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DICT proposed a P200-B national broadband network

The newly-formed Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) is already on its feet working on addressing the backlog status of the Philippine internet. Part of the plan is a multi-billion peso broadband network.


The government hopes to link previously unserved districts in rural areas through the government-built and managed internet backbone. According to ICT Secretary Rodolfo Salalima, the project could start as early as January if approved and will take three years to complete.

Of course, this massive project will come at a cost. It would range from P80 billion up to P200 billion depending on the type of network the government will put up. The government can lay out fiber optic cables, satellites, or even use existing power lines of the National Grid Corp. of the Philippines.

The secretary even teased its other option — become a “full-blown, third-party operator” in the country. But, the chief quickly said that it’s too premature for now for the government to battle existing telcos Globe and Smart. The government is open to private sectors who wish to help on the dream project with two big Chinese firms already interested.


This article was contributed by Daniel Morial, a film school graduate and technology enthusiast. He's the geeky encyclopedia and salesman among his friends for anything tech.

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8 Responses

  1. cruizer says:

    Alright! Let’s get it on! Just ensure there’s no corruption here like the past NBN…

    • Frankie Naranjilla says:

      I just hope that after the deployment of the NBN, our government would be able to maintain the expensive ICT / telco engineers with the right competence to maintain the network. A budget, easily at 15 to 20% of the network cost needs to be allocated annually for maintenance purposes.

  2. Katyusha says:

    change is coming!

  3. pak says:

    tapos haharangin nanaman nyan o bibilhin ng dalawang tae dyan.

  4. el gato says:

    rather than investing in new national broadband network infrastructure, invest 100B in globe,100B in smart/pldt to upgrade their backbone = lower monthly rates, eliminate data cap.

    since globe already covered almost all national highways in the philippines and smart/pldt claims of having the longest fiber connection in the philippines, my recommendation and desired outcome will become a reality in the soonest possible time.

    imagine, 1M+ LTE subscribers ng globe (guesstimate ko) >>> 15M at magbabayad ng 1000php/month = WOW revenues = WOW taxes

    idagdag pa smart/pldt = double WOW.

    kikita na mga legit streaming movie and music sites. dahil unli data na, piracy will go down…

    • Abe Olandres says:

      The NBN approach opens opportunities for a 3rd or 4th telco players.

    • el gato says:

      alam na natin ang mangyayari kapag ang gobyerno ay nagne-negosyo:
      petron (shareholder ang gobyerno tapos binenta? )
      lrt, mrt (build-operate-own/transfer ?; lugi kahit maraming sumasakay ?; no clear maintenance service? )
      national power corporation, national transmission corporation (lugi pa rin ?)

      marami kasing gahaman sa gobyerno, maraming makisawsaw kapag may pondo na. kaya nga sinasabi ng mga kritiko: the philippines is a country with too many laws, rules, and regulations but no proper implementation.

  5. wjarko says:

    Nationalize the freaking Telecom Industry! Uruguay did it.
    Chinese Govt owns ALL 3 telecom companies in China! Japan owns 30% of NTT DOCOMO.
    Government should buy into the 2 big telcos and stir the industry from there.

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