PLDT vs Globe vs Converge: Unlimited Fiber Internet Plans in the Philippines

PLDT vs Globe vs Converge: Unlimited Fiber Internet Plans in the Philippines

There are currently three major providers of Fiber Internet in the country — PLDT, Globe Telecom, and Converge ICT. We list down their available consumer unlimited fiber plans and compare which one is the best bang for the buck.

Fiber Internet may sound a bit pricey, but it offers a more reliable connection in inclement weather, not to mention greater bandwidth and faster speeds. We compiled the available unlimited fiber plans and plotted them into the table, for your reference:

1Gbps 20,000

While Globe offers consumer fiber speeds at up to 1Gbps, these are not unlimited and are data capped. Depending on your location, they will also offer 10Mbps, 15Mbps, or 20Mbps speeds at the same price point. Converge, on the other hand, offers a wide range of unlimited internet options from Php1,500 to the most expensive at Php7,000.


PLDT, meanwhile, offers far more limited and quite expensive plans even when we take into consideration their ongoing holiday promo — their unlimited 1Gbps plan is priced at an astounding Php20,000. It’s also worth noting that both PLDT and Globe’s Fiber plans come with a landline bundled in the package.

With this, Converge wins the lower price segment by offering 25Mbps and 35Mbps plans at Php1,500 and Php1,599, respectively, while Globe has the 100Mbps crown for pricing it better at Php2,899. Converge, on the other hand, bumped their speeds and made a speed add-on to their most affordable plan to create a segment of their own.

Which fiber plan are you targeting to have once it rolls out in your area? Let us know in the comments section below.

Author’s note: Updated the story with higher tier PLDT fiber plans.

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54 Responses

  1. Jen says:

    Include sky?

  2. Regie says:

    Our family is currently using Converge’s line-based fiber internet connection. Even at the lowest available plan, the speed is great and never gets slower than 30% of the plan speed during peak hours. Connection is also consistent (except for very rare technical problems), so we can still surf and be online even during stormy days unless there is power outage ?. And since it’s unlimited, we can watch as much videos online as we want. ?

  3. Jude says:

    At 2500 price point, converge offers faster speed at 75mbps compared to globe’s 50mbps.

  4. Ross N. Mancilla says:

    I am a former subscriber of pldt. Through all the years with my former isp, i have encountered numerous problems with them on internet speeds and accounting.
    Now with converge, i am very happy so far with the apeed i am getting… hopefully this is not going to be another “ningas-cugon”.

  5. Geun Banal says:

    I am a former subscriber of first PLDT DSL, then Globe LTE Home Broadband, now with Converge. Im happy to say Converge never let us down and provided what is expected. Landline is not a necessity for us, internet is life so Converge provided exactly what we needed.

  6. Dust says:

    Converge is the best out there they have the latest technology. Nag offer din ang converge ng 50mbps its 2100 yta. Pldt has jologs and outdated technology. Saka we just need pure fiber not the bundled phone wala kwenta we dont need a phone its tech age na. Saka if meron kayo phoneline tawag ng tawag mga pldt sales para alukin kyo ng mga jologs na mga tech gadgets nila na dispossable. Nakakainis ring ng ring phone mo sa bahay eh puro sila pldt lang nmn tawag. Istorbo.

  7. K L says:

    1.converge>2.globe>3.pldt na bulok dsl pa more

  8. troy v says:

    converge ict available cebu?

  9. Kaloi De Leon says:

    I am a Converge subscriber for almost 2 years already (in January), Altho its hard to reach hotline takes almost 30mins at times, its still the fastest turnaround time of the 3, they keep their subscribers updated thru text, sometimes I wake up having 2 texts already, one is informing of outage in an area, the 2nd having it resolved, technical service crews will dispatch even on sundays, low ping (never above 5ms), and at that price-point for unlimited service, it beats it’s competitors to a pulp. I have referred 3 neighbors already to enjoy their money’s worth

    • James says:

      I agree, converge have good internet, however customer service is hard to reach, but then i’ll take that anytime over PLDT which when you call for technical concerns, is it as if they owe you one big favor by entertaining your call for their problem. Sadly our area is not covered by converge so i have to wade through with the lock-in of PLDT.

    • what is the turnaround time? how often and how long usually are the outages?

  10. el gato says:

    wow at those people lucky enough to be in the rollout coverage of fiber internet.
    kami na nasa rural mindanao ay magtitiyaga na lang sa globe lte data plan.

    i hope incoming mislatel telco and existing globe and pldt will also expand their fiber internet coverage areas.

  11. JoFRed says:

    May problema ako sa globe kaya tinatanong ko ano nangyari sa net namin

    Sagot ng GLOBE:
    Good morning, JR. Apologies for the late response. Let us help you on this matter, but for us to help you further. May we know the status of your modem LED lights: 1. Power(On or Off) 2. ADSL (On: blinking or steady / Off) 3. Internet (On: blinking or steady / Off) Please keep us posted. Thanks.

    Sabi ko: I already did that, and the status of my modem is normal.

    GLOBE: Hi, JR! We’ll be in touch with you at the soonest. Thanks for messaging us and chat with you in a bit!

    Nagantay ako mga 12hrs nyan nagreply uli globe.

    GLOBE: We’d love to check this out. However, we currently have a system enhancement that would prevent us from checking your account. Our support team is on top of this to immediately normalize the operation. Kindly chat us back after 6:00 AM. Thank you.

    Limang araw nakalipas wala pa rin kaya nagtanong ako.

    Sabi ko:
    Kindly tell me the truth kung bakit nawawalan ako ng internet connection araw araw at hindi lang ito nangyayari ng isang beses sa isang araw, dahil umaabot ng walo mahigit na disconnection ang nararanasan ko kada araw. Be honest what really is happening ????

    GLOBE: Hi, JR! We’ll be in touch with you at the soonest. Thanks for messaging us and chat with you in a bit!

    Pag eto pinareset nanaman yung modem, walang alam talaga sa nangyayari tong mga staff ng GLOBE. Darating na ikatlong telco at pag maganda pa service nila lulubog tong GLOBE. PLDT dedma naman sa mga application na sinesend ko, CONVERGE sana kaso walang landline ??

  12. Carmelita mariano says:

    The best is CONVERGE the rest will make you sick.

  13. mema says:

    kami naka lock in period sa pldt at 5mbps, wtf pagdating hapon di na ako maklaro ng ML dahil red ping, minsan yellow ping, kaya lagi nlnga ako naglalaro bandang 9pm, kaya pgakatpos nmin ng lock in nmin lipat kami ng Converge

  14. Bryan says:

    Converge all the way.
    Best Speed
    Best 24/7 CSS
    and The Best Price Point at any ISP available in PH ?

  15. m says:

    just a quick FYI… if your family is highly dependable on PLDT’s landline service…. for 25mbps.. just get PLDT 1899 instead of CONVERGE 1500.. why?

    converge 1500 + pldt landline 700 (yes, pldt offers landline only for 700 a month) = 2200
    pldt 1899 (same 25mbps + landline) = 1899

    • Jaro Aquino says:

      Ang PLDT mabilis maubusan ng fiber slots kaya okay sana to kung laging may slots.

    • Jus says:

      Kapag browntout wala ding dial tone ang phone ng pldt fibr. Unlike sa DSL kapag brownout wala ka lang internet pero may dial tone pa din landline phone.

    • liza says:

      Mabilis din magloko net nila. And one thing more, pag 15 mbps, 3 Mbps lang bigay nila. Pag itinawag mo sa kanila, tsaka lang nila aayusin, dugas di ba? And minsan me ma-eencounter kang customer service rep na arogante kausap, mapagmalaki, mayabang, etc.. Walang kwenta PLDT based on our experience to them. It’s really really true!!!

    • liza says:

      Mabilis nga maubos slot, mabilis din maubos pasensya mo sa kanila sa dami ng problemang maeencounter mo sa kanila when you subscribe to them. I don’t recommend PLDT to anybody. PLDT sucks!

  16. Carlo Joselito M Chua says:

    Converge pa rin. No Data Caps. Converge user ako. No regrets.

  17. Hindi ko naman kasi ginagamit ang landline so I went to Converge. I *had* their 50mbps and looking forward to their 75mbps once nagrollout na sa area ko.

    IMO if it’s value for money and you use the internet a lot, I’d go for Converge.

  18. Jaro Aquino says:

    Converge na kami, terminated the PLDT Line but retained the landline. May nakalock in kasing bundle na kakakuha pa lang. After a year pa pwede.. pero ok lang. Kailangan pa namin ng pldtlandline. Iyon na lang ata medyo matino sa kanilang service. From 25mbps naging 35mbps na kami. For 1599 na lang. Biruin mo yan. For just 99 an additional 10mbps ang dadagdag sayo?! San ka pa makakahanap ng ganyan? Siyempre hindi sa Globe hindi sa PLDT kundi sa Converge lang. Kahit 40 mins akong nasa telepono, kakahintay ng CS. Umokay naman kasi wala pang 10mins pagkababa ng phone na solve na issue ng internet namin. Hiccups are normal, wala naman perfect na tao eh di mas lalo walang perfect machine at service. Pero kung palagi nang nagkakamali katulad ng ibang telcos na halos di mo makuha ung binabayad mo monthly sa service nila, ibang usapan na. Kaya switch na sa converge. Nagrefer ako mga 5 kapitbahay at kakilala. Sana makabitan sila. Though coverage js rolling out, naranasan ko hintayin yan dumating sa amin. Everyday lagi ako magcheck ng email ng website kung covered. Until after 1 month, ayan sulit ang paghihintay sa kanila dahil ung 3mbps plan sa PLDT. napalitan ng 25mbps na naging 35mbps na ngayon..

  19. Steven says:

    PLDT bulok ngayon magchchristmas lalong bumagal di ka na talaga makakapag browse ng kahit ano pahinto hinto rin connection.

  20. Gio says:

    Hay buti pa kayo. Maswerte siguro kayo sa slot and syempre dun sa ahente nung nag-apply kayo. Sa case ko dalawang ahente yung balak mang-denggoy sa akin e, ubod ng sinungaling sa paraan ng pagbayad, nung sinumbong ko tuloy dun na active FB member na taga-converge, ayun biglang nag PM sakin si ahente, nagbago ng tono. Aba wag na ano, manloloko ka bakit hindi ka kaagad naging tapat nung una.. hanggang ngayon nandun pa rin sa converge group sa FB yung may ~20K members. Despite of that, I am happy with the Converge doing their part by doing aggressive with their offerings, 1599 for 35mbps. I mean wow! kaya lang sobrang bilis nila mag-expand, pati tuloy mga ahenteng nakukuha nila hindi na nila na-s-screen ng maayos.

  21. Brennan says:

    PLDT lang ang provider sa amin, at sobrang sakit sa ulo, PLDT CARES pa slogan ha. 10mbps ang plan ko pero average 2-3mbps lng nakukuha ko. At 10years before ka maka connect sa 171. Pero nuknukan ng consistent magpadala ng advance billing. Ewan lang alam kaya ni Mr Pangilinan ang kalbaryo inaabot ng mga customers ng PLDT?

  22. syoNi546 says:

    Need updated version,
    Natripan ko lng mag speedtest kani kanina lng then pagtingin ko nung sakin, Plan 1899, 25mbps ko naging 50mbps na then nag try ako magbasa ng reddit post tapos nakita ko na nag 2x si PLDT ng fibr speed 25to50 50to100 mbps as per subscribers na nakareceive ng speed boost.
    No formal info from PLDT pero sana macheck natin dito and ma update ung table :D

    • We are aware of the speed boosts PLDT has implemented to some of its customers and are constantly monitoring updates. We will update the article once PLDT has provided YugaTech an official statement about it. Thank you!

  23. loama says:

    Among them, converge ang mas pinaka the best budget pero the reliability ng isang ISP eh nakadepende talaga sa lugar

    ang downside lang ni converge kaya nagiging mura is naka CGNAT which is napakahalaga lalo na sa mga nag oopen ng ports/port forward etc.

  24. Roadrunner101 says:

    Globe 1599 (10mbs with 400gb data + 100gb YT cap) ang Internet namin dati. pero dahil di stable ang connection at pabalibalik na ang technician at pabalikbalik din ang problema, di ko na binayaran hanggang sa maputol na connection. Pati yung mga support nila ang lalabo din kausap ilang buwan na nakalipas di mabigay bigay yung free na netflix subscription. Satisfied na sana ako sa globe kaso ang lakas lang mangyamot. Tapos may offer si PLDT na 50% of para sa mga existing Globe user na lilipat. Di na din kasi naisip ko doupoly nga pala itong dalawang to. Tiis na lang muna ako data ng globe at may internet naman sa work.

    more than half a year na ko naghihintay kay converge sana makarating na samin.

  25. Stefanie says:

    Totoo po ba yung sinasabi nila na you’ll get sick sa sobrang lakas daw ng radiation ni converge? Tanong lang po ah kasi may rumor dito sa facebook about dun kay converge po. Ask ko lang po kung totoo. Thank you! Just making sure na my family will be okay kasi we’re planning to switch line po from globe @ home to converge.

  26. Virgilio Teruel says:

    I go for Converge, 1st this time with lower number of subscribers, price and it’s unlimited internet advantage but for now they are building their infrastructure to cover all major cities in the country

  27. Zachy Grenion says:

    I wish i have Converge… Pldt user kami dati kasi yun lng ang line a available saamin that time pero habang tumatagal ang panahon parang wala nang pakialam ang Pldt ehh ang mahal mahal nang binabayaran namin monthly tapos ganon lng yung service na rereceive namin. then lumipat kami sa Globe Telecom (CURRENT) bro Php1899 monthly binabayaran namin pero laging maraming problema for example “Walang Net pag Hapon/Gabi. like wtf kailangan namin nang internet para sa Researches saka Projects and ofcouse Gaming Na rin pero walang kwenta at parang hindi worth yung binabayad mo na monthly bill kasi napaka poor nang service na binibigay nila. sabi nila 20Mpbs yung ininstall na Router saamin pero bakit 3Mpbs lang lagi nasasagap namin tas may Data Capacity pa Ano to scam???? kaya guys kung ako sainyo Converge Is The Best ISP.

  28. Mike says:

    I hope that there also converge in Cebu area. I’ll read all your comments and i think converge is a great subscriber for the internet.

  29. Static says:

    hows the CONVERGE connection in manila area specifically Malate area? been thinking of adding a back up connection since PLDT screws up the connection sometimes.

  30. juustko says:

    kung meron lang landline ang converge matagal na ako naka converge. alas wala. so PLDT fiber pa rin kahit sabihin pa nating mas mabagal ng 10mbps compared on the same price point. but hey if you include the payment ng landline for my current plan kay PLDT, I think its a fair price point and in the end its a downside that I can deal of, ok lang mas mabagal ng 10mbps (now its slower to 5mbps if you already get boosted your speed though their loyal subscriber thing) basta may landline, wala eh kailangan for our small palabok business.

  31. Earl says:

    Been subscribed to pldt for more than 10 years and sadly our area still doesn’t have fiber even though it’s in NCR. They just upgraded our copper wire speed to fiber speed but I never got the advertised 25 mbos even once and only up to 10 mbs max even with youtube. Converge is now near our area so I’m just gonna wait till our lockin from fiber speed upgrade expires and I’m gonna switch to converge.

  32. area-C San martin 4 city of san jose del monte Bulacan availability/ slots for converg currently…Thanks!

  33. Jiggo says:

    Kami converge na kami, 2 months na. Pinalitan na namin yong potragiz na Sky.

  34. anonymous says:

    maganda lang ang converge sa simula. pg dating ng hapon wla n kming connection hanggang gabi. kung kelan may assignment mga bata ng kailangan mgresearch online. bad cust experience year 2020.

  35. That guy says:

    Converge!? NO WAY! Its F****** China Tel!

  36. Joyce Chua says:

    We’ve been using converge for several years. Most of the time, we’re very satisfied with the fast and smooth connection but then these days, the connection became intermittent and sometimes, even none. What’s worse is that their customer service is extremely difficult to reach. Nagmessage na ako sa facebook at sinubukan ng tawagan lahat ng numbers nila, wala pa rin sumasagot. Feeling ko iniiwasan nila yung mga customers nila. One thing I realized is that tech support and customer service is also an important factor to consider when choosing an internet provider.

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