How to learn a new language while watching Netflix

How to learn a new language while watching Netflix

Learning a new language can be quite challenging, most especially if you do not immerse yourself with people who speak it as their native language. Thanks to streaming services such as Netflix, people learn the ropes with no sweat through watching foreign series and movies. Studies show that the most effective way to process new knowledge is through visual stimulation of the brain. It is the same reason why Language Learning with Netflix, a Chrome extension available for the desktop with Google Chrome, was born. 

A brainchild of developers David Wilkinson and Ognjen Apic, Language Learning with Netflix allows users to see two subtitles simultaneously to build up vocabulary and a whole lot more.  Before teaming up, the duo had explored the science behind language learning separately. The lack of digital resource materials for underrated languages pushed them to make an accessible tool for beginners and intermediate learners. As of writing, the 

The free-to-download Chrome extension works on both Windows and macOS desktops and laptops. It also requires users to have an active Netflix account.  For convenience, it features an intuitive catalog that shows compatible titles available for viewing on a specific location and language. The results, however, vary from each country.


Dictionary: It allows users to see the meaning and the correct sentence usage of the words in the chosen translation language. To activate, just move the mouse below the foreign subtitle and click the words. You can also hear the proper pronunciation of words by clicking it individually.

Double Subtitling: This feature displays the target language and your native language simultaneously.

Transliterations: It converts words in special characters to the Roman alphabets. This process applies to other Asian languages like Nihonggo, Mandarin, Korean, and Arabic, among others.

Human Translation: It lets users activate double subtitling. Most of the time, the translated language bears the context of foreign words and phrases.

Vocabulary Highlighting: It grays out all common words to adjust accordingly to the student’s vocabulary level.

Auto-pause: It pauses playbacks at the end of every subtitle.

Pause on Mouse: It automatically pauses the episode or film being watched when pointed to the subtitles.

Users can also use and customize the keyboard shortcuts through the Settings panel.

How to use it?

Step 1: Download the Chrome extension here.



Step 2: Install and open it on Google Chrome.






Step 3: Proceed to the catalog and select the language you want to study and your location.



Step 4: Click the “Watch on Netflix” button.

Step 5: Set your native language on the extension’s settings.


After downloading the extension, you can also log-in to your Netflix account via Google Chrome to watch the latest programs with your chosen language.

Language Learning with Netflix also offers a monthly premium subscription that unlocks more useful features such as machine translation, saving of words and phrases for future reference, and additional subtitles for dubbed series and films. It is available for USD 4.95.

There you have it, guys! How was your experience with Language Learning with Netflix? Let us know in the comments below.

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