PLDT increases Unli Fibr, DSL Plan speeds in new promo

PLDT increases Unli Fibr, DSL Plan speeds in new promo

PLDT has increased its Fiber and DSL Plan speeds as part of its holiday promotions.

As part of its HoliDeals Christmas Broadband Sale, new PLDT customers and its existing landline subscribers can apply for upgraded speeds with the company’s Home DSL and Home Fibr Plans as follows:

Fibr Plans:


  • Unlimited Plan 1299 (now up to 5Mbps, from 3Mbps)
  • Unlimited Plan 1699 (now up to 10Mbps, from 5Mbps)
  • Unlimited Plan 1899 (now up to 25Mbps, from 20Mbps)

Home DSL Plans:

  • Unlimited Plan 1299 (now up to 5Mbps, from 3Mbps)
  • Unlimited Plan 1699 (now up to 15Mbps, from 5Mbps)

This, including their Unlimited Plan 2899 (50Mbps on Fibr, 20Mbps on Home DSL), will be available with added perks such as waived installation and activation fees, and zero cashout scheme.

Customers will be subject to a long-term lock-in period (24 months for Home DSL, 36 months for Fibr) once their application has been approved. Existing landline subscribers, according to the mechanics, must first settle their outstanding obligations within the promo period to qualify.

PLDT’s offer started last November and is set to end on December 31st.

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24 Responses

  1. Tonio says:

    Please correct this. Tried calling them, sabi nila not included yung current subscribers ng DSL and Fibr. Included lang kung LANDLINE subscriber ka na walang DSL or FIBR.

    • ac says:

      automatic na i-increase nya yang speed mo kahit na existing subscriber ka ng kahit alin sa 2 nilang internet services

    • A says:

      I think this applies to existing subs who upgrade to the higher plans.

    • actual says:

      just 3 weeks ago nung nag-inquire ako di daw ako eligible, yung migration from DSL 1699 5mbps to FIbr 1899 20mbps back then.. choice ko na lang pa-putol yung dsl ko since locked out na ako sa contract then apply for new account to Fibr 1899 unli 25mbps. buti na lang waived yung fees for fibr. yun nga lang bagong account number na ako.

  2. Tonio says:

    Nope. Read the full sale conditions sa site nila. #4 says “This promo does not apply to PLDT broadband subscribers who have availed of other offers.”

    Tapos tumawag na din ako sa PLDT since sino ba naman ang ayaw ng mas mabilis na connection. Sabi lang nila magpaterminate ako ng current contract saka pakabit ng bago.

    • actual says:

      Yes yan din ang advise sa akin. Paputol DSL then apply for new account sa Fibr kasi priority nila yung “new” subscribers for quota than migrating old subs. Ang maganda lang e libre yung fees, kasi nakabitan lang sa amin this month regards sa Fibr sale, sa january pa yung next generation of bill. dun ko pa malaman kung totoong waived yung fees.

  3. Jaime says:

    Before you even think of getting any PLDT product, try calling them up first. NOBODY will ever attend to you! They have the WORST customer service! If you would encounter a problem. That’s it! And if you try to go their PLDT office, you have to wait the whole day before you get your turn. And you’re lucky if they will act on your problem.

    • Ivan says:

      Correct. Had had my PLDT DSL disconnected last Oct 31. Two weeks no landline and internet. No customer support available on 171. Only automated system that gave my reference number and a followup system that says it is on queue at repair team. Decided to terminate and spend half day on queue at PLDT Marcos HW. Surrendered my handset and modem. I had overpayment pero kanila na yun. Im sure mas mahaba ang process nun.

  4. Dust says:

    Isang malaking kalokohan itong PLDT. Wag kayo maniniwala sa kanila SCAM ang PLDT matagal na nila niloloko ang mga customers. Kahit pa mag upgrade kayo inconsistent ang speed nila lalo na sa Upload speed bibigyan kayo ng 5mbps na dowbload speed pero in real mga 3-4mbps lang ito and mga 0.6 to 1 mbps lang ang upload speed nito. Ito pag hindi nyo check sa.speedtest naloloko kyo. Marami kc sa mga customer ang di nila masyado alam mga technical dun kc nakakaloko. Pag tinanong mo bakit mababa ang upload speed hindi nila masasagot. NTC regulators is putting a blind eye dto sa PLDT the company is cheating on the customer. Its like buying 1 liter bottled water u get 300ml of its contents thats how it is a scam. Buti pa Converge 25mbps upload and download speed consistent kc new technology ginagamit nila hindi gaya ng pldt jologs modem at mga gamit nila para makatipid at kumita ng malaki. Major owner ng pldt is not a filipino kaya wala pakiaalam sa filipino ppl si manny pangilinan even ka apelyido ko is just a puppet at dog of the stockholders and owners of pldt.

    • z says:

      obviously you don’t know na ADSL ang connection ni PLDT which means max na yung 1 mbps na upload speed also yung distance mo from the dslam matters kaya hindi guaranteed speed yung 5 mbps na DL speed kung masyadong malayo ka. research po muna bago magkuda.

  5. K L says:

    2008 speeds with 2018 fees

    • actual says:

      When Converge suddenly increased their speed at 35mbps for 1599. Then PLDT just merely bumped to speed from 20 to 25mbps. kudos for Converge but your statement is true. This is more like early 2010 speed. Singapore offers 1Gigabit as low as 1800 php since 2016.

  6. Jose Aldave says:

    Meanwhile, hundreds if not thousands of Landline, HomeDSL & FiberHome subs are still out of connection for the past 4+ months because of thin maintenance workforce. And to add insult to injury, they still bill you monthly for undelivered service and require you to fill the line in your PLDT branch just to request/sign an application for bill adjustment (instead of automatic zero billing) . A pain in the ass process indeed!

  7. jon says:

    kalokohan yan increase ang speed,nka Fibr nga ako kpag check ko speed test 3mbps lng ako,samantalang ung sa sister ko home DSL lng sa bahay nila umaabot ng 5mbps.

  8. Jonas Paul Dela Cruz says:

    Mislatel na lng tayo kaysa yan!

  9. KP says:

    Just came back from PLDT business and unfortunately, they don’t allow me to avail the promo with the same plan unless I upgrade to Home DSL Plan 1699, and I’m not even entitled to the promo Home Fibr 1299 as well because if I did it’s still the same 3 Mbps speed. Which all boils down to Rule 4 of the T&C of their business ruling.

    Indeed not qualified. If you are desperate, you can do what the comments said: terminate your account & apply as a new subscriber. PLDT really can’t do across-the-board speed adjustment for its old subscribers so it sucks.

    P.S.: I got “marketing” dissuade to switch Home Fibr 1299 even though I can without the promo. Sales trying to tell me the Fibr connection in Rizal province area is full & faulty lately.

  10. Ferdie says:

    You’ll regret getting your ISP to PLDT. Bad and worse after sales service.

    Our company experienced 2 weeks to 2 months before they can visit.

    NO TO PLDT. Think before u subscribe.

    Globe subscriber here at home, our max waiting time from their Tech Support was 3 days(very seldom pa).

  11. Daryll says:

    I’m on PLDT Fibr Unli Plan 1299. Matagal na ‘tong 5 Mbps, a few months na. Siguro isa kami sa mga unang batch na binigyan ng speed increase.

  12. Itsmeindaclub says:

    Cs told me before the year ends, i will have my upgrade to 15mbps. Dsl plan 1699 here

  13. maryjane deluna says:

    Almost a month wala kming connection,sira.Pero may dumating p dn n bill for 1mo.ilang araw pa lang after maayos ito no connection n nmn.ang hirap nmn tumawag sa hotline.paki ayos nmn ang service nyo.ang bilis mag bill kahit sira,pati mabilis mag cut eh slow nmn net.20mbps samin pero ilang gadget lng makonek logging n.lalo pag umuulan.

  14. jacee says:

    dsl 1699 subcriber ako 5mbps dati ngyn 15mbps pero problema hnd daw pwede ung line ko for 15mbps pano kaya eun.. any idea pano magagawan nang paraan to?

  15. Neftali Beniga says:

    Question lang po regarding this. Symmetrical upload and download speeds na ba tong Unlimited Plan 1699? Thanks

  16. ANALYN JALA says:

    ask lang po nagpakabit ako ng home fber 1299 last jan.24,2019 ..ok lang ba na 6 pisonet i connect ko kc sabi 5 mbps na daw…ok lang ba dba mag log if ever

  17. Racquel Masangya says:

    Ask q lng po ndi q mgamit ang phone home fiber 1299 ang gmit q. Kkakbit lng po nya nung Dec.26, 2019

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