Tech Resolutions for a better 2019

Thinking of improving your digital lifestyle when the new year rolls around? Here are some resolutions you might want to consider starting this 2019.

Clear up your notifications

If you’re the type of person whose phone is screaming with hundreds of notifications from different apps, try clearing them up. Here are some tips to stop unnecessary notifications from begging for your attention.

Respond to texts and emails on time as necessary. Most smartphone notifications enable users to read and respond to messages and some emails without having to open the actual app.

Setup e-mail filters so unwanted messages you can’t unsubscribe from gets transferred to a folder that won’t trigger your phone’s notification.

Disable app notifications. If you think an app is sending notifications you don’t need, try turning them off from the system settings.

Setup Digital Wellness Apps

Speaking of trying to wean off from too much screen time, the latest iterations of iOS and Android are rolling out features to help you monitor your device and app usage. If you have the feature on your phone, set it up and see which applications are consuming your time and see how you can reduce unnecessary usage.

iOS 12 comes built-in with Screen Time, which lets you know and control how much time you and your kids spend on apps, websites, and more. Google has rolled out Digital Wellbeing for Pixel and Android One users, which let you do the same as Screen Time. For other Android devices, Microsoft is offering similar features with Microsoft Launcher.

Try Social Media fasting

There is an increasing call to check on our social media usage. Try having a day or a week off from your social media accounts, and try to see the world without the distractions from your likes and hearts and snaps. Social media fast helps you to be more physically active and lets you to spend time on more meaningful social interaction with your family and friends.

Scrub your Social Media

For those looking to move to new jobs this year, take time to clean up your social media accounts. Unfollow and unfriend some people you don’t know. Remove information that can potentially reduce your chances of landing that dream job, or can potentially haunt you in the future. Make sure potential employers do not see things that can convince them not to hire you despite your credentials.

Time for new passwords!

You read that right; it might be a good idea to replace your passwords periodically. There are a few tips on how to make good passwords, but it is essential to make them easy to remember for yourself and hard to guess for others. Some services require users to replace their passwords periodically, but a new year might be a good time to do it for all services you signed in.

If you’re having a hard time remembering all your passwords, stop putting everything in a paper where others can see it. Use a password manager to do it for you.

Update your device’s software

Having the latest updates from the device maker helps protect your smartphone and your data from being compromised. iPhone, Pixel, and Android One device users might not have difficulty in doing this, but this might be tricky for Android users as not all device makers immediately apply the latest security patches and updates from Google. Go to your system settings and look if there are updates you can install for your device. Don’t forget to update your apps as well.

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Also, be careful when installing apps aside from the official app stores as these may contain malware or other viruses that can destroy your system.


Nothing beats a backup whenever your device unexpectedly malfunctions and your memory becomes inaccessible. Setup your PC’s automated backup if this is necessary. Have your important documents and your memories (photo and video) backed up either through an external hard disk or in the cloud if you’re comfortable with it.

Organize your files

The long breaks are a perfect time to organize your files and keep everything tucked away in your computer’s file system. Don’t keep everything stored in the computer’s desktop! If you must, you can hide all desktop icons from the desktop context menu.

Free up space from your device

Consider removing applications you haven’t used for a while. Removing apps that consume your time can also help wean you away from too much screen time.

Clear up your browser’s cache. Some devices have their cleaning utilities that can help you remove temporary files from the system you won’t normally get to reach.

Clean up your phone contacts. Ever wondered what among the contacts named Joe, Joe 1, Joe 2, and Joe 3 refers to your friend named Linda? Consider checking on their current contacts to remove unused numbers, as well as people in your contact list you think you will never get to contact via call or SMS. Also sync your contacts to the cloud so you can easily retreive them when you move to a different device.

Don’t leave your device unattended

If you’re usually one of the victims of fun hacks by your friends, you might want to consider locking your phone when you’re away, especially during bathroom breaks. Not only will it save your sanity from having to deal with funny status messages, but it can potentially protect you from prying eyes who may have something against you.

Charge your devices safely

While most gadgets have built in protection against overcharging, it is better to be safe than sorry. Don’t leave your gadgets plugged-in for extended periods after being charged. Your battery (and possibly your wallet) will love you for that.

Perform a factory reset

Downtimes can be a good time to reset your phone to its original state if it is starting to become clunky and cumbersome. Performing factory resets allow you to start afresh with your device and gives you the opportunity to see which apps or habits wreak havoc on your phone’s performance.

Upgrade your device

If all else fails to make your digital experience better, you might want to consider upgrading your device. This may mean just adding more memory, swapping out parts of your PC, or even buying a new device altogether. Check out our guides to see which devices we recommend for your budget.

So that’s it! What’s your tech resolutions for this coming 2019? Let us know in the comment section below.

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