayo ng maayos nyan.

      One crew told me na if hinde defective yung unit na ibinalik sa kanila, they will be the one to pay for it. So if you are in their shoes, I think bubusisiin mo talaga if defective din yung unit, hinde mo agad papalitan ng bago.

      And I think nga most of you people buy your blank CD’s and DVDs sa CD-R King…

      So stop whining. If in the first place you can’t trust the products that are sold in CD-R King, why in the first place you bought them in their store?

  33. Well, I’m a happy CD-R King consumer. As stated above, they’ve got good products and “hello, what were you thinking” products.

    I recently bought their 7″ e-reader based on a bunch of reviews from actual users. It’s true – as an e-reader, it has issues with the EPUB format. But as a video player? It will take a whole lot of file formats and the video quality is pretty good. And since I’m geeky enough to have found workarounds for the EPUB issue, I’m not going to complain. :)

    And then there’s the 19″ monitor I got for half of what it would have cost to replace my 15″ laptop LCD screen. What can I say, the price was right, the monitor tested fine in the shop, it’s a beauty that will last as long as it lasts.

    In the end, it boils down to being an informed consumer. I’ve had branded products that died on the day the warranty expired, I’ve had CD-R King stuff that’s done the same. With that in mind, if I can get what I want for less, that’s where I’m going, whether the product is branded or generic.

  34. trgs89 says:

    as the saying goes, you get what you paid for

  35. CD-R King says:

    Thank you very much for expressing your interest on our product. We have read some forums in the internet that the pricing of the CD-R King Fastbook isn’t that reasonable and we’re happy to hear how they reacted on the pricing.

    With regards to that we”ll try to have your feedbacks read by the marketing department of CD-R King so that they could lower the price.

    Please keep visiting our website at http://www.cdrking.com/ for pricing updates with this product. We’ll make sure that we can give you the most affordable tech deals here in the Philippines.

    Froilan D. Santiago
    CD-R King Customer Representative

  36. kilabot says:

    sorry mr cdr king. but the quality of your products 2k and above suck. warranty is also a burden. ok lang na magmahal basta ok din ang kalidad at serbisyo. there is nothing wrong with your marketing. be fair sana para masaya.


    concern x customer

    • CD-R King says:

      Thank you very much for your honest “feedback”. I suggest you to try our new line-up of USB-powered SEX TOYS. I’m very sure it will give you much “pleasure” during bedtimes.

      Froilan D. Santiago
      CD-R King Customer Representative

    • corbettes says:

      Next Article on yugatech.com:
      “CD-R King outs USB-powered Vibrators!”


    • abacus says:

      Sounds “good” ahahaha!

      You should do it…I’m very sure that your store will be outnumbered in seconds and your sales will increase in no time!

      It will be featured in FHM!

    • JM says:

      really sex toys?!?!?! where’s the proof that you have those products?

    • CD-R KING says:

      “To believe is to see”

      Our marketing department will always do our best in bringing the best products for you. Stay tuned and don’t forget to check our website at http://www.cdrking.com

      Thank you very much for expressing your interests in our products. We’ll do our best to bring new and exciting products to the so-called “masses” or “masa” in tagalog.

      Froilan D. Santiago
      CD-R King Customer Representative

    • JM says:

      OMG! can’t believe it. I have a doubt about your integrity. :) anyway thanks for sharing.

    • Leann Zarah says:

      CD-R King sex toys? Are you sure you’re allowed to sell that stuff? Or PR gimmick lang ‘yan?

      In case totoo po yan, better think a thousand times first at baka matulad kayo sa controversial CCP exhibit ni Mideo Cruz. Keri lang sana yang plano nyo kung tolerant, genuinely democratic, at hindi sexually repressed ang kulturang Pilipino.

      Salamat po.

  37. bataman says:

    i rather but a second hand mini lap-top with brand

  38. Went to mall to check what’s new. Was surprised when I saw cd-r king selling a laptop.

  39. stitch says:

    Seriously, if CD-R king will lower the price ng mga 5-8k, its guna be a good buy specially para sa may mga students sa bahay…

  40. techguy says:

    I have to admit CDR-King is a one stop shop for buying cheap products. Just buy the essentials and NOT those expensive ones they offer. The most expensive thing I bought from this store is a USB thumb drive. Kaso, Kingston ang brand. A laptop? Are you serious? I’d rather pass the buck and gamble the money.

  41. adik says:

    balita ko sa cdr king maglalabas na rin daw sila ng kotse nilla..

  42. Jester says:

    Well from the specs it’s meant to be an office buddy or a student buddy doing essential things… it’s not meant for gaming however if you’re good at tweaking it well and make it go up a notch it could serve you well… it can play games but classic games (e.g. Tiberian Sun) just know the limits of this unit and take care of it…

    Bottomline it’s meant to be an essential tool to get the job done

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