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DITO SIM: Setup, APN Settings, Internet Speed Test, Promo

DITO Telecommunity recently announced the expansion of its network coverage in Central and South Luzon. Since I reside in Bacoor, Cavite, one of the areas serviceable by DITO, I was able to purchase a SIM and test its services. If you’re curious about how DITO performs, continue reading our article below.

DITO SIM purchase

The DITO SIM is available in DITO Online Stores, DITO Experience Stores, Lazada, and retail partner stores. I decided to go for Lazada, and I’m glad to see that they have also updated their delivery to the new serviceable areas. DITO’s listing of SIM cards is categorized based on devices. We’re planning to use it on our Xiaomi phone, which is not on the list. Based on the experiences of early customers, it shouldn’t be an issue as long as the smartphone supports 4G LTE and VoLTE. I chose the one listed as “for Huawei,” which we’re going to use on our Xiaomi smartphone. I placed the order on May 1 and got the SIM card the next day. That was fast!

Just like the SIM cards of other telcos, the DITO SIM cards come pre-cut to accommodate different sizes, but the DITO package comes with a free metal SIM ejector designed after the letter D in DITO. In addition, the SIM cards are 5G-ready and use the 0991 prefix.


The DITO SIM’s mobile data won’t work right away after you insert it into your phone. You will need to register the SIM card by making your first SMS or call. Afterward, you’ll receive an SMS telling you to download the DITO app (you might want to use WiFi here). A 6-digit PIN as the initial password is also included to get you started.

“Welcome DITO! Manage your account by downloading the DITO App: https://bit.ly/getDITOApp. Initial password: XXXXXX. View our Privacy Statement and T&C upon login.”

Return to your DITO app and continue with the registration by following the instructions. Once you’re done, you’ll be able to access the dashboard and another SMS confirming the activation.

“Your DITO # 0991XXXXXXX is now active! Enjoy your 25GB High Speed Data promo valid until DD.MM.2021 (TIME). Log in to your DITO App to monitor your usage.”

DITO APN Settings

Even after activation, we noticed that I still can’t connect to the internet. That’s when I discovered that we need to input the APN settings manually (Go to Settings and SIM card). I’m not sure if it’s an issue on our phone or because I’m using a SIM card that’s pre-configured for Huawei devices. In this case, I used the following:

Name: DITO Internet
APN: internet.dito.ph

I also had to manually activate the VoLTE on our Xiaomi device by dialing ##86583##. After that, we’re also able to make calls.

DITO App Dashboard

The app has a similar approach to GOMO 37‘s app but with more features. It will provide you all the information you need from your number load, expiry, available data, available calls, and available SMS.

There’s also a dedicated button for buying a promo, buying a load, sharing a load, load history, list of network coverage, share history, the option to chat with customer service. You can also customize the buttons in the dashboard, similar to how you can customize the buttons in the dropdown menu on Android.

Buying DITO Promo and Load

Buying a DITO promo is easy as you can access it straight from the app. No need to send SMS codes to certain numbers. So far, DITO only has one promo, which offers 25GB of data with unlimited texts to all networks, unlimited DITO-to-DITO calls, and 300 minutes of calls to other networks. It costs PHP 199 (deducted from your current load) and valid for 30 days.

When purchasing load, you’re presented with 6 denominations, but you can also manually input the load amount. I’m glad to see that I can purchase a load using a credit or debit card, GCash, GrabPay, or WeChat Pay.

As for sharing your DITO load to another DITO number, there’s a minimum of PHP 5 and a maximum of PHP 1,000 per transaction. There’s also a maximum of 5 successful Share load transactions per day, and you must have a maintaining load balance of PHP 1.

DITO Internet Speed Test

For the speed test, I used the Speedtest.net app and Fast app. Based on my experience, I’m getting an average speed of over 60 Mbps and upload speeds ranging from 6 Mbps to 10 Mbps here in Bacoor, which is not bad.

Take note that you’ll get the best speeds if your phone detects a 4G+ signal, so you might want to move close to a window or go higher if you’re in a multi-story house.


We only had the DITO SIM for a full day, but I already like its performance, considering it’s still on 4G LTE. Add to that the affordable data, attractive inclusions, and ease of payment. It’s enticing. I’m expecting better performance when they roll out 5G. However, there’s this concern of how it will perform in the long run when they get more subscribers, especially in the NCR. Will they also suffer from congestion? Will the performance improve or suffer? Only time will tell.

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19 Responses

  1. Avatar for Rizanero Valiente Rizanero Valiente says:

    Why is the INTERNET SPEED of Dito is very low? Why?, when I first bought/buy this Dito Sim I tried to test the internwt speed of Dito and its only 10mbps above and a week has passed i tried to test again the internet connection of dito sim and i see the result it’s only 1 mbps. Please make the internet connection into high speed data please hear me out

  2. Avatar for Ii Ii says:

    Dito sim sucks

  3. Avatar for rhiey horton rhiey horton says:

    I’m having trouble with my Dito sim signal before when it reaches 3 bars not lagging , but now holy shit no difference with the tm and sun so lag fix it please.

  4. Avatar for Dominic Alcantara Dominic Alcantara says:

    have been using this sim card since august , sometimes it has no signal but that was not problem because i can switch to sim two using TM , this is new Telco so it has some updates and maintenance as well been using it for two months with out a problem like no signal .. net speed is very great outside and most important its fast in my home ,, in some places it has no signals maybe its because i am here at the province so some places are not yet covered with DITO . my little concern is when i am inside a building mostly building that have many walls as a partition my signal gets poor my very example is at office.

    yang dito sim e hindi compatible sa lahat ng phones kaya sguro wala kayong net
    or baka wala pang net talaga ng dito jan sa lugar nyo..

  5. Avatar for John John says:

    Hi I’m having trouble using the mobile network/internet meron naman syang Data kaso mas mabagal pa sa pagong. nagagamit ko naman pan gtawag at text kaso i cant enjoy good internet speed. Paki ayos naman po!

    • Avatar for Rizanero Valiente Rizanero Valiente says:

      Same po tayo, nung una kung bili mabilis sya sobra.. pero mga 3 weeks lumipas biglang humina.. siguro dahil yun sa pawala wala na signal more my mini maintenance silang ginagawa i think. Sana naman makita ng dito company na ayusin sana yung internet connection lalo na sa province nilang sa mga bayan or city na malakas dapat sa province din.. sa totoo lang sayang din yung data ko sinagad nagagamit pati yung pantawag minsan nagloloko hindi ako makatawag tapos na mamatay lang siya asap pantex naman ok naman mabilis naman mag-send sa pantawag lang talaga mahirap nagloloko di ko alam kung bakit.

  6. Avatar for Robert Robert says:

    In this few months I experienced good internet connection but in this past few days I’ve been noticed that my internet connection is going down I really wondered what happen

  7. Avatar for ronnie ronnie says:

    1 week now since i use dito sim but until now no data…i followd all instruction still no data

    • Avatar for Jay ar Jay ar says:

      Ano bato akala ko Ito Ang sagot mga online games ko nko po mas lumala pa nakaka estress nman bgal ng data nyo dito sim Sayang yong load namin . At Ang Mahal pa ng sim card new

  8. Avatar for Michael john Michael john says:

    In my erea since i buy this sim it us very fast but now it is nightmare. A very slow internet connection. I cant open a social media app right away…. Poor internet connection honestly.

  9. Avatar for Arlene Navarro Arlene Navarro says:

    Still I cannot call using my oppo f9 but I can receive call I can text and I can use my internet. How can I make a call using my dito sim?

  10. Avatar for Mia Mia says:

    LOL no one buy this sim its ridiculous as hell ? u cant make calls or use the data easily. Everything is a hassle because apparenlty this sim isnt “compatible” with every make or model of a phone ? it so limited and a lot of red tape. ITS A BETA SIM. Unfinished and inferior. Save your money and buy a sim that can actually MAKE BASIC FUNCTIONS SUCH AS CALLING, TEXTING, AND MOBILE DATA USING ?

  11. Avatar for roxanne roxanne says:

    my dito sim card nos signal for 2days olredy im using it for 1 and half months already

  12. Avatar for Ju Ju says:

    The DITO app and website stated that my area supports 4g yet my internet speed was slower compared to my former telecom. Even after doing the instructed setup.

  13. Avatar for Cristina Cristina says:


    DITO SIM is really slow signal in my REALME C12 phone.

  14. Avatar for Serafin Serafin says:

    Hi Dito Service Center,
    I bought DITO Sim Card 199 GB25 from Lazada but I experienced no signal, until now no data and then if I call someone it wasn’t ringing after few minutes call was ended. I done many times. Still the same issue. I bought Sim Card 1st day of June and my phone A5s OPPO and already activated by DITO 3349. I complained the again on same number. No response. What’s wrong with DITO?
    Please, fix this issue.
    Many thanks

    • Avatar for phantompurple phantompurple says:

      I have the same phone, AFAIK OPPO A5s doesn’t have VoLTE, so it can’t make or receive calls & texts but it can still use data features.

  15. Avatar for Neil Fuentes Neil Fuentes says:

    Hi Louie,

    You said you were able to make calls, were you calling a DITO number or a number from another network? Coz I can’t get it to work even after activating VOLTE on my Xiaomi

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