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YugaTech Gaming Peripherals Gift Guide 2019

Have a gamer friend or family member you’d want to get a gift for? Then this gift guide is for you! We’ll be recommending mice, keyboards, and headsets at different price points, arranged from cheapest to most expensive.

Authors Note: All links are non-affiliate links. If you find other places that sell these for lower prices, do not hesitate to purchase from them, assuming they offer proper warranties.

Gaming Mice

Rakk Kaptan

The Rakk Kaptan is an ergonomic lightweight mouse equipped with a top sensor and RGB lighting. There’s a black version available for PHP 1,195 and a white version for PHP 1,295.

Coolermaster MM710

Next on the list, we have one of the lightest and smallest mice available in the market: the Coolermaster MM710. It has an ambidextrous design with buttons on the left side only, a top optical sensor, great feet, and cable. It’s available on PChub for PHP 1,950 or on Lazada for PHP 2,250.

Logitech G304

The Logitech G304 is a small mouse for people who want to go wireless. It has virtually no lag, a great sensor, and you can lower the weight by using AAA lithium-Ion batteries. The only downsides are the buttons which are rather loud. It’s available on Logitech’s official Lazada store for PHP 2,395.

Glorious Model O / O-

Another popular mouse, the Glorious Mouse Model O, and O- are lightweight mice with good buttons, great shape, feet, cable, and a top optical sensor. SoftBox Solutions have them on sale for PHP 2,950.

Razer Viper 

Razer, after listening to the feedback of the mouse community made a great mouse that’s lightweight, with a top optical sensor, good feet, shape, buttons, and cable, while not requiring the Razer Synapse software to store user settings. The wired version is available on Lazada and PCExpress for PHP3,950.

Zowie S Series

The latest series from Zowie has gotten a lot of attention for staying with Zowie’s strength: the shape. Pairing it with a top optical sensor, good cable, and great feet, the Zowie S Series is a top choice for a lot of people, even pros. Zowie also released a black version of the mouse if you’re not into the Divina colors. Datablitz sells both the S1 and S2 (size being the difference) for PHP 4,595.



The K28 is sold under different brands such as Socum, Gigaware, and Ajazz. It’s a TKL keyboard that features generic blue switches with rainbow backlighting. With over 4 stars and 340 reviews on Lazada, it should be a good starting mechanical keyboard. The one we liked is currently priced at PHP 850, and we’ve seen the same keyboard sold under the different brands for prices ranging between PHP 750-PHP950.

Tecware Phantom Elite

The Tecware Phantom Elite is a great keyboard for the price. Equipped with either Gateron or Kailh switches, they’re definitely an upgrade over keyboards with generic or Outemu switches. The main selling point of Tecware’s Phantom Elite line is that they offer several versions with different sizes (full-sized or TKL), switches, and modular switch sockets. They’re available on PCHub and Dynaquest with the following prices:

  • TKL, Gateron Switches – PHP 2,420
  • TKL, Kailh Speed Switches – PHP 2,770
  • Full-sized, (switches sold separately) – PHP 3,399

Rakk Lam-Ang Pro

The Rakk Lam-Ang Pro is a TKL keyboard with a lot of premium features such as dedicated volume/lighting scroll, removable top cover for customizability, removable USB-C passthrough, Bluetooth connectivity, and hot-swappable switches. It’s available on Rakk’s official Lazada store for PHP 3,295.

Ducky One 2 SF and Mini

If you want to give the gift to a friend who travels constantly or just loves compact keyboards, then the Ducky One 2 Mini might be the gift they’re waiting for. They offer 60% (mini) and 65% (SF) keyboards with Cherry MX switches, RGB backlighting, and a removable USB-C cable. Softbox solutions offer both the Mini and SF versions for PHP 5,000 on their Lazada page.

Razer Huntsman Elite

The Huntsman Elite is a unique keyboard that uses optical switches instead of mechanical ones. Theoretically, they’re supposed to be faster and more durable than traditional mechanical keyboards. It’s also the most expensive item on the list, priced at PHP 11,495 on Datablitz.


Rakk Karul

If you’re on a low budget, then the Rakk Karul might be the one you’re looking for. It has free adjusting headband, adjustable mic, and LED lighting. There’s an RGB version that’s currently out of stock for PHP 850, and a single-colored version that’s available on EasyPC’s official Lazada page for only PHP 550.

Logitech G331

The Logitech G331 is Logitech’s budget offering. It’s a jack of all trade headset with decent sound quality, sound stage, and comfort. It is, however, built of plastic so be wary when throwing them in a fit of rage. It retails for PHP 2,995 on DataBlitz.

SteelSeries Arctis 5

The SteelSeries Arctis 5 is known for having great sound quality, soundstage, comfort. It has both a 3.5mm jack and USB connection for those that game on a laptop. It’s available in PCExpress for PHP 4,700 and in PCWorx’ Lazada page for PHP 4,9099.

Corsair HS70

If the recipient has been begging for a wireless headset with minimal to no delay, then the Corsair HS70 might be the one for them. It’s one of the cheapest wireless headsets that available that’s designed for gaming. It’s currently available on Benstore for PHP 5,300 and GameOnePH for PHP 5,195.

And there you have it! Our list of great gaming peripherals for the price. If you have other top picks or recommendations, let us know in the comments below!

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