PLDT confirms rolling out permanent Fibr speed upgrades

PLDT confirms rolling out permanent Fibr speed upgrades

PLDT has confirmed to YugaTech that it is rolling out permanently upgraded speeds to its Fibr subscribers.

This is in line with the one-day holiday speed boost the company has given to select users this past weekend, as we have reported.


As confirmed by PLDT, its current subscribers with the following Fibr plans will be upgraded to new speeds permanently:

  • Fibr Unli Plan 1299 – now up to 5Mbps, from 3Mbps
  • Fibr Unli Plan 1699 – now up to 10Mbps, from 5Mbps
  • Fibr Unli Plan 1899 – now up to 25Mbps, from 20Mbps

“Yes, we have an on-going speed upgrade program for our PLDT Home Fibr Plan subscribers. But last December 25, we gave a special Christmas speed boost that doubled the internet speed of our existing Fibr subscribers that day,” said Maxine Loyola, AVP for PLDT-Smart brand PR, as sent to us via private message.

Earlier reports sent to YugaTech and seen on other social media platforms noted that the PLDT Fibr rollout has begun in Makati and NCR cities, with other locations seeing speed changes in the coming weeks or months. PLDT estimates that the Fibr speed upgrades will finish by Q1 2019 as this covers close to 1 million subscribers.

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14 Responses

  1. David Christopher Castillo says:

    How about for Plan 2899 and above?

  2. AngelX says:

    So how about us 50mbps subscribers?

  3. Brian says:

    I think you got the “upgraded” plans mixed up? PLDT already finished rolling out those current speeds a few months ago.

  4. diegh says:

    no upgrade for plan 2899?

  5. K L says:

    fiber tapos 3-5Mbps speed mukang pera.. pwede naman 10/20 ang base kaya mababa average speed ng Philippines…

  6. Syphat says:

    Before the foreign they do that give a fuck, now they are upgrading because of foreign competitors. Lol good luck.

  7. mema says:

    matagal na itong upgrade na ito eh, bat now lang ata pinost?

  8. Rodolfo Almendrala says:

    How about under plan 999

  9. Reish says:

    Globe already has a 100mbps unlimited fiber plan for P2899 while PLDT’s is still stuck at 50mbps

  10. Ogi says:

    Ungas dun yan pldt …1 month na akong walang telepono at eratic na internet connection ..nakuha pang mag sabi na roll out fiber nila..putsa ayusin nyu muna mga backlog repair nyu..bwiset

    • ariel says:

      sorry po we cannot do otherwise …tiis tayo dahil may choice ba tayo? wala eto naloko tayo ng bonggang bongga ng hinayupak na PLDT na yan pero mind you kahit wala sila serbisyong binibigay up to date sila maningil ng bill minsan wala pa ang cutoff date mo anjan na ang bill mo hiyang hiya talaga ako sa pagmumukha ng potchang mga yan ..sarap talaga tapunan ng granada yang mga opisina nila,,,

  11. Jio says:

    It’s almost 2019. Why PLDT is offering these slow packages? last december 25, they just doubled the speed of all plans. Why not make it permanent, because it looked they are capable of implementing that speed for all of its subscribers. (e.g. Plan 1899 50mbps) that would really shake up the market and they could bring back their former customers.

  12. Cyb3r says:

    Isn’t it time for Globe to adjust? This ain’t looking good for them HAHAHA

  13. Fackyall pldt says:

    Eh paano naman mga nka copper lines. Diba kami dapat unahin ninyo dahil simula pa noon 6 digits pa kayo kami ay inyong clients…. potah..

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