Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3 and Laptop Studio 2 specs and design leak ahead of lunch

Microsoft will be holding an event on September 21 that is expected to unveil its latest line of Surface devices.

New leaks from WinFuture have given us an early look at what to expect specifically on the new Surface Laptop Go 3 and Surface Laptop Studio 2.

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Surface Laptop

Image Credit: WinFuture

Surface Laptop Studio 2

They reported that the Surface Laptop Studio 2 will see upgrades like a brighter display and updated Nvidia GeForce RTX 40 series graphics cards.

The display will still see a 14.4-inch 3:2 display with a 2400 x 1600 resolution and a 120hz refresh rate with PixelSense technology.

What’s new is that it’s reported to feature Intel “Raptor Lake” H series chips so either the Intel Core i7-13700H or the i7-13800H processor. Both feature 6 high performance cores and 8 efficiency cores with the former clocked at 5.3GHz and the latter at 5.5Ghz.

Surface Laptop 2

Image Credit: WinFuture

Moreover, it is reported that it can now be specced with up to 64GB of LPDDR5X RAM on top of the 16GB and 32GB options.

Higher-end units of the Surface Laptop Studio 2 are also reported to get the RTX 4060 with 8GB of graphics memory. However, the lower base variant will come instead with Iris Xe graphics only.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio 2 1694689586 0 0

Image Credit: WinFuture

It’s also said that the base model with an i5 processor, 16GB of RAM, and 256GB of SSD storage will no longer be sold and will now come as standard with 512GB of SSD storage at its base variant.

There will also now be the addition of a full-sized USB-A port and a microSD card reader while still having two Thunderbolt 4 USB-C ports on the left.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio 2 1694689605 0 0

Image Credit: WinFuture

As for price, it is that it will be priced higher for the base model now packing in more storage as standard with it reportedly priced at EUR 2,249 (~PHP 136,000)

The mid-specced model with 16GB of RAM, 512GB SSD, and RTX 4050 graphics to be around EUR 2,729 (~PHP 165,000) while the top the end model with 32GB of RAM, 1TB SSD, and RTX 4060 GPU will come in at EUR 3,199 (~PHP 194,000).

It’s unclear at how much it would cost to be specced with 64GB of RAM but it’s expected to be around EUR 3,700 (~PHP 224,000).

Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio 2 1694689552 0 0

Image Credit: WinFuture

Surface Laptop Go 3

The Surface Laptop Go 3 externally is reportedly to feature the same design as the original Surface Laptop Go and will be offered in the same colorways as the Surface Laptop Go 2.

What changes is that underneath is now the Intel Core i5-1235U processor with 2 performance cores and 8 efficiency cores that go up to 4.12GHz.

Surface Laptop 3

Image Credit: WinFuture

The display also remains unchanged with a 12.45-inch PixelSense touchscreen with a 3:2 aspect ratio with a 5,403 mAh battery.

The base model is expected to come with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD storage and to be priced at EUR 899 (~PHP 54,000).

Surface Laptop 4

Image Credit: WinFuture

Both the Surface Laptop Go 3 and Surface Laptop Studio 2 is expected to be available by the first week of October among European retailers.

Lastly, it’s also reported that Microsoft will also announce a new Surface Go 4 that comes with an Intel N200 processor.



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