Microsoft outs “Input Peripherals” for Windows 8

With the official release of Windows 8 nearing, Microsoft is looking to complete the whole experience with their new line of Mice and Keyboards designed for the upcoming Metro-touting OS.

First up is the simple but odd-looking Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse. This Bluetooth mouse is small enough to fit inside your pocket and features BlueTrack technology making it usable on almost any surface. This will have an SRP of $69.95.

Next we go to a more conventional and ergonomic mouse, the Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse (top left). This one features a more familiar body with a four-way touch scroll strip (the gray part at the top). It is also Bluetooth enabled just like the first one. This will retail for $49.95.

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

The last one, which is a hybrid of the two in terms of design, is the Microsoft Touch Mouse. It functions the same way as the first two, with only the addition of updated finger gestures settings for Windows 8. This stylish touch mouse will set you back $79.95.

Now let’s visit their new keyboards starting with the Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard. The slim full-size keyboard comes with a protective cover which also doubles as tablet stand. This lightweight Bluetooth keyboard will cost $79.95
And last but definitely not the least, the ergonomic Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Keyboard. This wireless keyboard sports a curved body which follows the natural hand position when typing for a more relaxed typing. This one costs $49.95.

These are the five new mice and keyboards designed for Windows 8 and its totally new UI. As of now, we have no information if these will be available locally, but we’ll sure to update you guys once we heard word about it.

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  1. Avatar for Dave Dave says:

    nice!. great products comes from reliable company the Microsoft corporation.

  2. Avatar for Phil Phil says:

    Wow! that’s good Microsoft is beginning to manufacture their own hardware.. Congaratulations MS!

  3. Avatar for Marky Marky says:

    Microsoft is really taking so much of attention this year. Congrats MS!

  4. Avatar for Grumphus Grumphus says:

    Microsoft has been working on hardware for years. About Microsoft Ultrabook, see Microsoft Surface Pro.

  5. Avatar for bayanpages bayanpages says:

    Wow, microsoft’s really working on manufacturing its own hardware.. I wonder what’s next, a microsoft ultrabook?

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