PLDT Fibr users reporting upgraded speeds

PLDT Fibr users reporting upgraded speeds

It looks like PLDT is giving a holiday present to its Fibr subscribers with speed upgrades, according to tips we have received as well as feedback from social media.

In several posts over at the TipidPC forum and reddit, users are surprised with the sudden speed surges under the telco’s fiber connections with some saying it had doubled than their usual allocated plan.


  • Fibr Unli Plan 1299 – now up to 10Mbps, from 5Mbps/3Mbps
  • Fibr Unli Plan 1699 – now up to 20Mbps, from 10Mbps/5Mbps
  • Fibr Unli Plan 1899 – now up to 50Mbps, from 25Mbps/20Mbps
  • Fibr Unli Plan 2899 – now up to 100Mbps, from 50Mbps

PLDT has also taken down its Speed upgrade Holiday promo from its website and replaced it with Google Home WiFi plans starting at PHP 2,299 for speeds up to 30Mbps. Users are reporting that, according to their conversations with PLDT customer service reps, the rollout has started in Makati and is rolling out to Metro Manila in the coming weeks. Other locations are yet to be determined.

This follows Converge ICT’s Fiber speed upgrades announced earlier this month. We’re awaiting feedback from PLDT if this is a limited time offer or a permanent speed boost for its current plans.

Update: PLDT’s official social media pages noted that this is a Christmas treat to subscribers this holiday season. Further comments from the PLDT social media channels suggested that the speed boosts are only available for one day only.

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20 Responses

  1. Ronald says:

    Baka pakulo lang yan para bumalik. Then after a while balik PLDC speed

  2. carms says:

    well I could testify to this, I only have 20mbps plan but I just checked after I read your article and it’s whopping 50mbps for some reason.

  3. Avid Fan says:

    Confirmed, from 25Mbps, now its 50+Mbps

  4. Dust says:

    Buking n buking pldt kaya nmn pala nila itaas speed. Corrupt company.

  5. Justin says:

    Wala sa akin. Currently on VDSL2 (Plan 1899, 25 Mbps)

  6. Jio says:

    So pwede naman pala itaas e. bakit ayaw nila gawing permanente? buti na lang nandyan si converge para gumanda ang kompetisyon.

  7. Salty says:

    Im only getting 10Mbps down / 25Mbps up. Plan 1899

  8. Mark Pangilinan says:

    They should make it permanent. Globe is already offering up to 150 Mbps speed for their Plan 2899 Go Unli Fibr and 2499 Go Big (1TB Data Cap). We’re planning on switching to Globe next year if PLDT won’t give any significant speed upgrades in the short term.

  9. Your Neigbor says:

    Good job converge yan ang competition sana kaya pala hinintay pa may mauna

  10. K L says:

    gusto ng PLDT mabagal at mahal para may pambili ng iphone x yung mga players ni MVP

  11. janjararan says:

    upgraded in number but not in the actual speed :P

  12. Anon for obvious reasons says:

    Just lost the 2x speed boost

  13. el gato says:

    ‘grats sa mga fiber internet users.

    sana makasama ang maliit na town namin sa rollout ng third telco (fiber?) internet service sa mindanao.

  14. Albert says:

    got a speed bump to 100mbps but lasted for only 2 days

  15. Dave says:

    It’s only temporary. I called their hotline and they said it’s only a promotion. I also saw multiple posts on tipidpc and reddit that users are reporting normal speeds again. Oh well. It’s a good time to switch to converge

  16. Mia Flor Nebril says:

    Ang pldt customer service laging tumatawa sa phone kesyo upgrade ko daw yung fiber plan ko to 1,299 mnthly to 1,699…inis na ako ha umuo na lng ko at ma upgrade daw ung 1,699 ko with in 24 48 hrs .Aba til now wala ngyari prang bumagal pa lalo ung wifi namin…anu to scam?magbabayad ako ng 1,699 ko na wla hindi namin nagamit?ipa cancelled ko to promise inis na inis ako subra…tawag kayo ng tawag tas wla nman sa serbisyo!

  17. Nok Escalante says:

    Same here. I upgraded our internet plan to 1899 (25 MBPS) but the freaking connection is always pain in the ass. Poor us as we got scammed in broad daylight

  18. MN says:

    napaka buraot ng services nila. pag nagkaka problem eh napaka tagal ng solution to think hindi naman sila bagong company. why they shouldn’t work on first in improving their services instead na puro promos tapos empty promises. ilan buwan ka lang padadalihin ng services nila tapos biglang mawawalan ng net at after nun di mo alam kung kelan ba gagawin. mananawa ka na lang mag-ff up everyday pero no choice ka kasi sino ba naman gugustuhin magbayad ng isang subscription na di mo naman magamit dahil sa kapalpakan ng provider

  19. Rebecca Doroja says:


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