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Finding work is oftentimes the most important aspect of being a freelancer, as it is the nature of the occupation to not be attached to any one employer. Word of mouth, referrals, and older forms of advertising are all still great ways to get you and your portfolio out there, but it would be unwise to not take advantage of one of the greatest tools our generation has access to. Do I even have to say the word?

The Internet is not only a great place to network with other freelancers, or even expand your skillset, but it is also home to a plethora of platforms where you can showcase your portfolio and find work. Included in this list are both jack-of-all-trades sites for all types of work, as well a few that are specific to a certain field.

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Starting out with a local website, Raket.ph acts as a search engine for freelancers and their clients.  What sets this one apart from the rest is that it’s the broadest of them all. Not only can you find programmers, writers, photographers, graphic designers, and the other usual types of jobs here, but you can even find services like Feng Shui experts, fortune tellers, voice over artists, and many more.


This one takes the classifieds approach and is more tailored towards prospective clients. As can be inferred from the name itself, OnlineJobs.ph is definitely not entirely for freelancers. You can find freelance, part-time, and full-time jobs here in fields such as software development, WordPress, PHP programming, writing, and multimedia.

Filipino Freelancers

Filipino Freelancers acts as an in-depth database for both freelancers and their clients. Freelancers can browse through a directory of projects, submit their online portfolio, and even bid for projects. For prospective clients, the site helps them find just the right person for the job based on their needs.


Freelancer essentially works the same as the previously mentioned sites, where clients can browse for freelancers, and freelancers can browse for projects. It’s an international company, but they have a local domain to serve Filipinos. To make things more accessible, they even have apps for both iOS and Android.


Formerly Elance-oDesk, Upwork is an international platform with almost 30 million users where clients and freelancers can connect remotely. This means that jobs posted here are limited to ones that can be done over the internet, such as design, software development, writing, consulting, and others. They do, however, charge lifetime service fees to freelancers for using the platform.


Fiverr® takes an online marketplace approach, giving the reins to the freelancers. You can post your services for customers worldwide to see, with pricing that starts at $5.

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Based on the similarities, it’s safe to say that 199Jobs is the Filipino take on Fiverr®. It’s an online marketplace for writing, administrative work, graphic design, marketing, and more. Like Fiverr®, all jobs here start at Php199.


On PeoplePerHour, prospective clients have four ways of finding you. You can post services with fixed prices from as little as 1-hour jobs, they can post jobs that you can then submit a proposal for, they can sift through freelancer profiles to find who they need, or they can hold contests where freelancers will have to pitch to get the job.


Launched in 2015, this competitive site even wants to take on Upwork by providing essentially the same service, but with no service fees. They also offer cool applications to help with the process, like goMeter, which helps you and your client keep track of progress, and goCredit, which lets you get a cash advance even before your project is completed.

Rent A Coder

It’s pretty self-explanatory based on the name. Rent A Coder is a platform for freelance programmers to bid on projects, discuss them with the client, and get the job.

DesignCrowd, HiretheWorld, and 99designs

These three platforms are for graphic designers that do projects such as logos, t-shirts, flyers, websites, and more. Clients post their creative briefs, designers respond with their proposed designs, and the client picks the one they like the most.


Founded by Jason Magbanua back in 2006, PinoyVideomaker actually started as an online forum, but now has a new home in the form of a Facebook group. It’s a community where videographers can connect and learn from each other, as well as find gigs for weddings, debuts, and other events.

Writers.ph and Essays.ph

Here we have two locally based websites for freelance writers. They work by providing a bunch of different writing projects you can choose from with varying topics and prices. Simply reserve a slot on the assignment you’d like to take, work on it, and get paid.

With that, we conclude this list. The Internet is a huge place, and there are surely many more resources you guys use to find freelance work online. Please don’t hesitate to share these, along with your thoughts in the comments below. Raket na!

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