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A Guide to Getting dBrand Skins in the Philippines

If you don’t want to use a chunky case but at the same time not risk scratches on your phone, get a decal skin.

If you’re like me, you would have probably seen dBrand skins several times on other International Tech channels already, but not really locally – because getting it all the way here to Asia seems risky (it is).

The process I did was simple. I ordered the skins I wanted on their site, paid via credit card, and everything else have been processed by them.

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I ordered a bumper from Lazada to protect the sides of my device, and I had a Php250 custom matte screen protector installed in a mall because the screen isn’t covered by any extra protection.



  • December 29, 2016: I placed the order and was informed because of many transactions, it will take them a week to ship the parcel.
  • January 7, 2017: They shipped the package away from Toronto. This is the last email I received from them as dBrand doesn’t offer local tracking, and they mention on their site this is the reason why they are able to keep their shipping rates low. I was informed it will take me 10 – 20 business days to receive the package.
  • January 18, 2017: The date the parcel arrived on the papers.
  • Est. January 25, 2017: I was informed by the local post office via mail that I can claim my parcel there, near our City Hall in Cavite.

I didn’t claim it until mid-February, but essentially, it would have taken me close to a month to receive my dBrand skins.


  • White Marble for Back – $6.97 / Php347.90
  • Matte Black for Front – $5.57 / Php278.02
  • USPS International Priority Airmail – $3.95 / Php197.16
  • Claiming at Local Post Office – Php100

Sub Total: Php923.08 + Transportation to Post Office


As I mentioned above, once the order has been shipped from Toronto, there will be no more tracking, meaning there is a risk that you would no longer hear about your nine hundred Peso purchase again. I have a friend that had this experience (though I can’t confirm as he might have failed to indicate addresses correctly or some other technicality).

Our Editor-in-Chief Abe Olandres also confirms that he got his own skins via the Post Office, so we assume that all transactions will be done through there and that no door-to-door delivery will be done when having this purchase.

Overall, I am pleased by my decision since cases are really chunky, the good ones cost more than Php1,000, and I only need them for scratch avoidance.

If you have any experience buying dBrand skins or anything similar, feel free to drop them in a comment below as we’d also like to hear from you!

Bob Freking occasionally contributes articles to the website. He is a UST Graduate of Commerce & Business Administration, Major in Marketing Management, and a full-time Sith Lord with three dragons.

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45 Responses

  1. Kim Baptista says:

    Laptop Skin Manila offers custom skins for gadgets

  2. Manuel Weather says:

    Meron din aqng dbrand. Back only na bamboo skins. Nag place aq ng order ng dec14 last year tpos dumating yung parcel ng jan 4. Ngaun nag order ulit aq white marble. Nka 30% off kc cla ngaun tska 1% lng payment para sa courier. Nasa $7 lng total ng binayaran ko. Samin 112.00 ang bayad sa post office.

  3. March says:

    I placed my order last Dec 25. Havent received it until today. Can you help me? Thanks :(

  4. Jerald says:

    Hi Bob,

    I say there is no risk in ordering a skin from DBrand. Though they cannot provide a tracking ID to track your item they will replace the item at no cost if it lost its way – base on my personal experience.

    They did not even ask questions when I reported that after 10-20 days the item have not arrived yet. They just simply re-send another package.

  5. Bjorn says:

    Dont you have editors to proofread your english before posting?

  6. Raul says:

    Like the earlier comment, if your skin doesn’t arrive, they usually just replace your order. I ordered several for my phones before and one for my laptop. They didn’t even ask any questions, they just re sent outright.

    On a side note, carbon fiber skin on the trackpad messed up finger tracking a little for me so I took it off eventually.

  7. Rye says:

    bakit ka pa mag de Dbrand eh madami ng nag sskin sa Pinas, magresearch ka lang sa FB madami ka na makikita at sila mismo maglalagay ng skin unlike dbrand na kelangan mo pa ng hairdryer, SANA IPROMOTE NYO NAMAN UNG LOCAL PEOPLE NA NAGSSKIN, Search FB na lang, hndi ung OOrder pa, 500 lang meron ma dto sa manila

    • Oli says:

      I get it. But local skins are not as good as dbrand’s. I tried checking some on Facebook, and damn they just look plain ugly. I’m sorry but until local skins get better, I’ll not consider other than dbrand

    • manuel weather says:

      oo nga rye, panoh mo i p promote yung sa locale kung ang hanap mo eh good quality. yung sa local nakakita nko nyan from mytattooskins, flat lng ang surface di tulad ng dbrand n may texture

    • Anon says:

      500 lang? skin na hindi ok yung quality na pipilasin mo din sa phone mo after 1 month, ayun yung 500 lang.

  8. Oli says:

    Question, how would you know that the parcel is in the local post office?

  9. Katsudon says:

    Questioj.. is itpossible to not recieve a claim slip from the local post office? How long will i have to wait for them to send a claim slip to me? My d brand package was supposed to arrive tomorrow but i haven’t heard from the local post office yet. I’m getting a tiny bit paranoid…

  10. Cathcart says:

    Anyone know where I can find a plastic bumper without backing for my S7 edge? I want one to go with my skin, but I can only find metal ones (which ruin signal quality).

  11. kwek says:

    Apparently, they are actually shipping to the Philippines now, an option that was not available a few months back. It said its door to door, not sure if this is what you guys already did. If so, even if its written door to door, it wont be delivered?

    • Depending on your shipping preference, it may or may not get to your door. For regular postage, you’d have to get it from the Post office since you have to pay for inspection fee plus tax (P112). For FedEX / DHL, charges are all already accounted for so you’d just wait and let them work on it arriving at your doorstep.

  12. Drei says:


    Are dbrand skins easy to install? I’ve been eyeing this product for a while now (due to promotions made by youtube vloggers) and it seems cool. Can you share your experience? Thank you.

    • Jasper says:

      The Note8 skins I pre-ordered just shipped today. I received an email that it would probably take ~30 business days before it arrives. Hopefully my local post office contacts me if it gets here. There was an option for FedEx shipping but it costed ~20 USD more. They will give you free US airmail shipping if your order is more than 20 USD.

  13. Gee says:

    Does anyone here planning to purchase dbrand skin? if pwede sabay ako kase 1 lang sana orderin ko but need $20 para free shiiping :)

    • Anon says:

      Order ka nalang ng extra front na iba kulay, ganun ginawa ko para lumampas $20 haha

    • Jasper says:

      I pre-ordered some note8 skins last august.. they got shipped on Sept 15… the email said to expect it after 30 bussiness days with the free shipping… lol.. and it is not trackable… I have no idea where they are.

  14. Gee says:

    Hi Anon, magkano yung total nagastos mo? Thanks!

  15. leer says:

    nag order ako ng skin last Sept 12, 2017. hanggang ngayon wla parin, chineck ko sa post office sa alabang kung may na receive na ba silang package ang identifier ko lang yung Name, Address at Order# na binigay ng Dbrand. ang hinahanap ng mga taga post office sakin TRACKING NUMBER. hindi nagbibigay ng TRACKING number ang Dbrand. panu mo nakuha package mo sa cavite post office? pera lang hiningi?

    • Jasper says:

      di ko pa nakuha akin. Hehe. Shipped sept 15.

    • leer says:

      nakuha ko na yung dbrand ko, sa ibang bahay lang ata pinadala ng kartero yung notice to claim galing sa post office kaya natagalan, nag bigay din ng package id yung dbrand para identifier sa package ko. ang date received ng post office September 26, 2017, pag isang buwan na at di nyo pa nakukuha notice, aba adik lang din kartero sa area nyo.

    • Jasper says:

      So tanong ko nalang dbrand kung ano package id ko? Wala pa yun akin. Haha…

    • leer says:

      Nakuha ko na dbrand ko ngayon lang, di lang napadala ng kartero yung Notice to claim sa bahay namin, chineck nalang namin logbook nila sa post office para sa name ko at package ID na binigay sakin ng dbrand. 112php bayad para ma claim. ok lang siguro transaction kung di adik yung kartero sa area niyo.

    • Jasper says:

      So. Nawala ata package ko. Buti okay customer service ng dbrand. Reneship nila. Binigayan ako mg choice ng fedex. Shipping lang binayaran ko for fedex. Nakuha ko after 3 days.

  16. EJ says:

    Nag order ako nung Nov. 8, 2017 at dumating after 20 days. May nakuha pa ako na libreng camera skin galing sa dbrand :)

  17. Carlo says:

    My dbrand skins were delivered to me, I did not need to go my local post office to claim it. I live in Pampanga.

  18. Andre says:

    I ordered mine on December 10, and I’m still awaiting my package. I’m from Las Piñas. Hoping that it didn’t get lost on its way

  19. Vince says:

    Well this was my experience in ordering a dbrand skin:
    Ordered a s7 edge carbon fiber skin, front, back, camera. Total cost was $20 not bad though. I ordered this on 12/27/17. 2 days later, I received an email that they have shipped the skins from their facility, and told me that there was no tracking number, and told me it would take 30 days. On 2/3/18, I finally received a claim slip from my local post office that I can claim my package. Actually, the package came on the post office on 1/15/18, I don’t know why it took them a while to deliver a claim slip so I can claim my package. And on 2/5/18, I went to my local post office and got my dbrand skin for my s7 edge.
    The skin is so good, not just good but great. The only thing that bothers me is the installation process. Took me a while to install it but all the effort just to install it was worth it. My phone looks beautiful right now. If you’re looking for a case for your phone, I suggest look at dbrand, they have so many skins to choose, sad thing is, not all phones will be there. For the delivery, it took a while, because I choosed USPS priority for free shipping. Overall I’m pleased, would order again if I get bored with my skin ?

  20. Madi Daji says:

    This I believe when using their express delivery that could take for 10 to 30 business days. I see on their delivery option they cater for FedEx that could take for 3 to 5 business days? And will provide you with a tracking number. But the delivery will cost you 25 USD. Not bad if you can’t waitnfor your products right? What do you think?

  21. DJ says:

    Dumb Question, what payment method did you guys use? I can hook up with someone with Citi Visa CC, is that all I need? No more abra kadabra? You can tell, I haven’t purchased something Internationally, so please be gentle. Thanks in advanced.

  22. Vincent says:

    it was sent to my address directly. no more posts office.

    • Mark says:

      Hi, what shipping option did you use, Aramex or FedEx priority? May binayaran ka bang customs fee? If yes, how much?

  23. Don Paco IV says:

    Hey! I just bought a pair of skins for huawei p30 pro after reading your article.

    Huawei P30 Pro Back Skin $ 12.95 x2

    Kinda nervous, hope this turns out well. Chose Aramex para free ang shipping. Expecting to claim the package at our local post office here in Cebu in a month.

  24. Shai says:

    How was your delivery experience with dbrand and Aramex?

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