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Packing an Emergency Tech Bag

Emergencies and disasters are things that can occur and mostly out of our control. Since most of them are unpredictable, there will be moments when we’ll get caught off-guard and just grab the nearest things to us, to save our lives. Even if they’re unpredictable, we can still do our best to prepare for them. While we prepare for our survival kits with necessities such as food and clothing, it’s also a great idea to pack an emergency tech bag along with it. We listed down a couple of items (and where to find them) that are necessary in times of these kinds of situations. Read on!

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Water-resistant/Dry Bag

Dry Bag Yugatech • Packing An Emergency Tech Bag

Since what you’re packing will be a tech emergency bag, it’s highly important that the items in the bag will be safe and dry. To start it off, you’ll need a water-resistant bag. It’ll have to be spacious enough to hold all the tech items you’ll be storing in it.

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Torchlight / Flashlight

Torchlight Yugatech • Packing An Emergency Tech Bag

If the power goes out in emergency situations, it’s best to be prepared with torchlights on hand. With this, it’ll be much safer for you to navigate around in the darkness, and you also won’t end up losing your way around.

Rugged phone / backup phone

Cherry Mobile Rover 2 Yugatech Ph • Packing An Emergency Tech Bag

Unlike our usual smartphones, rugged phones are waterproof, shockproof, and are made to withstand environmental hazards. While these phones may not look as impressive or attractive as our daily drivers, they work well in emergency situations as backup phones.

Power banks / Emergency power supplies

Romoss Powerbank 40 • Packing An Emergency Tech Bag

Power banks have been a staple in our lives for some years now, all due to our daily use of smartphones. Power banks can be a great help when our electronics run out of juice in the middle of extreme circumstances.

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Solar charger

Solar Charger Yugatech • Packing An Emergency Tech Bag

Realme Philippines

Portable solar chargers will be able to power up and charge your devices with the use of, as the name implies, solar energy. It’s a great help, especially if an emergency situation happens and the power needs to be cut off.

Radio / Walkie-Talkie

Walkie Talkie Yugatech • Packing An Emergency Tech Bag

If smartphones die out during emergencies, or if mobile signals are nowhere to be found, two-way radios can be your form of communication. Keeping yourself and family members equipped with a walkie talkie will ensure that you’ll find your way to each other if ever you get separated.

GPS Tracker

Gps Tracker Yugatech • Packing An Emergency Tech Bag

Personal GPS Trackers can be used as well in case of emergencies. This device allows you to keep track of your family to ensure that they’re safe, no matter what the circumstance.

Personal Alarm

Personal Alarm Yugatech 1 • Packing An Emergency Tech Bag

Keeping a personal alarm on your person will help rescuers find where you are in the worst scenarios, such as being trapped under collapsed buildings, underground, and the like. Personal alarms will sound off a noise to let rescuers know that you’re alive and that you need help.

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Extra batteries

Rechargeable Battery Yugatech • Packing An Emergency Tech Bag

One of the most important things to not forget in survival kits is extra batteries. They’re absolutely needed if your devices, especially flashlights, aren’t of the rechargeable nature.

Digital copies of important documents

• Packing An Emergency Tech Bag

Important documents may be the last thing on your mind as you run out of the house in an emergency. To give yourself a piece of mind whether your birth certificate or other important documents are safe, it’s best to keep digital copies of them as well. Using rugged portable, external hard drives will keep your data safe as they’re shockproof and will withstand all the jostling inside your go bag.

Have any other tech items that should be needed in an emergency kit? Share them with us!

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3 years ago

Probably one of the best articles here in Yugatech. Going the extra mile by providing samples/products. Awesome!

da ge
da ge
3 years ago

inreach satellite communicator. also bgan terminal, might as well play ingress

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