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Ways to buy prepaid load online

Buying prepaid load through various stores and outdoor merchants has been a thing ever since texting became a phenomenon in the country. These days, not only do people buy prepaid load for text and calls, but people also now consider data to stay connected with their peers online. Most sari-sari stores around the corner offer prepaid loading, but what if you’re at home and you just aren’t feeling up to interacting with anyone? What if you’re stuck somewhere inside and need to contact someone? What if you’re too busy to drop by a store for credits? Fret not, for there are now ways to buy prepaid load online. We compiled a couple of them in this article.


Prepaid load for Smart, Smart Bro, and TNT users can buy through Smart’s online store 27. The online store features prepaid denominations from PHP 15 up to PHP 1,000. A consumer must first register for a MySmart account before they can purchase prepaid credits in the online store. Payments can be made via a Bancnet ATM or a Visa/MasterCard debit card.


E-commerce platform Lazada sell not only gadgets, clothes, appliances, and the like, but it also offers prepaid loading. The website provides load and data packages for Smart, Sun, Globe, and TNT subscribers. Denominations start from PHP 10 or PHP 15, with PHP 1,000 as the maximum amount that you can reload to a number. To top up your prepaid number through Lazada, visit this page 14, enter your number, and the mobile network. Payment options include debit or credit card (Visa/MasterCard), Gcash, and Lazada Wallet.


If you have a GCash account, you can also buy prepaid not only for Globe numbers, but also for T M, Smart, TNT, and Sun numbers. Install the GCash app (Android/iOS), sign up for an account if you haven’t done so or log-in to your account, and click the “Buy Load” button in the menu. The app will ask you to input the prepaid mobile number first. After that, GCash will show you the available denominations and promos for your chosen mobile network. Funds for the prepaid load purchase will be deducted from your GCash wallet, and users can also get rebates for every Buy Load transaction.


Buying load through Coins.PH is viable through the website or their app (Android/iOS). Prepaid credits for Globe, TNT, Sun, Smart, and TM, with the amounts ranging from a base of PHP 10 to the maximum of PHP 1,000. To purchase credits, one must have a Coins.PH account and have sufficient balance in their wallet. Similar to GCash, prepaid load purchased from Coins.PH will deduce the amount from their Coins wallet.


Similar to the two previously mentioned e-wallets, PayMaya also offers prepaid loading through their app (Android/iOS). PayMaya provides credits of Globe, Smart, Sun, TM, and TnT with various denominations. Not only that, but it also offers load and data packages for all the networks mentioned above. A PayMaya account is needed to purchase prepaid credits via the app. Similar to Coins wallet; your PayMaya wallet must have sufficient balance to make the purchase. To buy, click on the Shop tab in the app, and select your choice of prepaid load.


You’ve read that right. These days, Grab doesn’t only do ride-hailing, ride-sharing, and delivery services, but you can now also buy prepaid credits through its app (Android/iOS). One must have sufficient balance in their GrabPay wallet though, as that is the only payment method being offered in the platform’s load buying service. Denominations range from a minimum of PHP 10 to a maximum of PHP 1,000. As for networks, you have to type in the number you want to top-up and Grab will automatically detect the system the number belongs.

Which one’s your preferred method of buying prepaid load? Share it with us!

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