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YugaTech Christmas Gadget Guide 2014: Smartwatches

You’ve seen our Christmas Gadget Guide for smartphones and tablets. This time we’re gonna walk you through our Gadget Guide for Smartwatches. After all, 2014 is the year for these high-tech wearables. So if you’re on a lookout for something to put on your wrist that does more than just tell you the time then read our guide below.

For this guide, we will divide the list into three different segments – officially available in the country, available through online stores (unofficial), and the yet to arrive.

Officially Available

Misfit Shine

The Misfit Shine launched last August via Power Mac. This smartwatch functions as an activity monitor and sleep monitor, is waterproof up to 50 meters, and has a battery that can last up to 6 months on one full charge. It works with iOS, Android, and Windows. SRP: Php6,850.

Garmin Vivofit Smartband

Like the Misfit Shine, the Garmin Vivofit Smartband is an activity tracker that can measure your steps, distance traveled, calories, and heart rate. But unlike the Shine, the Vivofit has a small display so you can easily check your data. SRP: Php8,450.

LG G Watch

The LG G Watch is a smartwatch powered by Google’s Android Wear. It has a 1.65-inch display and a square design. Unlike the two smartwatches mentioned earlier, the G Watch is more like an extension of your smartphone and displays information such a SMS, E-mail, and social media notifications. SRP: Php8,990.

LG G Watch R

The G Watch R is the better looking smartwatch from LG. It also features Android Wear but this one sports a circular look that resembles a traditional but classy timepiece, and is water and dust resistant as well. SRP: Php13,990

Sony SmartBand Talk (SWR30)

The Sony SmartBand Talk (SWR30) is a wearable that features a 1.4-inch black-and-white E ink display. It’s also an activity tracker which works with Sony’s Lifelog Android app. What makes the SmartBand Talk unique is that it features a microphone and loudspeaker so you can accept calls from it. SRP: Php8,990

Sony SmartWatch 3 (SWR50)

The SmartWatch 3 arrived in the country together with the SmarBand Talk. It features a 1.6-inch Transflective display, runs Android Wear, and IP68-certified. Like the SmartBand Talk, this device also tracks your activities and movements and syncs to the Lifelog app. SRP: Php11,990 If the SmartWatch 3 is not within your budget, you can also get the SmartWatch 2 for Php9,150.

Samsung Gear Fit

The Samsung Gear Fit is a fitness tracker that features a 1.84-inch Super AMOLED display. Like most smartwatches with displays, this one also shows notifications from your smartphone as well as data from your physical activity. In addition, the Gear Fit is dustproof and water-resistant. SRP: Php8,990

Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo

The Gear 2 was announce along with its brother, the Gear 2 Neo. Both feature fitness monitors (heart rate monitor, pedometer), music players, IP67 bodies, IrLED sensor to control your TV, and Tizen OS. The only difference is that the Gear 2 has a 2 megapixel camera. Gear 2 SRP: Php13,490. Gear 2 Neo SRP: Php8,990

Samsung Gear S

The Gear S has a 2-inch curved Super AMOLED display, GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, UV detector, barometer, heart rate monitor, and its own 3G modem. Meaning you can put a SIM card in it and it will connect to the Internet. Like the Gear 2 smartwatches, the Gear S also runs Tizen OS. SRP: Php15,990

Via Online Stores

Samsung Gear Live

Samsung is not just banking on its Tizen OS as it also has its Android Wear-powered smartwatch, the Gear Live. The Gear Live has a 1.63-inch Super AMOLED display, a slew of sensors including a heart rate monitor, and a dust and water resistant body. Price: Php12,415 + shipping (via Galleon )

Moto 360

The Moto 360 sports a classic timepiece look like the LG G Watch R. It is powered by Android Wear and comes with a slew of sensors to monitor your heart rate, steps and distance, calories burned, and analyze your activity. Like its Android Wear rivals, it can also pull notifications from your Android smartphone. Price: Php16,500 (via Widget City)


The Pebble smartwatch that sports a youthful design and works with Android and iOS. It features a 1.26-inch e-paper display, Bluetooth, a water resistant body, and Pebble OS. It doesn’t boast much in terms of fancy sensors but it has its own Pebble appstore so you can download and install watchapps and watchfaces for Pebble. Price: Php6,425 + shipping (via Galleon)

Pebble Steel

Now if you don’t like the polycarbonate Pebble, there’s the Pebble Steel which, as the name suggests, made of steel (marine-grade stainless-steel, to be exact) and a more classy design. It also comes with a 1.26-inch e-paper display, Bluetooth 4.0, 50 meter water resistance, and runs Pebble OS with access to Pebble appstore. Price: Php14,238 + shipping (via Galleon)

Microsoft Band

The Microsoft Band is a simple looking wearable with a 1.4-inch TFT display. But under the hood is a bunch of fancy sensors like the optical heart rate sensor, skin temperature sensor, and UV sensor. Although promoted to work with Windows Phone 8.1 devices, the Band is also compatible with Android and iOS. Price tag in the U.S. is just $199 but not yet officially available here in the Philippines. But if you have cash to spare you can get it for Php17,178 + shipping from Galleon

Hotly Anticipated

ASUS Zenwatch

The ASUS Zenwatch made its debut at this year’s IFA. It is made from premium materials and features an exquisite design. It also sports a 2.5D curved glass, soft genuine stitched-leather strap, and quick-release clasp. It is powered by Android Wear and features a Wellness Manager to monitor steps taken, calories burned, activity duration, heart rate, exercise intensity and relaxation level. SRP: US$199.99

Apple Watch

Apple tries to reinvent the wrist watch with the Apple Watch. It features a Retina display with sapphire or strengthened Ion-X glass, Taptic Engine, Digital Crown, and its own Watch OS. The Apple Watch comes in three variants – the stainless steel Apple Watch, the anodized aluminum Apple Watch Sport, and the 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition. Price starts at $349.

Razer Nabu Smartband

Razer is mostly known for producing high-end gaming computers and gears, but that didn’t stop Min-Liang Tan’s company from entering the smart wearable market with the Nabu Smartband. The Nabu sports an OLED display, can display notifications, and track activities like steps, calories burned, floors climbed, distance traveled, hours slept, and places visited. In addition, it is also social as it can communicate wirelessly with other Nabu Smartbands. Price: $99.99

Got something to add to this guide? Feel free to share by writing it down the comments field below.

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9 Responses

  1. Avatar for G G says:

    playground.ph has two smartwatches available in the market for less than 2k.

  2. Avatar for snowthen snowthen says:

    You want smartwatch? Buy Seiko Sportura or Casio G-Shock. Both are tough & loaded with tech.

  3. Avatar for Justin Justin says:

    The LG G Watch R is the clear winner here.

  4. Avatar for roiji roiji says:

    bwiset na Razer Nabu yan.. Mini-USB lang ang peg… 2006 pa lang?

  5. Avatar for lol lol says:

    apple watch is not even out yet and is not expected until next year. why include it in a 2014 CHRISTMAS SHOPPPING list?

  6. Avatar for zoidian zoidian says:

    May nakita ako sa O+ Festival mall. “O+ time” smartwatch, kahawig ng galaxy gear fit.. P2,500 ang price.

  7. Avatar for zalzal zalzal says:

    Nasaan na yung mahilig magmagaling pero hindi naman kayang gumawa ng sarili niyang tech blogsite?

  8. Avatar for Easy E Easy E says:

    I can’t say that i need a smartwatch, but i want one. The one from motorolla, apple, asus and rounded LG are beautiful. Sobrang mahal nga lang. Hindi ko lang alam kung kapag naglabas na ang cherry mobile at iba pa ng mga locally branded smartwatches ay papatak ng P2K-4K.

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