Learn a new language through these apps

Learn a new language through these apps

A lot of us are spending much more time at home right now, trying to find productive things to do. One way of being productive is through learning a new language. Learning the ropes on a foreign language and improving your vocabulary with these free apps is particularly helpful because you will always have them at your fingertips. So, sit on your couch and try these apps.

Note: Some apps mentioned below are also available in web browsers.


Duolingo is the most popular language-learning app in the world with over 30 languages in its catalog. It’s really simple to use. It begins by using text, pictures, and audio to help you learn a different language.

Every section you complete moves you forward to more difficult tasks like building on your vocabulary and sentence structure.

Download: Android / iOS


Lingualift is a subscription-based app that will give you access to all languages they offer. They currently offer Japanese, Russian, and Hebrew language courses. Soon, it will add French, Spanish and Chinese on its future updates.

This is a language app that is focused more on serious learners who want a complete language program with the guidance of a tutor digitally.

Download: Android


Perfect for users who aren’t tech-savvy, the app has a user-friendly interface. Words are put into sentences and it shows short videos to show how real locals express different phrases in conversation.

What I like about this is it offers offline courses. So if you are running out of data, you can still use it.

Download: Android / iOS



The Drops app is fun to use and has a colorful layout. If you are into visuals, then this app is perfect for you. Drops lessons teach vocabulary and phrases by matching images with their corresponding word and vice versa.

Download: Android / iOS


AccelaStudy is an app for each language you want to learn. It is packed with a wide range of learning methods, including flashcards, audio quizzes, and spaced repetition. You can even build your course and decide which words you want to prioritize.

Download:  iOS


The app empowers you to speak with confidence through interactive dialogues and speech recognition technology. However, its language selection isn’t as wide and diverse as Duolingo’s, and most of the languages it supports are European.

Download: Android / iOS


This app is used for those who love to travel. TripLingo also comes with handy features like a menu translator, calculator and a 10,000-word offline dictionary that can help you with your journey.

Download: Android / iOS

Learning Languages with Netflix

Language Learning with Netflix allows users to see two subtitles simultaneously to build up vocabulary and a whole lot more.

The free-to-download Chrome extension works on both Windows and macOS desktops and laptops. It also requires users to have an active Netflix account. If you want to know more about this, we made a separate article here.

That’s it, folks. Hopefully, this guide helped you to find the best language apps for you.

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