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Shopee and Lazada Shopping hacks

There’s no doubt that Filipinos love online shopping, especially on marketplaces like Shopee and Lazada. A lot of us are always on the lookout for the super sale like the 3-day Grand Sales or the monthly special sales like 11/11 and 12/12.
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With this kind of hype created by these e-commerce sites every month, do you have the “skills” to make the most out of these promos or deals?

Well, we asked the expert shoppers and compiled a list of Shopee/Lazada Shopping Hacks that you’ll need!


1. ALWAYS use a Voucher.#1 Always Use Vouchers


2. Check your apps daily for flash deals, brand deals, launch deals and also don’t forget to claim free coins or vouchers.#2 Deals


3. Every double-digit sale (like 3/3 sale), there are lots of free shipping vouchers, cashbacks, and discounts, make sure to use all of them.#3 Double Digit Sale


4. If you’re buying multiple products, always check the variety of products of the Shop. You might be surprised that some of the items that you’re looking for are in one Shop (higher or lower price). This will help you in lessening Delivery fees and minimize shipping delays.#4


5. Utilize the Filter feature of the 2 apps so you can get a more specific search result. Here are some filter related hacks:

  • Local Stores offers faster shipping time.#5a


  • International Stores can offer cheaper products but for a longer shipping time.#5b


  • We recommend using the Rating Filter because most of the products with good reviews are 4 stars and above.#5c


  • Sort the items by price from Low to High#5d


  • There are still lots of other options in the Filter feature, make sure to utilize all of them at the same time to get better results.#5e


6. Find the same or similar products in different shops to check which offers a cheaper price.#6


7. Never buy too good to be true products at a very low price. So ALWAYS check the reviews and comments of the buyers to check if the items posted look legit or scam.#7


8. Don’t forget to check the Shop Profile and see their Chat responses, overall ratings, and when did they join the platform. Discretion is advised when dealing with Shops that are only a few days old.#8


9. When buying gadgets, you might want to consider buying during preorder, because are a lot of freebies during this period, just make sure that the Shop is a legitimate seller (related to #8)#9

Photo from: https://www.yugatech.com/mobile/samsung-galaxy-s7-and-galaxy-s7-edge-now-up-for-pre-order-at-lazada/


10. Always participate in raffles and mini-games to gain more virtual money which you can use to buy items.#10


11. Always “add to cart” even you are not yet decided to buy, because you’ll get notified if the price drops during their sale days.#11


12. Always compare prices from Lazada and Shopee you might find deals that are cheaper vice versa.#12

There are still more shopping hacks that might not be included in this list. Tell us, what’s your shopping hack?

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