Ookla: Manila among 10 world capitals with slowest 5G download speeds

Ookla: Manila among 10 world capitals with slowest 5G download speeds

Ookla recently released a report showing the world capitals with the fastest, and slowest, 5G median download speeds during Q1-Q2 2021.


Starting with the fastest, Oslo, Norway topped the list of 15 world capitals with a 5G median download speed of 526.74 Mbps. Seoul, South Korea is second with 467.84 Mbps; Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates is third with 421.26 Mbps; Doha, Qatar fourth with 413.40 Mbps, and Stockholm, Sweden fifth with 401.30 Mbps.

However, when it comes to the slowest, Manila, Philippines is among the 10 world capitals with the slowest 5G download speed at 112.23 Mbps, beating Singapore at 111.20 Mbps, and Warsaw, Poland at 80.18 Mbps. The slowest goes to Capetown, South Africa at 53.33 Mbps.


Ookla mentioned that capitals not mentioned on either of the lists did not have sufficient 5G samples during Q1-Q2 2021 to be included in the report.

In a separate white paper, Ookla reported that Manila has a 5G availability of 24.3%. A 5G Availability of less than 48% indicates that most 5G users spent the majority of their time on older network technology. In Johannesburg, 5G users were only on 5G networks 1.4% of the time. 5G Availability was also relatively low in Singapore (6.8%), Rome (6.9%), Paris (7.2%), and Berlin (7.8%).

A percentage of over 50% indicates that a majority of users in that city were able to spend a majority of their time on 5G networks. Only New York and Amsterdam met this specification with 5G Availability of 73.5% and 51.2%, respectively. Seoul had the third-highest at 48.0%.

source: Ookla

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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  1. nasa top nanaman tayo says:

    and yet these two telcos are so proud of their 5G.

  2. Alf says:

    Is 112 mbps considered slow? In relative comparison yes but in practical use, absolutely not!

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