Giveaway: Microsoft Surface Pro

Giveaway: Microsoft Surface Pro

As promised earlier, we’re giving away the Microsoft Surface Pro that we reviewed last week, courtesy of the fine folks from who shipped it straight from the US to the Philippines.


So we’re going to make it easy for you to score this one. Just follow the steps to earn points in the widget below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

That’s it!

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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1,059 Responses

  1. emignatius says:

    This would be perfect for work. I hope I win.

  2. Mj says:

    I really fancy jewelries so if I do own this one I would really be happy! I wanna give this one to my mom for mothers day as well. I’m surprised its much more affordable to buy at Galleon! Hope to get one like this sooner!

  3. Muhammad Haykal Lore says:

    Sweet!!! Be mine please. hahaha!

  4. John Lee says: I need it for my review.With it I could have higher chance of passing the board exam.

  5. Lau Beruin says:
    I always wanted to have a sleeping pad for my outdoor activities and this would be perfect for my needs. Pricey but worth it. I’ll definite save up for this stuff.

  6. kerby says:

    I want ! :DD

  7. Sancho Bacagan Jr says:

    as for now, am interested in buying that Waterproof Case for Samsung Galaxy. am getting prepared for our summer trip and want to bring my phone everywhere I go without worrying of the splashes and moisture.

  8. Dornakano says:

    I like this item, well simply because it produces instant shaped ravioli. :)

  9. Kilbaine says:

    me want!

  10. Dazed_32 says:

    Good luck to myself. :-)

  11. John Tabligan says:

    show me the surface baby! xD

  12. Goodluck to all. Awesome giveaway and review by YugaTech :)

  13. Lance Jose says:

    I Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaant! Pick me :(

  14. John Ebora says:

    I think this tablet is perfect for my work as a teacher. Hope to win this one.

  15. Jeffrey Acuzar says:

    I hope win too. Good for my web development projects. :)

  16. FA says:

    i’d like to try the surface out for myself and see why so many are unhappy with it — it looks like a great machine to me.

  17. janrodgee says:


  18. jhayjhay06 says:

    Another cool giveaway from yugatech !! Hope to win it :)

  19. Jeremiah Carlos says:

    I’ve always wanted to have a cool and heavy-duty G-Shock Military watch, and Galleon has it at a most affordable price.

  20. Joy Angela says:

    I like the SmartCat 3841 Peek-and-Play Pet Toy Box. (

    Its rare to find this kind of toys online for kitties.

  21. Reiciello says:

    Oh this would be useful for my time in college :3

  22. Daniel says:

    This thing is all I need.

  23. Emmanuel says:

    nice :D ma-try nga… xD

  24. eman says:

    right in time… ibabalik ko na lng yung patay-sindi kong laptop na issue sa office… sana manalo ako…

    good luck din sa akin :)

  25. ibet says:

    hope to win

  26. roland abella says:

    i like this!!!

  27. Carolyn Ong says:

    I would love to buy the Cuisinart Frozen Dessert Maker ( as I like to make homemade desserts. With this, I can make homemade ice cream and healthy drinks with natural and healthy things like real fruits and vegetables.

  28. I would like to buy this Wilton Chocolate Pro Electric Melting Pot ( for my mom as gift for mothers’ day because she likes to bake and loves chocolate.

  29. mico says:

    I would love to have the Jaybird Sportsband
    would be great for working out and listening to music

  30. Al says:

    goodluck! :D

  31. Alex says:

    I want to upgrade my ancient laptop that’s why I want to buy this at

  32. Dems says:

    I’m leaning towards buying a new laptop like this because my netbook’s HD already died and I need one for my work :)

  33. Guy Radaza says:

    I know this is my lucky day. MS Suface pro, I’ll be your new daddy :P

  34. Nissan Macale says:

    I love everything in their clothing & accessories category!

  35. Vince says:

    since my mom’s hand mixer needs to retire, this mixer will be a perfect gift for her this coming Mother’s day! my mom deserves the best! :)

  36. Converdenz says:

    I want this so bad !

  37. Jep M. says:

    I hope it’s my time to win! ^^

  38. Derrick says:

    hope i win :)

  39. Daphney says:
    This is what I want to have and give to my father. He really wants this piece of gem because he likes swimming and he uses his wristwatch in counting time for his training underwater, and this one is water resistant.

  40. Elmyr Cruz says:

    Wow! Good luck to all of us!

  41. Jep M. says:

    I hope it’s my time to win! ^^
    (Please disregard the first comment, because I changed my username)

  42. Marnell Delos Reyes says:

    If I’m going to buy a product in, I want to buy this item:
    coz ‘ I’m a huge fan of portable game console most especially Nintendo and I love Pokemon games. :)

  43. Jomel says:

    I need to have this for my new work… I think its gonna be useful.. :)

  44. markobre says:

    Rearth Ringke Fusion Premium Hybrid Hard Case, i9500 2013 Model

    I really liked this one. This will be perfecr for my upcoming samsung galaxy s4!

  45. I want this avengers phase one collection and I’m going to buy this one because it was pretty cheap, other merchants sell this item for nine thousand pesos and up.

  46. John Bautista says:

    Good luck! I hope I win! :D

  47. ancey cheng says:

    Nice, thanks in advance Yugatech. :D

  48. Joem says:

    tell you why I want it? ‘coz it’s IRONMAN!

    (Funko Marvel Iron Man Movie 3: War Machine Wacky Wobbler)

  49. sirferdie says:

    Sa akin na to!!!

  50. John Jefferson Sy says:

    Probably this Jim Root Telecaster because what could be a better guitar than a Tele for Metal? :DD

  51. Jeanne says:


  52. Jeanne says:

    Nice something to look forward to!!

  53. Nick Pahati says:

    Want this shoes!!! Im a huge shoe collector and I love to add this in my collection.

  54. Dani Herji says:

    sana mapiLi akO,…


  55. Charles Ong says:

    I was interested in their powerbank products and im still eyeing for it today :D

  56. kit says:

    wowww i’d love to have this. i’ve been dreaming to have a surface pro since last year. please be mine! :))

  57. Gerwin says:


  58. Jed says:

    Like the Tense Mens Natural Dark Sandalwood Sports Hypoallergenic Wood Watch! pretty cool! :D

  59. Dexter Ian says:

    Hope windows 8 delivers!

  60. HANNAH says:

    awesome! hope i win ;-)

  61. direk666 says:

    this would be great add on my laptop. instead of ordinary 4gb dvd i could backup using cheap 25gb blueray cds. :D

  62. wha says:

    i want to have this coz i want to try window OS in a tablet.

  63. Jelo Manongsong says: I want this beacuse I need a new watch. Ninakaw kasi last year yung Axis and Lacoste watch ko huhu

  64. John Rey says:

    Give it to me!!!

  65. Beverly Gargar Casim says:

    God’s will…

  66. Hector Gargar says:

    I want this…

  67. Kitsch says:

    Dat Surface Pro. :)

  68. bursky says:

    watches are to men as shoes are to women. still, practicality calls for having just one. but in reality, you NEED to have a watch for every occasion. hence, this formal watch is something i need. i’ve already got a watch with timer, alarm, etc. but it could never do for a formal event. this wristwatch from Casio would be perfect for that.

  69. chi says:


  70. Ferdie says:

    Like the Hp Elitepad 900. Goodluck to me.


    I’d like to have this item for it releases the inner rockstar in me. :) I don’t know how to play the guitar but this item will make me play like Jimmy Page.

  72. Yna says:

    I would definitely buy this for my little girl. Nice and funny!

  73. Louis says:

    Assuming I had all the money, I’d buy this Black Native Instruments Maschine MK2 Groove Production Studio. An machine that can simulate sounds of various instruments that can help me on my soundtripping back home and hope it inspires me to make music of my own.

    Find it here:

  74. Dexter says:

    wanna try this out.. gimme gimme!

  75. Jerome says:

    Good luck sa lahat ng sumali.

  76. gian says:

    this surface pro will be mine

  77. albert says:

    i haven’t owned a gaming console in years! haha
    the last console i had was the playstation 2 :D

  78. Mychael says:

    I really want this G-Shock. Hope I can buy this at your website in the future.

  79. JDC says:

    I want! :D

  80. Howee Marquez says:

    I really like this Surface Pro because I’m in need of a new computer.

  81. edisson says:

    I want to give this to my sister. She needs this in order to read those PDF files with much ease. BTW those PDF files are the books she needed in her studies.

  82. Ferdinand Angeles says:

    I’m not sure if they sell this to civilians but I would like to buy the UZI-TACPEN1-GM Tactical Defender Writing Pen Gun Metal. I expect the unexpected!

  83. Raymund Buenaventura says:

    I want to show off this gadget to my friends!

  84. kit says:

    I’ve been watching Microsoft Surface Pro reviews in Youtube and reading tech blogs about this everyday since last year so medyo memorized ko na ung specs and stuff :)) I would be happy to have this yey and also I’d like to try Windows 8 :))

  85. APA says:

    JDC I want this too!

  86. I super want the Samsung Galaxy S3 mini :-) perfect when I am on the covering covering different events as a blogger because I can stay connected, I can take pictures and share away! :)I totally love its features :)


  87. Jong tulibas says:

    I’m gonna win this!

  88. Jonathan says:

    This is the only way I can get a Surface…

  89. Gladita says: I want this because I always commute to work and I know I can be safe with this bag. :)

  90. Jerry L. Co says:

    This is a great product! great for both summer & rainy season here in the PHL.

  91. Sean Yazon says: – id like this for working out so i dont have to pullout my iphone eachtime plus i dont have a wire dangling when i jog.

  92. Rainier Rivera says:

    Better than ipad. I want to win one.

  93. ultimus_nyel says:

    I have been looking for a replacement of my iPad and this packed Surface Pro looks promising. :)

  94. john says:

    ps3 syempre, matagal na akong di nakakapaglaro ng video games. namimiss ko na yung mga laro like mgs series. hehe

  95. Camm says:

    What’s more interesting than having Finn at your earlobes? XD I want this awesome Adventure Time headphones!

  96. isisss says:

    #mustwin #needthisforwork #idonthaveatablet #prettyprettyplease

  97. Jedi says:

    I would like to create a video of unboxing this and then give it to my son.—-

  98. Harvey TC says:

    Perfect replacement to a tab and laptop

  99. IANVARIVS says:

    An awesome giveaway of an awesome tablet O_O

  100. Camm says:

    What’s more interesting than having Finn on your earlobes? XD I want this awesome Adventure time headphones!

  101. Ryan says:

    WOW this a nice gadget! Thanks Galleon

  102. Marc Damayo says: I like this well because it’s g-shock, and its design is also awesome and it rocks

  103. I’d like this Lego Ninjago for my nephew- he loves it very much!

  104. ruby says:

    i’d like to win this for my son, he’s a super fan of surface pro :)

  105. Franco Ramos says:

    This might come in handy for me this coming school year.

  106. Estefan says:

    This is the coolest give-away! Yuga let it be mine! More power guys!

  107. Jgab says:

    akin ka na lang!! please :)

  108. Marc Mamawal says: The GoPro Hero 3 would be perfect for all my adventures (indoor or outdoor!

  109. Andrew says:

    Crossing my fingers. :D

  110. The GOgroove AudioACTIVE Wireless Hands-Free Bluetooth Sports Stereo Earbud Headset is sooo cool! I want it because it goes well with any Smartphone, it looks snug and the buds look like it will fit my freakishly tiny ears, and it looks like it is such a hassle free gadget :D Love love love this!

  111. mike cui says:

    i’d get this gadget and give it to my fiance. this is the perfect tool to assist her when she’ll be in med school.

  112. jayofarty says:

    I just want it to sit there on my desk. Instead of doing beats on my table, this would be fun. ^^

  113. Jayson Bonus says:

    I would really love to have this SPAWN figure:
    I’m such a fan of the comics and movie!

  114. anton manzano says:

    Ive been curious with the new windows tablets hopefully I get this and will be able to show it off

  115. paotranq says:

    nice product to have

  116. Allen Espeleta says:

    Microsoft Surface 10.6 Inches Windows Tablet Computer Accessories Kit – It is a perfect companion when I win this Windows 8 convertible tablet.

  117. Joshua Hate says:

    i wanna win this ! :D

  118. Lara says:

    I want this! <3

  119. JV S says:

    It’s a freakin tank! ‘Nuff said! (I google’d the picture, looks really nice!)

  120. Nereid says:

    i know bluetooth devices are already going into the main stream so i saw this product the LG Electronics HBS-700W Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset. for me it has its great design that will rest just into my neck whenever i will use it. it also has its comfortable ear pieces and the most important feature is the wireless or bluetooth capability of the product, that leaves no entangling of any wires what so ever. great for people who are always on the go and also its water resistant to compliment on the active lifestyle for the people who will be using the LG Electronics HBS-700W. and long battery capacity for long usage.

  121. Jods says:

    Surface Pro, one of the revolutionary since the iPad

  122. Austeen Mose says:

    Sana manalo… Good luck sa lahat…

  123. stephen fontanilla says:

    The good camera performance and battery life of the Nokia Lumia 720 makes it one of the best bang of the buck phones

  124. Jade Castillo says:

    I won’t need a laptop if I have this!

  125. erik says:

    Good for professionals on the go!

  126. Paolo Non says:

    Wow! Good luck to us all! :D

  127. May kasama na po bang Type/Touch Cover ‘yan?

  128. Ymhon says:

    One of the best price I saw compared to other sellers online in the Philippines. I really love to have one. :)

  129. i love this bcoz high tech

  130. Max says:

    I want it for my work and outdoor fun..

  131. Arch says:

    I already have Windows 8 Pro both in my Desktop PC and Laptop, hoping a tablet too for full mobility of productivity. Windows 8 Pro + Pen = Free creativity for my artwork! :D

  132. Jan Edward says:

    Very nice giveaway!

  133. Want to purchase this one just in time for Mother’s day for my everdearest Mom. :)

  134. Patricia Gonzales says:

    i want this! :)

  135. Ferdinand Sugatan says:

    Very useful for product presentations and seminars!
    I want one!

  136. charles says:

    an extra toy would be all welcome! :D *cross fingers*

  137. Patricia Gonzales says:

    i want this! need a tablet for business and play. :)

  138. John Paul Lipardo says:

    This is the one missing in my backpack every time i explore the outdoor.. hiking.. camping.. and for emergency need when things are not good… “cooking”…

  139. Nico Lagmay says:

    This will go with the Surface Pro once I get it :)

  140. Jeanno Alamag says:

    – This would be a perfect pair of shoes for the upcoming school year :)

  141. Emco says:

    Great tablet that can run pc apps.

  142. fruzz says:

    i’ve been saving to buy this projector for my small home theater setup and it will be a great to add this wonderful Windows 8 enabled device to cater my audio visual needs :)

  143. Austeen Mose says:

    Adidas Stripes Table Tennis Balls

    Maganda yata sa training ‘to. Madaling makita yung ikot ng bola.

  144. bern says:

    I love surface pro for its ultra portability and for being all-purpose pc.

  145. minxwin says:

    Hope I win this… I really want this…

  146. brionced says:


  147. Ronnel Tolentino says:

    wow! one of the best tablets. be mine.

  148. I would love to have this jellyfish mood lamp because I’m sure, it will help brighten my day! :)

  149. froi says:

    this is my ultimate needs :p a tablet with keyboard + It is windows with office!

  150. Ronnel Tolentino says:

    Wow! Microsoft is the best. Be mine.

  151. Ryan Navarro says:

    The pk201 pico pocket projector is a must have for techies! Imagine a mini cinema wherever you go whenever you want! You’re gonna love this idea!

  152. Jonnelle says:

    I saw this laptop case at facebook few months before, now I finally found it in Galleon. This case is very unique and awesome. I want this one if I could afford to buy macbook :)

  153. Chester says:

    Mothers day is approaching. this will be my first mothers day gift ever. I want to give this gift to my mom to thank her for her hardwork and sacrifice for us to be able to have a good life.

  154. Kany Vic Perez says:

    A great way to cut my nails. Wala ng excuses sa long nails! A fantastic innovative product :)

  155. Jorge Vizcarra says:

    Need a new console at home to play with my pamangkin :D

  156. Dennis Roda says:

    there’s nothing more irritating that soda that doesn’t have any fizz. i’d buy a couple of these ^^

  157. Bry Vizcarra says:

    Wish I’ll win :))

  158. William says:

    I want one!

  159. Marvin R. Medel says:

    Leme win!!

  160. Vlad Dimson says:

    Adroid fan here.. Google Nexus 7.. Though I’d probably settle for the newer version this year. :)

  161. Jeffrey John Imutan says:

    I want the LumiSource AD-ELEMENT3W Element Touch Table Lamp, Sleek Chrome Finish.

    Simply because I am an artist, and what better way to light up my table than with this lamp.

  162. Jervis says:


  163. steelicon says:

    Can’t hurt if I win. ;-)

  164. jhepoyski says: My mom loves to garden so this one is the thing to buy for me.

  165. Rigor Impossible says:

    This shoe can’t be found here in my place, with Galleon, I can easily have this one, just some clicks and, tada, it’s there. Love the shoes very nice looking indeed.


    Been dying to have a Microsoft Surface Pro ever since I’ve read the review from Penny Arcade

    I think it will be a great “almost” desktop replacement that can be used no only for consuming content (browsing, watching, etc.) but also for creating content. And it can even be used for some games!

  167. Jowen says:

    I would love to have this kind of watch here. It’s like it can only be seen in a SciFi movie.

  168. Aiman says:

    Cool! please be mine!

  169. Bryan San Andres says:

    I would love to buy the Slim and Compact Leather Folio Case for the Microsoft Surface to match the (hopefully) Surface Pro I could possibly win from Yugatech.

  170. KAREN BERNARTE says:

    Just in case I win this I’ll probably buy this!

    Thats a PROCASE for the surface tablet..
    Of course I wanna protect my soon to be surface tablet when its w/ me and give me peace of mind..especially that I have a daughter na malikot..

  171. Julie Gonzales says:

    I want it because its a new way to shoot things on the iPhone!

  172. Bryan San Andres says:

    I would love to buy the Slim and Compact Leather Folio Case for the Microsoft Surface to match the (hopefully) Surface Pro I could possibly win from Yugatech.

  173. Adelbert Villacorta says:

    I want this Casio G shock watch. Love its rose gold accents and how G shock was able to blend an elegant sophisticated to look, with durability and toughness in which the brand is known for.

  174. I want to have this I love to have one so that it can help on my presentation and project proposals.

    God Bless!

    I pray I win. Amen

  175. Ghost Riley says:

    Would be cool to protect my stuff with this:

    A Pelican case!

  176. Ranny Gutierrez says:

    Corsair Professional Series AX 1200 Watt Digital ATX/EPS Modular 80 PLUS Platinum (AX1200i)

    I am in dire need of a PSU and am planning on overclocking + multi GPU setup in the future. This is the best future-proofing product in this area as this equipment already garnered a lot of excellent reviews. And its 80+ Platinum certified when it comes to energy efficiency. A little planet saving would be that bad, right?

  177. Satchmo says:

    I want the Broadway Basketeers Ultimate Gourmet Gift Tower ( as a Mother’s Day gift for my Ma!

  178. Wilma Garcia says:

    This could be a great Mothers’ Day gift for me if I win this! :D

    I want this because I need a new phone. My motorola flip phone that I’ve been using for years is broken but it is still usable. I am not used to touch screen smartphones so a qwerty phone like Blackberry is the best for me.

  179. Jerico M. says:

    I want to buy this kitchenaid mixer! I am currently learning to bake and a mixer like this is becoming a necessity. me and my mom will surely enjoy this!

  180. JunS says:


  181. Ryan says:

    I remember creating something like this back in the days, now they have a tangle free version, good times! I want to have one.

  182. Eleu Bolinao says:

    From, I want to have this Galaxy Tab 2 for my Mommy as a gift for being the greatest and awesomest Mommy this Mother’s day! She always wanted to have that but it’s seems out of budget and I can’t still afford it.

    And for myself, I want the this:
    It’s a Family Guy collectibles! I’m a big fan of Family Guy! :D

  183. Mikee Garcia says:

    I hope to win this for my dad as a birthday present before the end of May. :D

    I want this Nokia Lumia 920. I have fallen in love with its camera features wherein you don’t need to buy a camera if you need one. I also got interested with its windows 8 OS. And I hope its similarly sturdy with 3310. Hahahah!

  184. Jeffrey says:

    malakas ang kutob ko na ako na.. haha B-)

  185. Stephen Marin says:

    I want to have a watch that’s has features more than just a watch… :-)

  186. Jovanie Rodriguez says:

    This would be a perfect gift to a very special person in my life…. a mother, a friend, a companion, and best of all… my wife… for the upcoming mothers day..

  187. Neil John Ocampo says:

    great way to spend the remaining days of summer with my bro :D

  188. Mr. Curious says:

    hope I win! =D

  189. Christian Francisco says:

    been looking for a cool watch that has affordable price tag, and this is just perfect!

  190. John M says:

    Best and Cool Find:

    Impecca KBB600CW Bamboo Wirelesskeyboard & Mouse

    Handcrafted bamboo wireless keyboard and mouse. Hand-carved out of 100% natural bamboo biodegradable and environmentally friendly keyboard and mouse connect via usb port.

    Being techie but Biodegradable and environmental friendly. #SaveMotherEarth


    I’d been wanting to get my mom a new phone. Just like all moms (at least me thinks) she’s not very techy and would only like a reliable phone that enables her to call, send SMS and play Text Twist with. I think this is the right phone for her. ;)

  192. Jeryl Suarez says:


  193. Rhozallino says:

    Im interested to buy at the Nexus 7 Tablet because i needed it and i wants it very much.

  194. Wilbern Blitz Paeste says:

    I’d love to dance my stress away using XBox Kinect and Stay fit forever!!!! Dance Central has been my favorite. And Microsoft’s game console is the best out there!!!!! Hands down!

  195. Jann-Revv Lambarte says:

    this could really help on my developing skills and help the filipino industry be known. a small effort for each and every one of us.

  196. mark jimenez says:

    This is the most interesting item I’d like to buy from This will definitely boost my gaming experience.

  197. Kyle says:

    This one and then I’ll listen to the Baby Finn Song over and over again.

    I’m a buff baby that can dance like a man,
    I can shake-ah my fanny, I can shake-ah my can!
    I’m a tough tootin’ baby, I can punch-ah yo’ buns!
    Punch-ah yo’ buns, I can punch all yo’ buns!
    If you’re an evil witch, I will punch you for fun!

  198. Romeo says:

    I want this G-Shock because it’s yellow. It reminds me of Bumble Bee.

  199. AvidReader says:

    I’d like to win this for a sibling whose an incoming freshman at college this year.

  200. JC says:

    I want one!!! :D

  201. Jena says:

    I just recently got back to running. This would be a perfect aid to monitor burned calories and exercise history.

  202. Pam Roque says:

    I’d definitely buy this hanging rope chair ( in time for Mothers’ Day. It’s super cute and I’m 100% sure my mom would love it on our house!

  203. Carla Magat says:

    i want to give this to my sister who is a academic scholar at DLSU-Benilde.this will be very useful for her studies because we dont have computer at home and she always went to comp.shops for doing her research and projects.

    I also hope to win the surface pro..

  204. jp carlos says:

    on the look out for a b&w themed gshock and I want this! :)

  205. Primon Bugayong says:

    it’s a helluva time for me to win!


    I want to buy this Barbie for my little baby because she loves it so much! She’ll be very happy to have this Barbie doll!

  207. aaron says:

    its me, microsoft surface pro, here i come

  208. elpidio centeno jr says:

    Please let me have it… thank you :)


    I would like to buy this for my Mom on Mother’s Day she would be very happy!

  210. Lea says:

    This looks so classy and luxurious. It would look so nice in our living room.

  211. Sarah P. says:

    If I have the means, I’d like to try this shower
    I didn’t really expect that there’s an actual product like it. Looks cool and it’ll make my shower time interesting. ;)

  212. Karl says:

    I really want this Boss Harmonist pedal from so that my electric guitar can have a canned tone and cool effects.

  213. aida says:

    I would like to have a Beatbox by Dr. Dre 30-Pin iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock for our everyday soundtrip!

  214. Blue touch cover for microsoft surface

    i’d buy this for my new microsoft surface pro :D

  215. Von Erik Valerio says:

    I desire to have this tablet because I want to give it to my girlfriend who will be celebrating her birthday this coming June 29.

    I am also hoping to win the Surface Pro. :)

  216. mann says:

    I want one!!

  217. Name: mcman says:

    cool promo!

  218. Ken Brent Doneza says:

    Wanna experience windows 8 on Surface!

  219. Darryl says:

    Win it I would like!

  220. Neil says:

    I want this one badly! XD

  221. Jason says:

    go go yugatech!

  222. Johnson says:

    As a web strategist/graphics designer, I could really use a Microsoft Surface Pro for productivity. Thanks. ;D

  223. mark says:

    i really want this item for me to add up in my new apartment :-)

  224. jajajason says:

    Big Minecraft fan. That’s why I like…

  225. Wez L says:

    Sony usb stereo turntable!!!
    I am looking for a decent turntable and its awesome that you got one and its a sony! This would be the best fathers day gift for my father because my passion for music is attributed from my father, from his vinyls and cassettes collections. So we can hear all his old good vinyl records (jazz, rock, new wave, etc) and remincse the good old days.

  226. Ray-Ann B-F says:

    Wow, i really want this one. Great Giveaway!!!

  227. Alex Villadolid says:

    I really want this Princeton Art & Brush Sensu because me and my son love to draw on our tablet.

  228. migs says:

    I’m about to go to college and am studying BS Architecture and I really do need a 15″ thin and light laptop with a decent screen and graphics card and also a powerful processor for 3D renderings. The Surface Pro is for my dad cause he already wants to replace his 6 year old dell laptop but he doesn’t have enough money for a replacement so, yeah that’s all :)

  229. Rj Danan says:

    i really want this iron man flash drive looks awesome and the eyes just lights up nicely when u plug it in the usb port


    I really would like to have an iPhone 5 so I searched for it in their site :)

  231. adriane says:

    I want this! :))

  232. jkenneth says:

    i love this because i think this will be helpful for me in compiling movies, games and other computer applications that usually consumes great space in my laptop.

  233. Mac Meira says:

    I’m a big TWD fan, and I love daryl on the TV series. I would probably buy this.

  234. Bridget Rangel says:

    done! thank you so much!

  235. ontoy says:

    hope to win. thanks yuga.

  236. Interesting! It’s a chess party for me and my friends!

  237. Jarvin T. says:

    For me, I really want this:
    Hoho! Because as a future programmer/developer, I really need to have a high end laptop.

  238. Cherry says:

    I want the Funko POP Television: Walking Dead-Daryl because I’m a huge TWD and Daryl Dixon fan! >,<

  239. Dianne Albeus says:

    Nike Shox NZ Womens Running Shoes 314561-090 Black 10.5 M US
    it looks so sleek ,just awesome!

  240. Dianne Albeus says:

    Nike Shox NZ Womens Running Shoes 314561-090 Black 10.5 M US
    so sleek ,just awesome! it would look so cool on me:)

  241. Jigs says:

    because tangles annoys me, I think this bluetooth headphones will suit me well =)

  242. Ian says:

    please let me have this awesome gadget!

  243. aldo says:

    Surface Pro, so powerful.

  244. Vladimir Paguio says:

    ito kasi para naman may magamit din ako na bag na maganda at spacious at sabihin natin, good start of investment na rin for future use ba bilang isang student ng IT course, makakatulong to sakin ^_^

  245. Giannreli Vega says:

    The Surface Pro can be very versatile, in that it can serve a wide range of users. Like students for instance, this can be a mix of a ‘work and play’ device. Like one can use it as a tablet to quickly go on the internet with less the hassle of opening up a laptop. Also, one can open it up into laptop mode to type essays or research papers. Its like a laptop with fun perks like touch games, a pair of cameras and the true embodiment of mobility. :)

  246. Jhayr Savellano says:

    I a;ways wanted to buy this for may grandfather. He got a lots of
    Collectible Old Playing Albums (vinyl)and he never used it coz his turntable is dead already hehehe…

  247. Kenneth Villena says:

    My wife’s laptop conked out since last year and this would be an epic replacement :D

  248. Carl Cebrecus says:

    Google Nexus 4 Phone 16GB – Unlocked

    it’s always been one of my dream phones. solid build quality coupled with the best android software (in my opinion), AOSP :)

  249. Harvey says:

    Wow. Would love this on my birthday :)

  250. Nonimar Lasara says:

    I would want this beauty… I’m a music lover who loves to spend a day on a hammock under the shade of a mango tree listening to soft mellow music and a pair of earphones like this would be a great experience..

  251. Nonimar Lasara says:

    I forgot to put a link on my previous comment…

  252. Julius Sambo says:

    Yep, I want the space book. I’m probably to old for this though haha

  253. mark says:

    a perfect replacement of my laptop!

  254. Clark says:

    Pick me! Pick me! Would certainly help me in my teaching profession :)

  255. Joseph Loyola says:

    Our television set is really old school and I would want to have this one so that I can watch movies in high quality monitor. Being WiFi ready is an additional feature I love.

  256. Lyle says: A very useful yet creatively designed flash drive. FORM AND FUNCTION! like the microsoft suraface pro, beauty and functionality.:D

  257. Ren Medina says:

    I would definitely buy this lamp for I am with the dark force! heck yeah! :)

  258. Clark harold says:

    Weee. Walking dead collectible. Im a big fan, would like to have this :)

  259. Ray says:

    I really want to have this. It’ll be the best replacement to my old laptop. This will boost up my gaming experience.

  260. Louie Tan says:

    I’m a medical intern. this will help me a lot in treating my patients.

  261. Jeff espe says:

    Would like to add this to my collection of WWF/WWE belts

    The Rock = Windows!!!

  262. alwyne reyes says:

    as a civil engineering student mobility is the best way to do a job. surface pro is a great companion in all my studies, like cad designs. it will improve my productivity and creativity at school. ” MS surface a touch to the future”. :)

  263. Renann Macapinlac says:


  264. Norman says:

    OMAY! 50k worth of giveaway! holy cow. that’s a lot!!!!

  265. Hope to win this one ^_^


    I want a Surface Pro because it is very portable. I love how the pen knows how hard you are pressing, and how the charger brick has an extra USB slot to charge other devices.

  267. Rainier Yabut says: – I want it because I want to experience using a high class tablet. xD

  268. Jordyson says:

    What a nice giveaway, I really hope that I will be the lucky winner!!gud luck to everyone of us!! :)

  269. nancybareno says:

    I would like to buy another rechargeable lamp in preparation for the rainy season. My choice is the Coleman CPX6 Battery Rechargeable Battery Pack from

  270. JP Esteban says:

    I’m one of those YouTube pianists who makes piano covers of songs and uploads them for the world to see. Looking at this keyboard up on sale for the price that it’s at fills me with so much want.

  271. Robin says:

    Sana swertehin :D

  272. maryun says:

    good luck to all!

  273. NemOry says:

    I’ve been waiting for this Tablet.I hope I will win this.

  274. Ma. Vanesa Medalla says:

    I would love to have the ASUS ZENBOOK Prime for my sister, it will be a great help for her studies…

  275. john louie says: the iron man mas, it would be fun to play with my kids pretending im iron man. :)

  276. Geraldine Legaspi says:

    i would love to win this!!

  277. Steve del Castillo says:

    I would buy Assassin’s Creed Revelations Desmond Miles Cosplay Costume Hoodie Jacket-M-Asian Size cause im a cospalyer!

  278. Kimm Isaguirre says:

    LED shoelace I want to use this in my trainings during night time! Super ganda!

  279. Abigail Caponpon says:

    I want a Surface Pro because it is very portable. I love how the pen knows how hard you are pressing, and how the charger brick has an extra USB slot to charge other devices.

  280. Dan says:

    I’m into watches and I love the green color of the dial in this G shock.

  281. jerry culala says:

    i want this! assassins creed is the first ever game na pinagpuyatan ko sa cp ko nuon :)

  282. Neil T says:

    I had to go with the Funko POP Television: Walking Dead – Daryl. The reason is I love Funko Pop vinyl figures and I love the Walking Dead!

  283. Ericka Dannielle Piñ says:

    Of course, I would go with the Microsoft Surface (32 GB). I’m intrigued how this baby fires up and works with the Quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 and its 2gb RAM, not to mention its 2 720p HD LifeCams. ^_^

  284. jerry culala says:

    i want this, assassins creed ang una kong game nung magkaroon ako ng highend na cp, isa sa mga pinagpuyatang kong laruin…

  285. Mike says:

    great tablet to show my portfolio

  286. Dinno go says:

    go go!!!

  287. leah says:

    I hope I win this nice toy.=)

  288. Will says:

    Who doesn’t want one? So I’ve something to do at home. :)

  289. Jasper says:

    Nice one! :D

  290. daniel says:

    I want a new shoes! New gears for this coming school year!

    Thank you and Yugatech! :)

  291. dmeprestado says:

    As a public school teacher, I wanted to maximize learning by using the projector in order to reach out to students even when they are seated far away from me!

  292. Glen says:

    Nice giveaway! More power to yugatech and :)

  293. Jp says:

    I want this Smoko Toaster Hub beacuse it looks cool and awesome! :D

  294. Ellen Padilla says:

    As an IT student, I want to experience this kind of technology to explore and try something new. :) Lemme win please. :)

  295. Cocoy says:

    To replace my almost 2-decade red mudman g-shock. Now, that one stays in my collection box. :)

  296. Bryan Karl says:

    I hope I’d win this time! :)

  297. Roberto C. Villasin says:

    Winning is important…

  298. Mark Ng says:

    I’m a big fan of Casio watches. However, it’s been years since I bought one. Prolly it’s time for me to gift myself with this. :D

  299. ariane dela cruz says:

    I don’t own a pair of RayBan glasses & would love to have this item. It would be also perfect this summer. :)

  300. Jayson says:


    Perfect buddy when hitting the gym or going for a jog outdoors!

  301. I would love to have this 3D LED-Monitor – 1920 x 1080 FullHD because i love playing games and watching movies in my pc and it will be an amazing experience to watch and seen it in an Full HD monitor plus it’s a 3D! I can never ask for more!

  302. Bern says:

    Fat Magnet, so I can remove excess fat/oil from my bacon. :)

  303. Lovely Joy Merced says:

    I want this for my son’s upcoming birthday! perfect gift for him <3

  304. seth says:

    access to my high-capacity hard drive while carrying a tiny piece of awesome technology!

  305. Philsen Padilla says:

    I love The Big Bang Theory series and especially Sheldon! I would definite buy this one soon. Bazinga!

  306. Ricardo Arceo says:

    want to have one..:)

  307. Edjie Apines says:

    I’ll be needing this one, for my schooling :D

  308. John Garcia says:

    I want it!

  309. Bibiano John Aranda says:

    Yugatech my favorite website that feeds me with the latest news and reviews about the latest gadgets. Yup and is seriously a cool shop which I have just discovered through yugatech.
    Rock on and God bless

  310. I want it because i’m a huge fan of The Walking Dead and i’m an adventure seeker :D

  311. Johb Michael says:

    i love to surround myself with love and pandas :)

  312. Bibiano John Aranda says:

    Yugatech my favorite website that feeds me with the latest news and reviews about the latest gadgets. Yup and is seriously a cool shop which I have just discovered through yugatech.
    Rock on and God bless
    And if I won’t be able to win this Surface Tab it would sure be nice to have a Windows Phone as I have not yet tried on

  313. Francis R says:

    Id want this one just cuz I always need to keep my knives sharp

  314. jeffrox says:

    i want this!!
    i never win these’s about time!

  315. OrlandDelfinoTubola says:

    There are a lot of construction activities on roads near our area which contributed to tons of dust in our house. I need this!

  316. John says:

    One of Amazon’s top Bluetooth wireless headsets and featured in Lifehacker. Surprised they don’t sell this locally. I just like how comfortable it looks.

  317. JoemarM says:

    Lenovo Thinkpad Helix i7

    Coz I can do Desktop stuff AND Paint/3D Sculpt at the same tim w/o worrying about battery life :D

  318. kenneth medalle says:

    WINDOWS 8!!!!

  319. Neil T says:

    I had to go with Funko POP Television: Walking Dead – Daryl because I love those Funko Pop vinyl figures and I love The Walking Dead!

  320. Geff Chang says:

    I want a Nexus 7, because my tablet died after drowning in a man-made flood. :( But of course, much better if I win the Surface Pro!

  321. Neil T says:

    I had to go with Funko POP Television: Walking Dead – Daryl because I love those Funko Pop vinyl figures and I love The Walking Dead!

    (I didn’t remember to post the link in my first comment)

  322. Aries says:

    Lost my watch on our out of country trip so a replacement would be nice.

  323. Joshua Rey Hernandez says:

    I’ve learned to cope with being bullied at school by gaming when I get home but the processing power of my laptop was never enough to satisfy my needs – even at low settings. The G75 has always been an object of my desire and the day I see it in my desk is the day when all the bullying I’ve been put through would have been worth it.

  324. Carlo Jay says:

    I have a Windows 8 desktop PC, HTC Windows Phone 8X. The only thing that is missing is a Win8 tablet, hope I win this MS Surface Pro!

  325. As an architecture student, i want to have this set of portable sketch folio with me to have my ideas and concepts on the go! :)

  326. Rene Gatdula says:

    I’m no longer like ‘the pirate of the carribean..’,so I need to buy this one..

  327. jm says:

    I really want to have one. For my MBA this coming term. ;-)

  328.×36-collections-poster-print-24×36 I definitely want this poster hang on my wall, because visiting the Big Ben is on my bucket list :D

  329. awesome!i want this!

  330. loucarlofabian says:

    want this one… :) …

  331. ibba says:

    Being a geek without any hard core electronics skill has always been a frustration. This is an awesome little toy designed by a friend of one of my engineers from Georgia Tech.

  332. jc says:


  333. edriangelo paule says:

    i want this..

  334. Redgie Campanilla says:

    fingers-crossed :)

  335. charlie canson says:

    hanep, yugatech!

    i badly want this SOL REPUBLIC Tracks Ultra On-Ear from! It looks really great nakaka-inlove!

  336. Henry G. Cañizares says:

    i want it

  337. Robby Cortes says:

    I would love to have this tablet, definitely!
    A call center agent without a laptop or pc. :( Still saving pa for a smartphone or pc. :)
    Nag-tyatyaga muna sa piso² internet..hehe
    Yuga? care to give that precious invention to me?? please? :)

  338. Marizza Domingo says:

    I want this because our dog badly needs it these days to cool down in this unbearable summer heat.

  339. jan says:

    yugatech is the best…!!! other site always making bad comments, but none of them can take us down

  340. Mark Lacson says:

    This is mine. wooohooo

  341. dj0502 says:

    I was really looking at this one.

    Excellent tablet with good battery life and digitizer pen input!

  342. Randy Chan says:

    let me win

  343. Randy Chan says:

    I want to win

  344. Carmen Tomas says: yeah,I am obsessed with iPhones because I don’t have one! Yuga, please let me win this…

  345. Ghendo Quicoy says:

    I’ve been a big fan of old school watches, G-shock Casio makes me look not too mainstreamed, and that’s why I wanted to buy this.

  346. Gerald Sosa says:

    I want to buy this one to remove the excess fat from greasy foods.

  347. meh says:

    Iphone 5 16gb LTE, i would go with that because i really want to try the new LTE in the philippines!

  348. Carol M. says:

    I really hope I can win this since I currently don’t have either a tablet or a netbook. Having this with me would help me go a long long way in my job and in my life.

  349. jay ar says:

    I love this thing this is thing that apple and samsung must take note

  350. PJA says:

    i’ve been looking at this for a long long time.

  351. PJA says:

    need to keep my gadgets going!

  352. dolly joyce quizon says:

    I really want an iPhone5 ! So many generations had passed yet i still havent owned any iphone

  353. M. C. says:

    Seriously one of the nicest looking tablets I’ve ever seen PLUS it’s Windows; BIG plus since I already use the desktop Windows 8 in conjunction with my LIVE account; all emails and calendar entries can be synced across multiple devices (and my soon-to-be Windows Phone!)!

  354. Jonathan says:

    This is easilly way better than other tablets in my opinion.

  355. P.J. Ron L. Fortalez says:

    I need mic stands as I am involved in a church. this is very useful for the music team and even for the preacher :D

  356. Carl L says:

    Ayan, lumalabas lahat ng comments kapag may giveaway. Sana ganito tayo ka-active kapag may bagong post. Hayy.

    Thanks for the giveaway, Yuga. :)

  357. JC dela Cruz says:

    I recently bought a 7″ Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 for my daughter as a graduation gift but she wants a bigger screen that’s why I want this item for her.

  358. kit says:

    surface proooo! :))

  359. Nadine says:

    I would like to get my mom this fancy bracelets that she can add to her collection of accessories :) For mother’s day!


    I want this Badly because im a huge Superman Fan and alsoan artist and I really like his pose here… It is really dynamic and for sure this will go to my table always!

  361. edson igloria says:

    lumia 920’s camera quality is above the rest. and i love taking photos.

  362. raymond says:

    i wanna win!

  363. eman says:

    waaaaa ang suwerte ng mananalo nito. para sakin ito na talaga ang pinaka hebigat na giveway ni sir yuga..

    good luck sa akin at sa lahat

  364. RJCA says:

    Because I still believe that desktops are better than laptops, I need a great monitor!

  365. emansky says:

    astig neto… habang asa camping sabay dala mo to with the surface hehehe cool

  366. JeffZ says:

    Not only because this is REQUIRED :), but I like g-shock series watches because they are companions in casual, extreme or everyday occasions.

    Wanted THIS!:

  367. Vann Vicente says:

    I would buy this, because I seriously hate whenever there’s fat on my meat. Fat just tastes really gross to me.

  368. Al Jismundo says:

    I am now moving to a more on-the-work clinical work and review schedules. The Sony Xperia Tablet will be a great companion for my daily tasks.

  369. Al Jismundo says:

    I am now moving to a more on-the-go clinical work and review schedules. The Sony Xperia Tablet will be a great companion for my daily tasks.

  370. jaime natividad says:

    Very nice gadget to have! :D

  371. brian says:

    i want this!

  372. timlacbay says:

    I’m a huge Walking Dead fan, moreso a Dryl Dixon fan

  373. Al Jismundo says:

    I am now moving to a more on-the-go clinical work and review schedules. The Sony Xperia Tablet will be a great companion for my daily tasks.

    I want!

  374. cirxesoul says:

    This will come in handy for my software development

  375. diemhang says:

    nice…sana ako manalo

  376. Alvir Bernabe says:

    I want!

  377. JmToL says:

    The first to POP in my screen.
    I’m a big fan of the Walking Dead watched the Whole 3 Season 3 Times.
    Daryl Dixon one of the most BadA** in the TV Series.
    Very well Love The Walking Dead and Yugatech and Galleon

  378. Hope to win this badass tab! :)

  379. Sarah A says:

    If I had the money, I’d buy this:

    It’s the Razer Edge Pro, a Windows-based tablet that’s really great for gaming :D

  380. ben says:

    I find peace with nature and with this will get the proper comforts outdoor.

  381. Mark Villegas says:

    I want this!

  382. Isabelle Sibayan says:

    I want this!!!! :-)

  383. jsdamiles says:

    I want a new keyboard from Steelseries! For better gaming experience.

  384. Gian L. Pacaña says:

    I want to buy the Braven Bluetooth Speaker to use for playing music in my phone.

  385. Abigail says:

    It will be a good device for survival ;) just in case of emergency :D

  386. Lize says:

    WD 1TB Passport! will very much come in handy to carry all my files both for work and personal files :)

  387. Ron says:

    good luck everyone

  388. Jose Tuason says:

    I want to view my shots so I would know if they look good or need to re-take captures.

  389. Rhai says:

    As a student, I definitely would want this for my projects! :)

  390. joy says:

    I love this! Why? I’m a chemist and this one just fits the bill perfectly! :) Thanks for the link – will surely buy this mug even if I don’t win the giveaway :D

  391. Ira says:

    I would love to watch this film over and over again. It’s fun to know that I can have it save in any gadget like Microsoft Surface Pro so I can watch it anytime, anywhere.


  392. arvinparedes says:

    i like the G-shock Men’s Crystal Watch in white!

  393. Marc Junuel says:

    I’m a student who lives an hour away from the university. Having this would be a great help because it it very easy to travel with, yet, despite of its size, it gives a lot of punch that may help in projects, theses, and other researches.

  394. Bianca Cuera says:

    I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the guitar. And with this, I’d definitely be so motivated :)

  395. Randy H. Bustamante says:

    Hope to have one of this … but i cant afford …

  396. Dioren Jess says:

    pagkakita ko pa lang sa product na ‘to gustong gusto ko na talaga siyang bilhin. napakaganda kasi at gusto kong itry yung 3D effect nito..

  397. June Justine says:

    This camera will be my new baby because it runs on Android and I can shoot without the hassle of bringing DSLR. It’s like the best of both worlds!

  398. ralph adversario says:

    i want this !!

    this is my dream phone because all the features that i want / MERON SYA !!!!

  399. Chris Paulin says:

    I always wanted a Windows 8 RT device I can take with me every time I need to go OB.

  400. Ferdinand Angeles says:

    Another thing that I would like to buy from is Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener for a no more dull knife and moments in the kitchen

  401. Bernard Balicao says:

    I’m a huge fan of His Airness Michael Jordan and his shoes are the best!

  402. gherhald says:

    2012 Marvel Avengers Movie Iron Man Mark Iv 8gb Usb2.0 Flash Drive Tony Stark New and Fashion

    This metal flash drive is very unique and its cool because of Iron Man!

  403. Eize says:

    I love this!

    Would love to have this for my home coffee mug. And if the measurements are accurate, it could be also be used for measuring ingredients during baking. Dual-purpose! :)

  404. ariel tolentino says:

    I always wanted to have this device for my kids,but due to lack of budget because im just a driver im joining this contest so that if given a chance to win,this will help them a lot in their studies,…

  405. Hope to get 1 soon hope I will win 1 ;)

  406. Rain T. says:

    This + Surface Pro will complete my transition to Unified Windows 8 Ecosystem :D

    If I had owned these devices, I would have started developing my own Windows 8 apps that will provide users with a unified experience across the PC, phone and tablet :)

  407. Ayie Esguerra says:

    Barbies are a girl’s best friend. I will forever be a young at heart when it comes to Barbie. So elegant and classy!

  408. Zander says:

    I want this projector so i can use the Surface As the media player and when i get home it becomes the player for my projector

  409. Jervin says:

    I want the i-Blason HD Clear Bubble Free Screen Protector for MS MicroSoft Surface Tablet RT Windows 8 Tablet Reusable. ——– that’d be perfect for the Surface Pro, if ever I won this Giveaway!~ :D yay~

  410. Ricky says:

    I want to buy presto professional electric knife sharpener – gift for my wife on mothers’ day!

  411. Arch says:

    I really wanted to build something with this for my custom build home automation tool or any other things I can think of.. :)

  412. migs says:

    So, my dad has had his Dell laptop for over 6 years now and he really wants to replace it with a Surface Pro, his planning on buying one but I want to surprise him if I do win this XD the link is a Macbook Pro Retina 15 cause I need a powerful laptop that has the horsepower to render all the 3D plans in AutoCad and all the image and video editing I will be doing :)

  413. Bj says:

    For the geeks who know how to dress well. This one is best suited for people like us. :)

  414. Emy Jorda says:

    I want this for my mom, since she loves to cook this oven is perfect for her..

  415. Sanctuarian06 says:

    Just an opinion, if you’re having a contest and having a major prize, why not use it to expand the creativity of the readers here, make a unique mechanics, instead of using rafflecopter that needs pure luck and luck for the readers to be able to win.

  416. ROY says:

    I really want this power am789 desktop which packs i3 core with 8gb ram… with a Nvidia geforce graphics i can play all the games i want with no lag!!! power gaming!!

  417. En'_Chawn. says:

    WOAH. !!

    want to have that product. Want to buy it but it’s too expensive. But it’s worth the price.

  418. Inez Celestino says:

    For Mother’s Day, this would be an awesome gift for my mom. She loves eating salad! :D

  419. Joselma Rom Gumapac says:

    i want this because it is a perfect gift to my mom so that she can chill and relax in this hanging rope chair.. :)

  420. Mj Echavia says:

    BestDealUSA White Rubber Bracelet Watch 125 With Green LED Message caught my attention when I browse the Watches section. Other than its white color, its cool design makes me want it.

  421. JmToL says:

    I don’t have any tablet or any Smartphone
    This will be a great addition for my Studies. :)

  422. Tristan ramirez says:

    This might be the best answer to my weight problem.

  423. jagger says:

    I’d like to buy these Xperia tags for my Xperia phone so I could automate things within my phone with just a touch of NFC tags!

  424. seimon a. gaitos says:

    Coz I’m trying to be healthy and I wanted to lose more weight and eat sensibly.
    It’s a unique kitchen tool and I haven’t tried one before.

  425. Marlene Yanga says:

    I want to buy this Sterling Silver Polished Pink I Love You Mom Mothers Day Pandora Style Bracelet Premade With Charm Beads ( For my Mommy.

  426. Ana says:

    amazing giveaway!

  427. Myzchel says:

    The real question is, what is it I don’t want to buy at because I want them all! But this is what we really need at the moment

  428. Jeff Cruz says:

    I actually plan on buying this from their official distributor but well, I guess that wont be necessary! yay!

  429. Hernando Caseria Jr says:

    This will be a great collectible and a great item to display in my house!!

  430. Chris says:

    Perfect multimedia buddy for my future Microsoft Surface Pro. :))

  431. Margelyn Sanchez says:

    I like this…
    Lego Ninjago Ninja Masters Twin Sheet Set

    Super love this so cute!

  432. Al Jismundo says:

    The Sony Xperia 32 GB 9.4-Inch Tablet S is the perfect companion with my clinical practice and review sessions.

  433. vhen joseph says:

    My mother loves gardening and I’d love to give her as a mother’s day gift.

  434. Gian says:

    I want this one .. This would be a great gift to my mom:)

  435. Stephen Norris says:

    Microsoft Surface Pro… I’ve been looking forward to this!

  436. Roselle Labitad says:

    I want this for our baby >>
    Evenflo Tribute 5 Convertible Car Seat, Saturn

  437. diomari says:

    I love handheld gaming devices and this one seems the perfect fit.

  438. Ben Astorga says:

    Hope I win!

  439. Theresa Cruz-Escaros says:

    I love coffee!!! Would love to be able to make different kinds of coffee on my own!

  440. Selvasis says:

    A vocal condenser microphone, so I can record music and perform well live on my saxophone.

  441. Sluboy says:

    this will be the perfect gift for my parents in their upcoming wedding anniversary :D

  442. Queenie says:

    I’m a big fan of Batman! I promised myself that I will collect Marvel/DC figures when I grow up and have my own salary :)

  443. Patrick says:

    I would like to buy a mechanical keyboard to see if it would really improve my gaming performance as advertised. :)

  444. Melanie Esponilla says:

    Just daydreaming while browsing Since birthday ko today I’ve been daydreaming of owning a diamond. A real diamond.

  445. John paul says:

    Yum yum =)

  446. Yaj says:

    I want this!

  447. reynald ejoc says:

    thiswould be an extraordinary gift for my mom..

  448. Eric says:


  449. Patrick says:

    because this will be a great gadget

  450. Feliciano S. Ababon says:

    I wanna win

  451. prosti says:

    i want!

  452. Good for it’s price. Have a unique watch without spending too much.

  453. Rowel says:

    Nice for my mom!

  454. Rommel Paulo says:

    Wow! I like…

  455. kannuchi says:

    Twitter: @kennibal

    This is one of the most unusual gadgets I would ever have wanted with my laptop. This could also be a perfect companion for Microsoft Surface, if I could have one :)

  456. Anne Canoza says:

    I want this because I always wanted to have my own ipad o apple product ever since. If I would have this it would be helpful for me to watch more movies everywhere I go since I am a movie geek. This will also help me a lot interms of communication with my friends who has apple products we could easily communicate anytime anywhere.

  457. Kenneth Paul Gabona says:

    I’d work my ass off to get one of these:

  458. Paopee says:


  459. Tons says:

    Surfs Up!

  460. jan says:

    iphone 5 =)

  461. froi says:

    the only tablet that i really want to have… can do usual stuff for me.

  462. papasoc says:

    give this to me. please!! ahha


    perfect for on-the-go students like me! since it is handy and can fit even into a mini bag, no hassle and you can get rid of other heavy gadgets like laptop and books as the iPad mini can act as the latter two. :)

  464. Vastac says:

    Woooooooooooo!… Sana manalo :D

  465. Mitee says:

    I want this coke cooler because it would look good in my desk. :)

  466. Jasper says:

    I wan’t a brand new camera because the last one I got was stolen from me. T_T

  467. I would like to buy this Microsoft Surface Pro but since I don’t have this kind of money, I was hoping to win this on yugatech! :D As a college student, this will be a great help!

  468. JC Bañares says:

    Great for student like me. <3 It would be awesome for school stuff. :D

  469. Matt says:

    Sebastians Microweb Fiber

    It seems like a really nice product. Would love to have it

  470. jasonanthonycanete says:

    I really Dream to become a DJ! with that dream won’t be out of reach!

  471. I would like to buy ProSelect Crate Fan Cooling System because I am always worried that its so hot in my dog’s cage everytime we travel by air.

  472. Remington says:

    It’s a digital controller! I’m actually gonna take production classes and this would be sweet equipment to work with!

  473. Jose Daniel Rosario says:

    Joel Rosario
    Twitter: @jdr_dmci
    I would want this sweet headphone.I want one good headphone and i think this one is great!!

  474. Kate says:

    I’ve wanted a portable charger for the longest time. I always want to have somethings handy for instance that i need to bring my phone with me and I can charge it without my gadget being “tied to wall”

  475. Lynn says:

    I want a SOL REPUBLIC Tracks headphones because I love listening to music especially when I am travelling. I want to hear clear, HD music and I want a comfortable headphones.

  476. Ben says:

    sana manalo :D

  477. mary anne narciso says: