Boracay through the lens of the Vivo V15 Pro

Boracay through the lens of the Vivo V15 Pro

The Vivo V15 Pro boasts a triple rear camera setup, namely a 48MP Quad Pixel Sensor, an 8MP AI Super-Wide Angle camera, and a 5MP depth camera. For a midrange device, that’s a pretty impressive camera lineup. We took the V15 Pro to Boracay for a bit of sightseeing to showcase how this device’s cameras deliver a remarkable performance. Read on!

Here’s the first view of Boracay using the V15 Pro. It’s remarkable how deep the greens are, and how captivating the sea looks in this photo. The details of the sky were captured nicely as well.

With the use of the Bokeh feature, we were able to capture every detail of this delicious shaved ice dessert. The Bokeh isolated the main subject from the background well, as you’ll be able to see the strands and layers of the shaved ice.


Coconut juice right from the source is one of the most refreshing drinks ever, and here’s a shot of it taken with the V15 Pro. Thanks to its Portrait mode, the background is blurred to give emphasis to the subject. You can see the clear outlines made from the knife that was used to cut off the top, the coconut meat and the juice inside are clearly visible as well.

This photo shows us the range of contrast that the V15 Pro’s rear cameras have. It showcases the variety of greens that coconut tree leaves have and the mint green color of the sea beginning from the shore and then gradually going into a darker blue-green around the horizon.

Another photo that showcases how the V15 Pro captures sceneries. One of the most impressive things about this photo is the way the shadows and the clouds seem to be converging towards the center. Colors in the photo stand out as well, particularly the deep blue-green of the sea.

Impressed by the Vivo V15 Pro yet? You can read our full review of this device here.

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