How to Schedule Appointments Using BPI Express Online

How to Schedule Appointments Using BPI Express Online

Tired of always falling in line in banks for extended periods of time? Here’s a quick one-minute video tutorial on how to schedule appointments using BPI Express Online.

Note: Before doing the following procedure, make sure that you are already registered to BPI Accounts Online.


Got something to add that would make queuing in banks easier for everyone? Feel free to comment below.

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2 Responses

  1. Ren says:

    Scotch tape solution. Still primitive and 3rd world country-like. Same goes with traffic.

    • Marc says:

      hmmm.. not exactly disagreeing (specially about traffic although it’s not really the topic here is it), but what would be your suggestion? Not having a constructive counter proposal is just plain whining.

      and oh, the adage is a “band-aid” solution.. not “scotch tape”.. there constructive criticism.

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