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List of new Cherry Prepaid call, text, and data offers

Cherry Prepaid has just formally launched its latest 4G LTE SIM yesterday. It’s also now a tri-cut SIM card so it can fit any slots may it be Mini, Micro, or Nano. Apart from that, they have also introduced their latest promos which are definitely competitively priced.


These are offers for calling or texting fellow Cherry Prepaid users as well as Globe and TM subscribers. If most of your contacts are within the Globe network, you won’t be left out of the conversation with these cheap promos.

  • TRITEXT5 (Unlimited tri-net texts for 1 day) — Php5
  • TRICALL10 (Unlimited tri-net calls for 1 day) — Php10
  • TRITALK5 (30 minutes tri-net calls for 7 days) — Php5
  • TRITALK10 (60 minutes tri-net calls for 15 days) — Php10


Cherry Prepaid also offers unlimited texting to other networks in the Philippines for as low as Php10 per day.

  • CMANET10 (Unlimited texts to all networks for 1 day) — Php10
  • CMANET70 (Unlimited texts to all networks for 7 days) — Php70


These data promos are best enjoyed with the new 4G LTE SIM card of Cherry Prepaid and, of course, a 4G LTE handset. The data promos from Cherry are the best we’ve seen so far from a local telco service. They offer bigger data allocation for a longer period of time, even up to 60 days.

  • CMSURF10 (100MB valid for 1 day) — Php10
  • CMSURF20 (200MB valid for 7 days) — Php20
  • CMSURF50 (700MB valid for 15 days) — Php50
  • CMSURF99 (1.2GB valid for 30 days) — Php99*
  • CMSURF199 (2GB valid for 60 days) — Php199
  • CMSURF299 (3GB valid for 60 days) — Php299
  • CMSURF399 (4GB valid for 60 days) — Php399
  • CMSURF499 (6GB valid for 60 days) — Php499

*Under promotional offer. Comes with free TRITALK10.



The classic combo bundles are also available. Comes with calls, texts, and mobile data. Although, these promos are best suited for contacting other Cherry Prepaid users only.

  • CMUNLI15 — Php15
    – Unlimited calls and texts to Cherry Prepaid
    – All day chat and Facebook
    – Valid for 1 day
  • CMUNLI50 — Php50
    – Unlimited calls and texts to Cherry Prepaid
    – 10 texts to other networks
    – All day chat and Facebook
    – Valid for 3 days
  • CMUNLI100 — Php100
    – Unlimited calls and texts to Cherry Prepaid
    – 20 texts to other networks
    – All day chat and Facebook
    – Valid for 7 days
  • CMUNLI199 — Php199
    – 300 minutes of calls to Cherry Prepaid
    – Unlimited texts to Cherry Prepaid
    – 100 texts to other networks
    – 50MB mobile data
    – Valid for 30 days

To register a promo, you may dial *139# or text <keyword> to 2138.

As for the regular Cherry Prepaid rates. We got the following info:

Cherry Prepaid to Cherry Prepaid — Php3/min
Cherry Prepaid to other networks — Php6.50/min

Cherry Prepaid to Cherry Prepaid — Php0.50/text
Cherry Prepaid to other networks — Php1/text

Php1/megabyte (MB)

You can easily load up prepaid credits at any Globe AutoloadMAX retailers.

For those who are wondering, Cherry Prepaid is powered by Globe Telecom. Wherever’s there’s Globe service, Cherry Prepaid is also available. It even supports the latest 700MHz LTE (Band 28) for faster mobile data connection.

This article was contributed by Daniel Morial, a film school graduate and technology enthusiast. He's the geeky encyclopedia and salesman among his friends for anything tech.

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4 Responses

  1. anon says:


    CMSURF99 (1.2GB valid for 15 days) — Php99*


    CMSURF99 (1.2GB valid for 30 days) — Php99*

  2. c says:

    not bad CMSURF99 (1.2GB valid for 30 days) — Php99*

  3. Sioul A says:

    nice move Cherry. surprised to hear LTE SIM was only launched last 21st. been using and ENJOYING the service since 1st week of April. signal tested. Metro Manila up to Abra. it did not disappoint! seems every town i passed thru the western corridor had 4G/LTE service and in between towns (highway), signal sustained 3G or 3G+.
    but… yes, there’s a but. indoors i noticed signal drops to E. of course, equipment (device) would come into play here.

    before April, i used to subscribe with Globe. but they removed the Go Surf 99. so glad Cherry took up the slack by offering CMSURF99.

    imagine that, before the month ends (April) Cherry Mobile has gained more than 10 converts in my circle and family alone.

    kudos! you truly deserve a ‘JACKET’ :D

  4. Mikhail says:

    CMUNLI199 po ba mam ung calls ay pang cherry lang?

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