Wired internet plans in the Philippines under PHP 2K

Wired internet plans in the Philippines under PHP 2K

If you feel like the basic internet plans just won’t do, then you’re going to need to step it up a notch and get the next plan. This doesn’t mean that you have to go for the absolute best. Fortunately, there are affordable options in the PHP 2K range that offer decent speeds for the price.

UPDATE: We’ve adjusted the list to reflect changes to Globe’s new plans, and the speed boosts in their exiting unlimited plans.

As per our usual request, please do your due diligence when researching these ISPs. Making sure that they perform well in your area is better than having the fastest advertised speeds. Here are the internet plans that are under PHP 2K from the five most prominent ISPs:

PLDTUNLIFIBR PLAN 129910 MbpsUnlimited calls to Smart/Sun/TNTPHP 1,299
Unlimited calls to Smart/Sun/TNTPHP 1,699
UNLIFIBR PLAN 189930 MbpsUnlimited calls to Smart/Sun/TNTPHP 1,899
GlobeGlobe at Home Plan 129910 MbpsUnlimited Calls to Globe/TM, Local area landline and NDD
500GB Cap
PHP 1,299
Globe At Home Go Unli Plan 169920 MbpsUnlimited Calls to Globe/TM, Local area landline and NDDPHP 1,699
Globe At Home Go Unli Plan 189930 MbpsUnlimited Calls to Globe/TM, Local area landline and NDDPHP 1,899
Globe At Home Go Big Plan 189950 Mbps600GB CapPHP 1,899
SKYSKY Fiber Unli Broadband Plan 9995 Mbps-PHP 999
SKY Fiber Unli Broadband Plan 1,49925 Mbps-PHP 1,499
SKY Fiber Unli Broadband Plan 1,99950 Mbps-PHP 1,999
Eastern CommunicationsEastern Home Plan 99810 Mbps-PHP 998
Eastern Home Plan 1,49830 Mbps-PHP 1,498
Eastern Home Plan 1,89850 Mbps-PHP 1,898
ConvergeFIBER X 150025 Mbps-PHP 1,500

Do note that the plans given by PLDT, Converge, and SKY are Fiber connections, which should be more consistent (that is to say, there are no peak hours), and should have relatively similar download and upload speeds. Meanwhile, we still haven’t gotten word on the connection type of Eastern Telecommunication’s plans.

As you can expect, going for faster, more expensive plans will net you more speed per Peso spent compared to the most affordable ones. While I won’t be going over each plan, here are notable takeaways from each ISP’s offerings:


Eastern Telecommunications is offering the cheapest, unlimited wired internet plan among the five ISPs, priced at just PHP 998.

SKY and Eastern Telecommunications are both offering the fastest internet connection under PHP 2,000. If you’re after raw speed, and these ISPs perform well in your area, then these are the plans to get.

If you want to save on telephone bills, getting a Globe or PLDT Plan will give you free unlimited calls to Globe/TM and Smart/Sun/TNT subscribers, respectively.

Additionally, Globe is offering a limited internet plan that can reach speeds up to 50 Mbps but is capped to only 600GB per month.

Before you subscribe, check the serviceability of your area or if there are installation fees or lock-in periods by going to the ISP’s respective website listed below:

As always, let’s help each other out by recommending what ISP works well in what area, so we can avoid having slow internet connections!

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8 Responses

  1. Mat says:

    For those interested, I have been using “Globe At Home Go Big Plan 1899” for around a year and found it reliable. To give an idea on the possible limitations of a 600 GB cap, we’ve been watching Netflix in 4K with 2 WFH sets while our daughter continuously consumes for YouTube. We have reached the cap only once and that was 2 days before the monthly refresh. To add, we never had to monitor or restrict our consumption, sans that moment.

    I’m not saying the plan is the best, but I am hopeful that my narrative helps you make an informed decision.

  2. April Vanessa Natad says:

    Thanks for the information. So far, this is the most helpful one among the articles I’ve read. God bless and keep safe everyone!

  3. Globekupal says:

    Hoy globe, kapal ng mukha nyo! kayo nalang natira na may capping. kahit tanggalin nyo yan hindi parin lalagpas 600gb mga users nyo sa ubod ng bagal connection nyo.

    tanging mabilis sainyo ay pag singil ng bill lang at penalty.

  4. Ernest Marvin says:

    Yung mga new plans nila ngayon wala ng data cap.

  5. Joseph says:

    You can also include the Plan 1599 of Converge with speed of up to 35 Mbps. Been using this for months now and I can say it’s really reliable.

    • Alejandro Maquinto says:

      This promo had a limited time run and is not offered regularly. Rest assured we will report to our readers when it’s available. :)

  6. Felix Simon says:

    For the Sky “Fiber” their only using coaxial cable and they did confirmed that Sky has asymmetric bandwidth data speed and file transfer rate on our network is different in each direction and does not have equal download and upload speeds. Upload speed is only 10% of download speed.

  7. G.Ong says:

    Hi thum,bs up for the 2k range internet plans.
    Just want to ask if is there an internet with no loss connection also with decent speed?
    I have a family friend in their 60’s asking me before. They want to have internet with no loss connection for they are not techie and have no idea how to refresh modem or etc.
    Will wait for your answer.

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