OpenSignal: Globe LTE speed at 7.69Mbps; Smart at 12.48Mbps

OpenSignal: Globe LTE speed at 7.69Mbps; Smart at 12.48Mbps

OpenSignal has released its latest mobile internet report and results have shown that Smart’s LTE speed still continues to topple Globe’s. However, in terms of 4G availability, Globe still continues to dominate.

In this report, Globe’s 4G availability is now up to 67.47% from 62.6%. last September 2017 (see report here). Smart is catching up at 59.68% (from 51%). 4G availability is measured by how often a smartphone is able to connect to the LTE network of a carrier.


In terms LTE speed, Smart continues to dominate at 12.48Mbps (from 10.55Mbps) while Globe is pretty far behind but still had a slight increase speed at 7.69Mbps (from 7.16Mbps).

In terms of 3G internet speed, both Globe and Smart are tied at 2.49Mbps (former) and 2.47Mbps (latter).

As for overall download speed, Smart gets the crown with 5.78Mbps, leaving Globe behind at 4.41Mbps.

The OpenSignal report came from a collection of 771,762,782 measurements from 51,417 test devices, covering the period between November 2, 2017 to January 31, 2018.

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