Microsoft Surface Pro Review

Microsoft Surface Pro Review

Microsoft introduced the Surface Pro to make a compelling case for Windows 8 and for the longest time, Windows was left behind the growing market of Android and iOS tablets. Microsoft’s counter is the Surface Pro. Check out the full review below if they hit the target right in the head.

The Redmond-based giant introduced their own tablet sometime in June of 2012 although the final product was only released after October, when Windows 8 was also shipped. Two variants were released — Surface RT (which we reviewed here earlier) and the Surface Pro, which we have here now.

The Surface Pro is a 10.6-inch tablet that is powered by Windows 8. In all intents and purposes, it is a full-fledged laptop or ultrabook when you attach the soft cover that acts as the physical keyboard. Since it is powered by a 64-bit Windows 8 operating system, you can do basically anything that you want with it in the same way you would use a regular laptop or PC.

Design and Construction.

The device is has that industrial design and monolithic look to it, having constructed using a solid yet light metal alloy. The dark, chrome shade is cold but not dull. The matte finish feels smooth and nice.

The corners are sharp and the edges are cut unevenly in a wedge or trapezoidal shape. The physical buttons are placed at the sides — power button at the top; volume control at the left along with headphone jack; a full-sized USB port and microSD card reader on the right and the magnetic latch at the bottom.

At the back is the kickstand which allows the tablet to gain free-standing position at about 45-degrees. This works best when you’re doing some productive work with the device, along with the keyboard.

There are two types of keyboard cover but the one that came with this review unit is the soft cover, the same one we had with the Surface RT. It’s very thin but manages to be usable after some time. There’s no tactile feedback to speak of but you’re get used to it and be a quick typist in no time. It does help that there’s a subtle clicking sound when you press a button so you get that simulation of a keyboard feedback.

The tablet feels a bit chunky though, even a few millimeters thicker than the Surface RT. This is probably due to the Intel chipset and the fact that it needs some sort of air ventilation at the back side.


The Surface Pro is probably one of the very few tablets to get a full HD display. When compared to ultrabooks, it shares the same full HD feature as the Zenbook Prime and Aspire S7 but since the Surface Pro is just 10.6 inches, the latter gets the benefit of a slightly higher pixel density.

The glass display looks clear and crisp but one of the drawbacks of a full HD resolution is that the Windows Desktop looks really small. In contrast, the Metro UI looks better at this resolution. Viewing angles is pretty wide and amount of brightness is just enough.

What frustrates us often is the marks left by the keyboard on the display every time you close it. We suggest bringing a micro-fiber clothe all the time to wipe the smudge marks away.


This variant of the Surface Pro is powered by an Intel Core i5 dual-core processor running at 1.9GHz. Intel’s Turbo Boost 2.0 technology allows the cores to power up to 2.6GHz when needed. The system also comes with 4GB of DDR3 RAM which is just enough for a Windows 8 operating system.


The 128GB built-in SSD is good enough for storage — it’s the bare minimum we can tolerate when compared to ultrabooks but it’s more than enough when we’re talking from the tablet side.

The tablet is relatively powerful compared to Android or iOS tablets and comparable to most high-end ultrabooks in the market.

The CPU has a very nice score of 6.9 on Windows Experience Index and an 8.1 on the SSD storage (this is probably the highest WEI sub-score we’ve ever tested on any laptop or Windows tablet). The lowest sub-score of 5.6 is taken from the Graphics which is still very decent.

The Wacom Pen.

It is interesting to note that the Surface Pro comes with a Wacom pen (absent in the Surface RT). Wacom’s technology is already proven and tested so there’s no question about sensitivity, accuracy and responsiveness on that end.

Not a lot of people might use it though since it has limited use, mostly for drawing and sketching. However, if you are the type of person who prefers a stylus like Wacom, then this is going to impress you. Was trying out the Wacom with MS Paint and it was very smooth — so smooth, I was able to scribble effortlessly and write my signature better than I would have in a pen and paper.

Battery Life.

When you consider the Surface Pro as a tablet the same way as you would an Android or iOS tablet, you will be sorely disappointed with the battery life. We could barely last 4.5 hours playing a full HD 1080p video in a loop at 50% brightness and 50% audio volume.

As an ultrabook, this battery life is very typical and matches almost the same as with the Zenbook Prim and the Aspire S7. The 1080p display took most of the power consumption in video playback. For other less extraneous productivity like MS Word or PowerPoint, we saw a bit better battery life but not by much either.

The Core i5 processor and 1920×1080 resolution wore out the Surface Pro really quickly. Microsoft did state that the Surface Pro will only have half the battery life of the Surface RT so that’s 5 hours compared to the Surface RT’s stated clock time.


The Surface Pro is an interesting hybrid of a tablet and laptop. Unlike its little sibling (Surface RT), which is considered more of a tablet, the Surface Pro has more affinity to the ultrabook.

From that perspective, you would understand the unique value proposition — a fully functional, high-power ultrabook in a tablet form factor. This isn’t actually new since Microsot has been working with the likes of HP more than a decade ago to create Windows-based laptop-tablet hybrids. It was very bulky then, under-powered, has low resolution and mediocre stylus performance. This time, we think, they’ve finally realized that long-forgotten ambition.

Where else can you find a portable yet powerful tablet that can do Premiere and Photoshop easily ans still play Starcraft 2 at very decent frame rates?

The Microsoft Surface Pro is available over at for Php51,349 {see listing here}. It’s priced in the same range as most other ultrabooks out there.

Microsoft Surface Pro specs:
10.6-inch full touch HD display @ 1920×1080 pixels
Intel Ivy Bridge Core i5-3317U 1.7GHz, 2 Cores, 4 Threads
Turbo Boost up to 2.6GHz
Intel HD Graphics 4000
128GB Samsung SSD
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 4.0
USB 3.0 port
microSDXC card slot
Mini DisplayPort
Windows 8 Pro 64-bit
42 W-h battery
10.81 x 6.81 x 0.53 in (dimensions)
2lbs (weight)

What we liked about it:
* Great, solid build and design
* Powerful hardware
* Large storage
* Full-sized USB 3.0 port
* Full HD resolution

What we did not like:
* A bit chinky and heavy for a tablet
* Lackluster battery life

P.S. Check out our giveaway here.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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145 Responses

  1. raymark says:

    a nice tablet,running windows 8
    high end specs for tablet..

    • mj says:

      its not a tablet, but its a ultrabook/laptop in a tablet form, and its not comparable to the iPad the RT version is.

  2. wow! i would love to have that gadget, if only i have money…. :(((

    are you planning for a giveaway? :D

  3. jolet dela cruz says:

    ganda. kaso ung battery nga. para narin syang laptop

  4. Cee says:

    I want this.
    This will help me for my studies.

    • Jerry Culala says:

      Talaga lang ha……. Overuse statement who join here, Tsk Tsk… Bigyan ng JAcket!

  5. paul says:

    nice tablet. a great replacement for my aging laptop. and i’ll be grateful to receive this if you would give it to me as a birthday present :)))

  6. Cris says:

    prang laptop lng siya kaso tablet.. i want this, kaso mahal :(

  7. I love the design, kinda modern but the price is wow!! you could buy an Apple laptop with its price.

  8. Lau Beruin says:

    so the next tablet from Microsoft will be called Surface Pro 2?

  9. Erickson says:

    You’re giving this gorgeous device to one lucky reader? Great! Hope I can win, I need it for school works. :)

  10. dlanyer27 says:

    this is more convinient for an ultrabook. the specs are pretty awesome. even though the battery is a little bit confused but still we can carry on.

  11. kannuchi says:

    nice review.. this is my dream Microsoft device!

  12. John Eduard says:

    nice tab, better than most android tabs sa market

  13. fpdianzen says:

    nice tablet. a great replacement for my aging laptop. and i’ll be grateful to receive this if you would give it to me as a birthday present :)))

  14. vin says:

    this is a great alternative to my work laptop, specs are good enough for my office tasks. My current laptop is way way too heavy and my back hurts due to carrying it from home to work and vice versa. I wish the price was lower though.

  15. Feliciano says:

    Wow! Wanna experience this new hybrid tablets. This is such a new experience, a breath of fresh air from a sea of conventional laptops. [+]

  16. Patrick balicao says:

    Great tablet sna magbigyan ako puro medicine tablet lang kasi meron ako hehe

  17. Kaiser says:

    a decent spec for an ultrabook, though i still prefer a separate laptop and tablet. :)

  18. Nhoel says:

    the price is indeed pricy, the performance should compensate it! looking forward to have one too!

  19. Great review folks! I was wondering if you can write a review about the Asus Vivotab Smart or the Asus Vivobook? :)

  20. xtn says:

    May the luckiest person wi

  21. Amor Rodriguez says:

    Cool tablet with high – end features. A bit disappointed with the battery though. It’s one of the things I first look at because amazing specs are useless when the battery’s weak. :(

  22. pathetic says:

    Walang nagcocomment before kaya pinaraffle na lang HAHAHAHAHA.

  23. Theo Musni says:

    Aww… the price…. Errr. Pero okay na rin sa specs. Sana maayos soon ‘yung issue sa battery life though.

  24. Haykal Lorena says:

    Wow! Perfect! Just what I need. Perfect for on-the-go designing, editing and computing…. BTW May 8 bday ko na perfect gift din hahaha!

  25. Erickson says:

    I want it so bad. But I don’t have money to buy even the cheapest netbook out there. :c

  26. Wowie015 says:

    Sweet! But It would be sweeter if you could let me play with it. ^ ^

  27. wewet says:

    if only sir abe will give it to me ^_^ be mine MS Surface Pro

  28. Jaime says:

    With tons of news about cheaper and cheaper Android tabs and the rumours of Nokia coming out with a phablet for WP8 and some Win8 7-or-so-inch form factor devices I wonder how Surface Pro and RT will change in 8.1 or Blue. I love Microsoft but I gotta be honest – they need to step up their game. I really want them to make it but I feel like their more recent products (Win8 WP8) haven’t really captured the imagination of the masses.

    On another note, I’d love to win this Surface Pro. Never felt one before but I’m imagining the thickness/ not-so-refined-feel of the first gen iPad.

    Just my 2 cents.

  29. Din says:

    Thanks for the review. Now if there is a phablet, how would you call this one, a Laplet or a Tabtop? =)

  30. Erickson Castillo says:

    Can I get this one? I like it!

  31. Helzinen says:

    This device shows the next frontier of mobile computing. Cloud based storage and services + portable unlocked PCs. When I first had an iPad 1 a few years back, I immediately thought that the hardware could definitely run windows (and people were succesful actually) and could revolutionize PCs as we know it. Now it’s actually looking like it might work.

  32. allan says:

    there’s no instruction.. just read!

  33. Echusera says:

    Echusera tong mga to! HAHAHAHAHA! Kakatawa mga comments :))) bakit before di kayo nagcocomment? Hahahaha. Tapos ngayon kung makapuri wahahahaha!

    Yeah ang ganda ng tablet na to, i will use this in school, cool design. Hahahahaha chos! :)))

  34. ann-d says:

    looking (and hoping!) for a gadget to help making teaching aids for my preschool students easy and convenient. laptop’s too bulky, tablet’s too limited.

  35. nicoley says:

    I like it! I want to own one :)

  36. Ferdinand A. says:


  37. Migs Abad says:

    The big question for me is once it plays high end games or apps, will its limited battery supply go even lower?

  38. jay ar irisary says:

    Wow I really like this coz the fact is microsoft moving forward to their products this the best tablet/pc on the market today i hope someone open their eyes… I think the apps issue i think microsoft is working right now …. I love to have this seriosly kso sobrang mhal … :(

  39. xDoria says:

    the specs impressed me, the price shocked me, the design hmmmm . . . ayun too thick and heavy for a tablet (like you said, hehehe)

  40. ton2x says:

    its my greatest dream of having this one but cant afford. portable pc in tablet form! great device! love you yugatech! :-)

  41. ivy says:

    Large storage and Full HD resolution! This is great but wow Php51,349!!! ^_^

  42. Erickson says:

    Gorgeous device. Perfect for me. LOL

  43. Mica says:

    Everyone is looking to win this after Sir Abe’s tweet. Haha!

  44. ben says:

    I dream of holding you in my arms, Surface…

  45. Berto Putik says:

    Since ni-launch ng MS ang Surface RT and Pro sobrang pinangarap ko na talaga, kaso hindi ko talaga afford bumili ng kahit ano sa ngayon.

    OK lang kahit wala na tablet at mamahaling phone, pero kung meron naman ako nito ayus na ayus na.

    Puro basa na lang ako ng tech sites, ika ko nga..”updated lang ok na”. ang drama ,haha

    Sana palarin na ako this time:D

    Thanks Sir Yuga!

  46. apb777 says:

    Wow ang ganda sana nito para sa student. E-book reader, web browser, photoshop / illustrator companion and light programming device :))

  47. Jay Jay says:

    Would be great to try games with this! ahaha

  48. MS Surface Pro! I Love You! Hahaha. The best talaga ang windows. =) Akin na yan!!! :D

  49. wow! MS Surface Pro is great for digital artist since it supports Wacom Pen like a digital canvas on the go a cheaper solution and alternative hardware for wacom cintiq only the diffence is the screen-size though cintiq is an addon hardware it means you can’t just carry anywhere unlike Surface Pro is like a laptop or tablet. Since it is in Windows 8 then you can install Photoshop and not the Android/iOS versions.

    But if you go for mobility and ergonomics this is a good one!

  50. Jasper king says:

    Haayyy…….. suntok sa buwan…

  51. dmeprestado says:

    Fot me, this windows-based tablet would be the best companion in both work and play.

  52. val says:

    not a fan of Windows based devices. But this one is worth trying if given free.

  53. Icko says:

    lol, sa dami ng gustong manalo baka wala naman manalo…anyways the specs are good, nc article btw

  54. w3icehands says:

    this is so cool! Surface Pro, pwedeng pamalit na sa ultrabook ^_^

  55. Roland Savellano says:

    this is awesome! especially in work… :)

  56. aira says:

    this one looks cool! sana manalo ko ser Abe! :D

  57. cristine reyes says:

    ang tagal naman ng rafflecopter! punyemas

  58. Janzzen De Jesus says:

    Another amazing innovation of Microsoft, it is worth the price imagine a small form-factor hybrid ultrabook where you could do almost everything just as what you can do in a desktop PC… This is really helpful for a ComSci student like me :D

  59. Kitty! says:

    I like the tiles of Windows 8. It’s more enjoyable in a touchscreen tablet than using the touchpad of our laptop. Hope I could have this!

  60. Julius Bryan Pasahol says:

    maganda pero mahal. nood na lang :)

  61. John Carlo Dedase says:

    This is something, you can win by just reading. Would be an awesome addition to my gadgets.

  62. sermark says:

    big fan of this tablet, work+play, very versatile

  63. BERNARD TRISTAN Q. M says:

    Another microsoft invention! So cool! Very stylish and awesome performance.

  64. Ymhon says:

    Been lurking for this tablet a couple of days now because I’m planning to change my old, pc. I prefer the Surface Pro than the competitors with almost the same specs (e.g. iconia w700, Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro). Surface Pro’s design architecture was really good especially the type of material used (VaporMg). Very unique.

    Just want to share some thoughts about this wonderful tablet. Based from my researches and videos, gamers can benefit to use this tab as a gaming laptop. Though not really that hardcore but the graphics card, Intel HD 4000, can play the latest titles on decent settings. 2D/3D artists (like me) will benefit also because of the Wacom Pen included. But I really hope that it can handle 3D software (3ds max, Maya) without struggle.

  65. Mhel says:

    Great review! Im not into windows but definitely this item is really interesting ultrabook & tablet in 1.. Indeed amazing innovation from Microsoft!

  66. Monique says:

    cool! i want this :)

  67. France says:

    mukhang maganda ah!

  68. Jonathan Gaspar says:

    Really wanted to have this.. surely for me as a tech enthusiast, this is better than ipad and android tablets out there.

  69. Joseph Loyola says:

    Hey Sir Abe! I’ve seen on Facebook that you are giving away this Surface Pro. I badly need this since I am a Pastor I always work on documents and PowerPoint on the go. If ever, I get the chance to bring this home, this is a big help to me. May I know how to win this giveaway? Thanks and more power. God bless! You can reach me through my email. :)

  70. Andrew Ching says:

    Surface pro is pretty decent. The selling point here I think is aside from running Microsoft Office, you can also run other x86 applications. Since it’s made by Microsoft, it is a given that the software will work seamlessly with the hardware.

  71. mjzenemij says:

    Superb WEI sub-scores. Pero yung battery life nakakadismaya.

  72. John Eduard Carino says:

    I would definitely would try a windows 8 tab/ultra book. I recently bought an Acer aspire one, an 11 inch laptop with HD display with score of 4.4, I would like to compare the functionality of this laptop to that new product coming from microsoft itself…

  73. Markiii says:

    I need this for both work and play! Nice review very informative.

  74. jeffrey espe says:

    Nice replacement to my current tablet :)

  75. Desiree Chiongson says:

    Very Nice. I like. I want.

  76. christinson caoile says:

    My dream tablet. Sarap gamitin nyan. :D

  77. Arjay says:

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  78. JmTol says:

    I dont have a tablet . But it will be good if it is free!

  79. Ariel says:

    good looking and the features as well, could be my first surface tablet, smell interesting….

  80. Melissa Naomi Legara says:

    First released in the Philippines! yehaaa!

  81. ruel penaloza says:

    this tablet will be a great help in my out of town trips… thanks for the info!!!

  82. Romnick says:

    I want this! Powerful hardware plus the use of wacom pen. woah!

  83. Lyle says:

    This would really help me as an architecture student! With the ivy bridge processor and wacom pen, it’s a great match for my power hungry applications and sketching needs. A great hybrid indeed! I hope i win.:>

  84. a windows based tablet with ports and laptop capability is what i really want… what do you expect from YUGATECH, great review of course…

  85. Mary Grace Santiago says:

    Sana magkaroon ako ng ganito, need ko to sa School lalo na may Summer Class kami! =(

  86. Wilbern Blitz Paeste says:

    For me, Microsft Surface Pro has the best of both worlds. The innards and performance of a full-blown laptop (not to mention its FULL-BLOWN OS, the most appealing and beautiful OS ever made to men) and the portability of a tablet. It is a marriage of both worlds but certain drawbacks from its laptop persona are inherited such as battery life and weight issues. Though, through the years this is the most innovative product Microsoft has to offer and compete with the likes of iPad and countless Android tablets around. And the debates between which is better continue.

  87. Lextaicho says:

    I’ve been in to android phones and now I have an android tablet. Having these now I’m thinking of having a touchscreen device that will replace my laptop. There are still things that I can only do with windows. Thanks for the review, I’ll add this to my scouting list. I’ve referred to yugatech reviews when I’m scouting and it helps me a lot :)

  88. Giannreli Vega says:

    The Surface Pro can be very versatile, in that it can serve a wide range of users. Like students for instance, this can be a mix of a ‘work and play’ device. Like one can use it as a tablet to quickly go on the internet with less the hassle of opening up a laptop. Also, one can open it up into laptop mode to type essays or research papers. Its like a laptop with fun perks like touch games, a pair of cameras and the true embodiment of mobility. :)

  89. James Ingalla says:

    This will help me a lot especially in my schooling. I want to have one of this :(

  90. Ella says:

    Cool! it has wacom pen too. I like this one. :)

  91. melda says:

    wow…my dream tablet…a good replacement for laptops.. a very convenient tool that I can carry around.. wherever i … shop…..reports..ohh.. almost anything i need..

  92. JohnR says:

    cool! I want one..

  93. gerry says:

    How does this compare or contrast with Samsung ATIV i5? Tnx

  94. Mino says:

    Microsoft Surface tablets – or ultrabook, for this particular item right here – continues to be very interesting, albeit its relatively low performance in the market, but still a great device nonetheless.

  95. Amera Irene Bonggao says:

    This is so coooooool!!!

  96. Teodore-Ben Saniel says:

    I tried the Surface Pro for a bit at my local electronics store the other day. It’s nice, I like the design and Windows 8 is beautiful in my opinion. So far, I love it.

    Battery: While performance was just fine, battery life wasn’t. The battery life kind of hurts support-ability for sure.

    Screen size: The screen is amazing. I was concerned about the size, but the easy scaling by touch makes it wonderfully easy to use.

    Regarding other things, the speed and response is impressive. No lag on anything. Surfing is much faster and smoother on the Surface than on the current gen iPad (a friend who is a huge iPad geek and I played with them and both agreed the Surface was substantially faster when it came to loading pages). At this point, the best surfing experience by far is with MS Explorer 10. I’m a huge Chrome fan, but it is not optimized the same way Explorer is yet, and that optimization makes a huge difference. To my great surprise, I really like Explorer 10.

    The touch interface is very smooth. Apps are better than expected, but there are still plenty of holes in the lineup.

    Weight isn’t as bad as I initially thought. When I first opened it, I immediately thought it was too heavy. But that feeling went away after about 5 minutes of use. The kickstand helps mitigate the weight in that you can often prop it up with the kickstand rather than support all the weight all the time. I tend to prefer to read in landscape mode, anyway, but you also get used to portrait mode pretty quickly (although it does look a little over-tall at first blush).

    Switching from start screen to desktop is not quite the jarring experience it has been portrayed as in some reviews. However, I do miss pinch to zoom and that sort of scalable touch function when running desktop programs. You can use touch navigation and such on desktop programs, but it’d be perfect if you could use a full touch interface all the time.

    As a productivity tool, I love that cold boots in 8 seconds (about 2-3 seconds from standby) and shuts down in about 2-3 seconds. I can just pick it up, turn it on, and dive in. The Surface Pro handles everything I’ve thrown at it smoothly. The touchscreen is addictive.

    It’d easily push a good bit higher if it were just little thinner and lighter, had maybe 25% more battery life.

  97. TJ says:

    Microsoft Surface a must need!
    Hopefully I win a dream come true ;)

  98. This Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet will be perfect for my daily use in College especially im an upcoming freshman and my course is Information Technology this will come in handy in my studies because it has the very user friendly Microsoft Windows 8 OS and its applications, Without bringing my laptop which is very heavy for me to bring to school everyday and this tablet will be much easier to bring than my laptop and it has almost the same features likewise the laptop and the PC do.

  99. delaila says:

    Pangarap kong magkaroon nito..

  100. Delai says:

    sana magkaroon ako nito

  101. Mary Grace Santiago says:

    I have to say as a student this surface pro sounds really good for a student or business person. Now the only way to do homework at school is to hope I can get on a computer in the library or I have to wait Til I get home to use my cousin’s laptop. The world business and education is on Microsoft wether we agree or not So unfortunately if your a student or business person and really love Apple products your gonna have to have both somewhere along the line. I hope I can get a surface pro for school

  102. nalla says:

    i would really like having this tablet! i never had one before one hopefully this could be….

  103. Mark Jensen says:

    I wish I could have one like this! para may panggawa ng powerpoint presentation anytime, anywhere! :O

  104. Roel E. says:

    i want one!

  105. Dav'd Perlt says:

    Nice article. I want a Surface Pro – a great piece of kit.

  106. Em El Hrld says:

    Great review!

    Ang mahal pala :( i can’t afford it.

  107. Enrico jam says:

    Wow! Amazing features in a tablet and specs are good too.. It is heavy on the pocket too.. Expensive for a tablet..

  108. jelly ann chu says:

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    This one is a heavy tablet, but nice specs.

  112. Neil T says:

    If I could have any tablet it would be the MS Surface Pro! Just the idea of having all that power in such a small package is seems so awesome….plus the 1080p screen!!!

  113. that’s a good review..would love to have one of those.

  114. Elbert Lim says:

    Good effort for a first generation device. Not sure how I feel about Windows 8 though.

  115. Benjamin Cornejo Jr says:

    This is nice tablet, we already tested it on bpo company. but its belong to manager. It will be nice if i own the surface. ^__^

  116. Ianfs says:

    I want 1 for video editing.

  117. glady lou lasquite says:

    super like ko yan..”)

  118. Albert Q. Limosnero says:

    Bai gift lang be para souvenir

  119. martinikiss says:

    Pretty good for a tablet. Great specs.
    It’s just that why the battery suffers
    Because of it’s hardware. This seems a must
    Try tablet! :)

  120. Bibiano John Aranda says:

    Wow, it would sure be handy streaming through websites like this, reading the latest news and playing some quality games on a tablet as fine as that with Windows 8 on it!

  121. Renz Ramos says:

    Great Review! Thumbs up for this. :)

  122. Renz Ramos says:

    Great Review! Thumbs up for this! :)

  123. Jeffrey Acuzar says:

    I love the specs. But my budget won’t fit enough. Too bad..

  124. Great review! Cool product :) A bit expensive though :D

  125. kit says:

    a good tablet/ultrabook i’d buy this if this was cheaper.. :)

  126. ganjathecat says:

    I would have loved to give this a shot, even with the mediocre battery life (which seem to indicate less than 4hours on normal workload), but the local prices are just too steep. I can’t justify a 51,000 purchase (average of 59,000 if you factor in the type cover) especially with Microsoft set to release Windows 8 Blue sometime soon. It is best to wait and see how everything pans out.

    (This retails for 1,000USD plus tax so that’s roughly a 6,000PHP markup for the local prices. I wish Microsoft would have an official local retailer soon so that the price would drop a little, but I don’t see that happening in the near future)

  127. Jucato says:

    Been dying to have a Surface Pro ever since I read the review from Penny Arcade!

  128. Karl says:

    I really want this Boss Harmonist pedal from so that my electric guitar can have a canned tone and cool effects.

  129. Carlo says:

    Of course I would like to get a Microsoft Surface! I hope I get to use this to make my thesis :D

  130. jefflacs says:

    Nice review of the Surface Pro!

  131. thet alpe says:

    Microsoft Surface Pro is ideal device for me! Hoping to have one. More power yugatech! nice review.

  132. Aaron says:

    Microsoft Surface Pro, it will rock the world. The best. KEEP IT UP AND THUMBS UP ALSO. ^^ TT

  133. Potpot says:

    Awesome review. I wish it was cheaper.

  134. jrdp_18 says:

    Wow, nice. I want one.

  135. Nato Pascual says:

    I believe the microsoft surface is a great solution for the people torn between an ultrabook and a tablet! great review!

  136. lucy sibbaluca says:

    This is perfect for me as a teacher. I can use this for during my powerpoint presentations

  137. Rex says:

    Greet review!

  138. jimmy says:

    wow 5.6 over all rating nice ^_^

  139. Blgr says:

    This is a nice review of MS Surface. Its a tablet+pc rolled into one

    This is a must have for a techie person like me

  140. astrid b says:

    where to buy?

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