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What is Lyka and how does it work?

Social media is dominated by platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. However, that doesn’t mean that new ones don’t need your attention, especially if it compensates users for using it. Yes, you heard that right. A social media platform that “pays” you by using the service and interacting with other users, and it’s called Lyka. If this is the first time you’re hearing about it, read on to learn more.

What is Lyka?

Lyka is a digital community in which users share their interests by posting a photo or a video. Apps are available for Android and iOS. Users will be rewarded with GEMS (Gift card in Electronic Mode) when they upload a photo or a video on this platform. Also, every time that a Lyka user engages with other people’s posts, both parties will earn a certain amount of GEMS.

How does it work?


Posting a photo on the app is equivalent to 0.05 GEMS. The same amount when a user gives your image an MR (Max Rate). When you MR another user’s photo, that is equivalent to 0.02 GEMS. 1 GEM is equal to 1 PESO.

When you sign up, Lyka will give you 5 GEMS as a starting point. Lyka users can also send you gems if they feel generous, and if you get verified on Lyka, they will send you 15,000 GEMS as a welcoming gift. One good thing about this app is that the verification process isn’t limited to well-known people. Anyone can sign up and get verified.

Who is using it?

As of now, there are thousands of Filipinos on this app and counting. Celebrities and social media Influencers are also trying out this app to extend their fanbase, and sometimes these online celebrities are giving away GEMS to their followers.

Where Can I Use My Gems?


As mentioned earlier, 1 GEM is equivalent to 1 PESO, meaning the GEMS you will be getting on this app as good as cash. Many merchants accept Lyka GEMS, including Adidas, Guess, Aeropostale, PlainsandPrints, to name a few.

You can also use Lyka Gems to buy furniture and appliances in select Abenson stores or even have some leisure time with your friends and family at supported hotels and restaurants around the country. Or, if you earn enough GEMS, you can use it to buy a car at select Ford dealerships. Also, there are shops on Instagram that accept Lyka GEMS like GadgetsManila.

Who Should Participate in this?

Everyone, because aside from sharing your interests on Lyka, you can also earn money when you post and engage with other people on this app. But still, if you are going to use Lyka, use it responsibly and don’t post any personal information for your safety.

Is It Sustainable? Can it be a Major Source of Income?

As of the moment, you can’t directly withdraw a Lyka GEM into cash or buy cash and convert it to Lyka GEMS. The money you’ll be getting from Lyka, as of the publishing of this article, won’t be enough to sustain you compared to a full-time job. BUT, if you are looking for a way to earn small cash to suffice your simple ‘Luho’ needs in your spare time, you can try it out. Aside from that, generous people on this platform send GEMS to people who follow them. Sometimes these people are giving out up to 3,000 worth of GEMS.

One thing I slightly hate about this platform is the app itself, as it has plenty of bugs that need to be fixed. For instance, every time I post a photo, the Lyka app will crash or even log out of your account. Some features are still in the works, like being able to get notified when someone follows you, MR-ed your photo, and purchasing GEMS. If you have the patience, though, the pros trump the cons.

So, what do you guys think? If you have tried this app before, share your experience by commenting below.

If you happen to have an account on Lyka, follow me at @arelebana because why not?

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60 Responses

  1. Zildjian says:

    I am searching for how to be verified in lyka. How to have a blue check mark in lyka. And i couldn’t seem to find it in the net. How to be verified in lyka po? Like is there a requirement ? Pls help me i just want answers.

    • Glenda says:

      I can not see LYKA application on playstore.Please help me.Thank you

    • Jane says:

      Wjy the lyka wasn’t available in Macau?
      I wish it would be available here. I’ve been wanted to download it..
      Please make it possible to be use it here in Macau.

  2. marsha says:

    you haven’t explore much the app features anyway click “discover and ask kendra.

  3. Shaira luna dimalant says:

    Sana mapili ako ?

  4. I hope Verified my my Account please lyka i give gems to my followers and supporter?

  5. Henry says:

    I have a question, how does Lyka sustain its service? Advertisement?

    Giving away gems and exchanging them for real world stuff is no joke

    • probably it is inspired from a term “I hope these 40k shares I have can be converted into money”
      Maybe these brands are their sponsors.
      you probably can get P10k of worth with 500k trending shares (0.02x500k) but I haven’t been into the app so maybe there’ll be a twist like limit per day of post that can be counted as new point, or maybe you see little ads on the shared post, etc. a lot of ways.
      This is how things work today since a lot of people is not using TV’s anymore.
      Even the moment we get into this site is might be another generated cent on yugatech.

    • Nanana says:

      Business! Simply because of “Popularity” kung maungusan man nila ang any of the social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. They will be payed more for being in trend.

  6. I’m searching for a tip on how to get verified in lyka

  7. Arlin chan says:

    I tried many times to join lyka but they didnt prosper can you please help

  8. Arlin Chan says:

    Im searching for a tip how to get verified thru lyka app.

  9. Glena Villamor Tagupa says:


  10. jenelyn says:

    So nice new app

    • elenita dayo says:

      yesterday i post and rate,comment,,the system was ok but when i reach 1.30 gem then i post again.my gems did not encrease..how is it

    • Kenzo Gil says:

      I tried to post 100 photos but it seems like even Im getting MR on my ohotos its not added to my points. Is there a limit in uploading photos per day?

  11. Jessa says:

    Boss pa ff back nmn jessangraphy

  12. Angie says:

    I can’t download lyka, anyone can help me?

  13. Ailyn Pingkian says:

    Just follow me there and I’ll fallow you back!??

  14. Via T says:

    Yesss so many bugs.

  15. Lyn linamas says:

    How can i log in to lyka

  16. Tessie Maunes Sarajan says:

    Is lyka gem app for Philippine users only? i currently here in south korea mag install sana ako ng lyka gem pera wala po

  17. Genara says:

    Hi hope ma verfied ako kakasimula ko lng po please help me to grow up my gems? godbless as all??

  18. Genara says:

    Hi hope ma verfied ako kakasimula ko lng po please help me to grow up my gems? godbless as all??

  19. Genara says:

    I hope ma verified ako kakasimula ko lng po hope you can help me to growing up my gems please?godblesstousall?

  20. TM says:

    Found this 6 months ago. I thought Lyka would just die out but its 2021 and its still alive.
    If you are an iOS 14 user, you can try out for yourself the green and orange indicators.

  21. Jona says:

    Is this app only applicable in the Philippines? Been trying to register here in Brazil but it always says “configuration issues”

  22. Maylene Gonzales says:

    Hoping na sana mapili alo pls lyla gems

  23. Regecita Carbonell says:

    Ka start ko lang po, wait ko yung verify na code ni lyka, but until now wala pa

  24. Rhons says:

    Pa help po, ka start ko lang, nag request ako ng verify code but until now wala pa po, sana matulongan Po ninyo ako

  25. aysiey says:

    Follow niyo ko, follow back ko kayo and Max rate ko lahat ng post niyo.
    Username ko gamit ko dito. :)

  26. Garth says:

    I think https://noise.cash is better. There you can earn Bitcoin Cash BCH, which can be exchanged with coins.ph in PHP. So you can use it everywhere and pay everywhere.

  27. anna says:

    Hi. I’m using the Lyka app now. I just noticed that when someone rates my posts, I get some 0.05 rebate. Lately, I noticed that some of my posts has over a hundred rated gems but when I check my history, I’ve got not gems from them. What’s happening? I’ve tried asking ARIA (Lyka’s assistant or smthng) this question but I’m in the thousandth spot in talking to it. Can someone please clarify this to me. Thank uuu!

  28. askimedz says:

    hellocan i downl?ad lyka

  29. Jocelyn Culala says:

    Hello po, nag try po ako how to join!please Pa help nman po!maraming salamat

  30. Good day. I am hoping i will be one of the Lyka app. followers God bless.

  31. Vilma says:

    Good day,how to join this lyka app where can be installed?

  32. edgieduquejr says:

    Looks like a very promising app. Follow me, then I’ll follow you. MR my post na rin and I’ll MR your post. Thanks! UN: edgieduquejr

  33. Nico says:

    Hindi po ako maka pag post ng picture..uploading lng ng uploading tpos lyka keeps stopping lumalabas patulong nman po.

  34. Jane says:

    Wjy the lyka wasn’t available in Macau?
    I wish it would be available here. I’ve been wanted to download it..
    Please make it possible to be use it here in Macau.

  35. Don Pery says:

    Can somebody help me? I tried max rating someone but it didn’t increase his gems. Is this a bug? What should I do? ‘Appreciate it.

  36. Lorena says:

    Hindi po ako makapagpost ng picture sa app ng Lyka

  37. Joyce M. Caringal says:

    I like the LYKA app, i get the chance to post my photos.
    It makes me happy.
    It is wholesome clean fun.
    I want to earn more GEMS in the future that will convert to CASH so that I can purchase more nutritious food for my family, then who knows I can get the chance to buy my brand new Subaru gray SUV. It is so nice to dream. May it be a reality soon for me and my family!

    Thank you so much Mr. Ryan Baird!

  38. Baylene88 says:

    Follow my username in Lyka: Baylene88

  39. Guys please Support my LYKA please follow me max rate my photos please???? i cried many times please support my lyka @kenichi_wa

  40. Please give a more. Gems in lyka im pinoy from phillipines im poor man
    And i need money to buy my financial like food anything my name in lyka is Repoberbio23

  41. Lex Stephen Repoberbio says:

    Follow me give me a gems In lyka my username is

  42. Clarisse Bautista says:

    Hoping na ma verified account ko

  43. Ma. Edralyn Ambolario says:

    I can not downlod lyka apps to my samsung galaxy.
    Is there a way i can download this lyka apps.

  44. Oliver says:

    Paano yun? If people use Lyka Gems to buy goods so it’s like currency. Then there is more LYKA gems used more than the amount of Pesos in circulation. Hindi ba masisira ang economy ng Pilipinas? I feel like using Lyka to buy goods is like picking up any stone on the ground and using that as payment for anything.

  1. September 27, 2021

    […] can do giveaways from to time, and all of these activities will earn you a gem.According to Yugatech, 1 Lyka gem is equal to Php 1, and users get five gems as soon as they create an account.You can […]

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