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What you need to know about GOMO PH

A few days ago, a “digital telco” launched in the Philippines called GOMO. The company didn’t provide much background information, so we did a little bit of research to find out the origins of this new mobile service provider.

GOMO can be found in four markets — Singapore (gomo.sg), Ireland (gomo.ie), Thailand (gomo.th), and the Philippines (gomo.ph).

The earliest information we can find about its existence is when Singapore’s Singtel introduced GOMO on March 25, 2019, calling it a new all-digital mobile product. If you’re wondering what GOMO stands for, it’s ‘Go Out More Often’, according to Mr. Yuen Kuan Moon, CEO of Consumer Singapore at Singtel.

In October 2019, ‘GoMo’ launched in Ireland operating on the Eir Limited network.

In May 2020, it launched in Thailand on the AIS (Advanced Info Service) network.

Then in October 2020, it launched in the Philippines on the Globe Telecom network.

Globe filed for the GOMO trademark in its SEC FORM 17-A dated April 2020.

What kind of operator is GOMO?

GOMO calls itself a fully digital telco. What it means is that it’s a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). It’s an entity that offers services similar to a mobile network operator (MNO) such as Globe and Smart but doesn’t own any radiofrequency. What happens is that the MVNO enters into a business agreement with an MNO so it can use the latter’s network for its services.

It’s similar to how Cosmic Technology’s Cherry Prepaid is powered by Globe. That’s why GOMO Singapore runs on Singtel, GOMO Ireland on Eir, GOMO Thailand on AIS, and GOMO PH on Globe.


Do GOMO PH SIM cards support 5G?

Yes. It works under Globe’s nationwide LTE Network and is also 5G capable. Some users who already received their GOMO SIM cards report that it uses the prefix of 0976. Since it uses Globe’s network, it also means that the quality of its connection also depends on Globe’s network resources or bandwidth.

“Several factors may contribute to your signal strength and network experience such as distance from cell tower, processing power of your mobile device, infrastructures and obstructions in your area such as tall buildings, thick walls, that may be blocking your signal, and being in a high-traffic area, where network resources/bandwidth is shared among numerous subscribers using Globe network,” says GOMO PH in its FAQ page.

Therefore, having a GOMO PH SIM card doesn’t give you any technical advantage in terms of signal reception and download speeds. You’re just like any other Globe subscriber but with different perks or packages.

What’s the advantage of using GOMO PH?

What caught our attention is GOMO PH’s big data allocation that doesn’t come with an expiry, which is great for those who are tired of purchasing data promos with validity periods. There’s also an option with call and text allocations that don’t expire as well.

Another perk is the ‘Mo Creds. Since the offerings already come with a relatively large data allocation, users can use that data and convert it to call and text allocations. It’s like customizing your own promo whenever you want. It’s a great feature for those who want to have more control over their usage, whether it’s data, calls, or texts.

Should you buy one?

If you’re the kind of user that is heavy on data, don’t like validity periods, and want to have more control over your allocations, then this is the one to get. However, you have to take into consideration the benefits and limitations of the Globe network. If Globe runs well in your area, then good, but if it is slow or has weak reception, then we’d suggest otherwise.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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55 Responses

  1. Jhon says:

    How about loading your sim? same as Globe? (regular load, regular data, price, expiration etc.thanks

  2. There is no load, only Mo Creds. You can buy them in-app by credit card or gcash.

  3. Rodel says:

    GOMO is running on Globe’s network so meaning its eating up resources which are in direct competition with Globe’s data offers. So how about the network prioritization. I think I need to wait for other user experiences before I would avail of this promo.

  4. Jack says:

    Totally useless. As it is sharing with worst network. Data prio and servcs still with globe subs.

  5. Pyunti says:

    If to compare GB per peso, the gcash only globe offer of 8gb for 90 is more bang for the buck though validity is only 7 days.. still i’d go with the gcash-globe promo

    • DS says:

      What?? The whole idea with GOBO is that the data allocation does NOT expire! Comparing that to a 7 day promo is just plain stupid. Like me, I can spend 299 pesos and use my 30GB for a whole year as I don’t use much data when I am not at home.

    • DS says:

      What?? The whole idea with GOMO is that the data allocation does NOT expire! Comparing that to a 7 day promo is just plain stupid. Like me, I can spend 299 pesos and use my 30GB for a whole year as I don’t use much data when I am not at home.

  6. Rene says:

    ABSCBN was also an VMNO of Globe for a time.

  7. Jennifer Vitug says:

    My GOMO order last Oct 2 till today Oct 9 is still not delivered. i’m just in QC. and there is no contact or support where i can raise the issue of non delivery. And JUST NOW the gomo.ph site is DOWN . Is this GOMO a HOAX and SCAM ????

  8. junjun says:

    received mine and tested it’s speed unfortunately since it’s under Globe i am expecting slow and YES it IS SLOWWWWWWW!!! hahahaha nothing new!

  9. junjun says:

    yes actually mas sulit un mga GO promo ng Globe but then with its super weak signal dito sa amin sa bulacan nakakainis hehehe

  10. James Alpas says:

    Pwede ba magamit yung data sa ibang countries like roaming?

  11. Omar Frando says:

    How about po yung calls to all networks? Kasali ba yung landline calls dun like PLDT and Globe landline? Or mobile networks lang kasali?

  12. Darryl Cortez says:

    Pwd po ba gamitin globe pocket wifi? dun ko ilalagay yun simcard.

  13. Azel says:

    I got my gomo sim last week..it took 3 weeks to get my order ..but its okay because the speed is okay. I got 6 to 10 mbps and 5 upload speed..

  14. Mon says:

    Ask lang po working po pa even walang 4g and 5g signal? 3.5g lang dito samin H+ lang ang globe dito how sad.

  15. Owie Arturo V. Uychiat II says:

    I wish it was an open network, connecting to all available network coverage. Globe is not favorable for me.

  16. Mae says:

    I live in Iloilo City, ordered my Gomo SIM from the official website on Nov. 1 for 199 php. By Nov. 5, my SIM was already delivered. I was able to activate it seamlessly. Since we live where all networks have good Internet connection, I was able to get a 4G signal. Really good for emergency power outage if you are a freelancer.

  17. Rye Garcia says:

    Is calling gomo number from my globe number free if I have enroled it to unlimited globe to globe calls?

  18. ysa says:

    I was excited at first when I saw Gomo, only to find out that it is powered by Globe. Not favorable in our area. Already reported to Globe’s office many times about their poor signal in our area but STILL NO FREAKING ACTION. Good thing I read this article before purchasing. ??

  19. xhunter says:

    This is usefull to a heavy data user like me. I’m hoping for bigger data promos on the list.

  20. Alie says:

    can it be used as a sim for pocket wifi?

  21. ANNELYN N ROSETE says:

    Can this GOMO SIM be used on our Globe home wifi unit? Then I won’t have to load it until the 25GB is consumed.

  22. Doris says:

    What about if the allocated 25gb data are consumed already? Is thw aim reloadable or consumble?

  23. Reika says:

    Umorder ako nito ga ngaun wla pdn… ?

  24. knych says:

    Is GoMo Sim prepaid or postpaid?

  25. Tyni says:

    To answer the questions here,
    Gomo is prepaid.
    Gomo is reloadable via Gcash and credit card.
    Gomo has an app to detect how much GB is left and how to convert some data into calls or texts.
    I already have one, ordered via Shopee. It’s supposed to be 5G ready but my phone isn’t 5G so I can’t prove that yet.
    The mobile number you get is printed on the card.
    It can be used as standard, micro sim, nano sim…
    Comparing to my Globe postpaid sim, it has the same signal strength where I’m located but less dips in speed and disconnection compared to Globe.

  26. Andy says:

    I find this GOMO SIM more convenient than my Globe Prepaid. Di ko maubos ang 8GB sa Go90 ko sa loob ng isang linggo, nasa 4GB lang magagamit ko. Easy lang magload sa GOMO SIM, through GCash or CC/Debit Card lang.

    Dito sa amin, Globe lang stable, though wala pang 5G.

  27. Nathan says:

    Umorder ako nito at dumating naman agad, problem is ayaw nyang mag activate LOL! nakagawa na ako ng account, nairegister ko na yung sim pero hindi pa din sya nagaactivate. Wala pa yung 25gb na free at wala pang welcome message. Hindi din sumasagot ang support nila sa FB. Ayos diba? Naakit lang ako pero palpak naman pala.

  28. Hermione says:

    Gomo.ph not own by any frequency ??? How come? When it depends on the Globe Network Resources.

  29. JO says:

    I used my gomo sim with an openline pocketwifi when i am out and when at home, i insert it to a globe prepaid modem the one with a sim slot. I can say the speed is acceptable . At times when i check the speed, it can go up as high as 28mbps. I think it is dependent on area coverage. Note: use a 4g pocketwifi to achieve the best signal reception when using the gomo sim

  30. Red says:

    This sim doesn’t have IMS feature yet, those apps that uses IMS will not work.

  31. julius says:

    pd po ba gamitin to abroad? like roaming sim?

    • Jun says:

      can’t use it in my android tab…no inernet connection even if i already switched on mobile data connection and there’s signal in our area..but i can use the call and txt credits..

  32. Terrence Dowd says:

    Smart have a similar Sim ?

  33. Miguel angelo perez says:

    may mga pocket wifi ba na di compatible sa gomo? I already tried 2 pocket wifi device one is tplink m7 300 and one is huawei E5331s. both does not work.

  34. John Carls says:

    Does Gomo consume data when it RECEIVES a call or sms?

  35. Benidec says:

    To the manager Gomo
    Im Benidec Jao from bien unido bohol i wish we have cgnal her in our town Go mo please contact me ds is my mobile number 09568055386 about the lot na pwedi nyung pag lagyan nang device I accommodate you basta lang may cgnal kami dto her please??????

  36. Roger says:

    can i change my gomo number to my old number
    my old number is globe and it is what i primarily use, if i cant change gomo number to my old, gomo promo is useless for me.

  37. John says:

    I am satisfy in Gomo connection. I can rate it 7/10, compare to globe and smart. I just wondering why Gomo is better than Globe while Gomo is under the globe network.

    • Earthling says:

      It’s called a gimmick. They are using the Gomo to trick us into buying it because of its promo packages. Globe lost it’s reputation years ago, now they are trying to regain it using Gomo.

  38. Renz says:

    bakit ayaw na gumana nung nilipat ko sa isang device yung gomo

  39. Hay says:

    Can i ask this sim card are available in cagayan de Oro?

  40. love says:

    panu po iactivate ang sim? ayaw tanggapin un gnumber na nakaspecify sa sim mismo kapag nagregister

  41. Norielski says:

    Can you possibly top up even if you still have large amount of data left? I’m curious. Has anyone tried it?

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