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New Microsoft Zune HD is Official

Microsoft may have a winner with their upcoming Zune HD, officially announced recently and sports some high-definition quality output.

zune hd

The Zune HD will have:

HD Radio – the Zune will have an integrated HD Radio receiver so you can tune in to HD radio content (too bad we ain’t got one in the Philippines).


HD Video Out – it will support 720p HD movies via the AV Dock (dock sold separately).

Touchscreen – the Zune HD has multi-touch navigation, a 3.3-inch screen and 16:9 OLED display (480×272 pixel resolution) screen

Microsoft just launched the official Zune HD microsite.

Of course, the Zune HD still has WiFi connectivity but will also be able to surf the web with a built-in browser (mobile IE8 perhaps?). The earlier report that it will include an NVidia Tegra is not yet confirmed. These new media player should be out in stores by September (again, there’s a very slim chance it will be available locally except in Greenhills and Multiply stores).

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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18 Responses

  1. Patrick says:

    I’ve loved the look of this Zune ever since I saw the leaked pics. It looks more classy than the Touch in my opinion.

  2. naksd says:

    sir yuga. Isn’t iFM 93.9 Broadcasting in HD Radio (digitally.)?

    I have experience in HD Radio since i happen to own one because i needed a better analog FM tuner which is also a HD Radio receiver. And the sound was a little bit better depending on the station and you have to have a very good signal, otherwise. It switches to analog.

  3. yuga says:

    @patrick : yup, looks nice indeed. I hope they’d do other shades of black and gray as well.

    @naksd : really, I didn’t knew that. Don’t listen to FM that much. What HD Radio gear you got?

  4. Pedro says:

    hope it wont cost as much as IPOD Touch…o well will await your review of this gadget sir…

  5. naksd says:

    Its a sangean HDT-1X tuner. Primarily got it to better tune in stations because here in the united states. FM Signals are aplenty and the weaker stations get overriden by more powerful adjacent stations nearby. For example, Its annoying to listen to mexican on 101.1 when you wanted pop or classics instead on 101.3 or 99.9. With this tuner, i don’t get to hear the 101.1 mexican station but only the 101.3 or 99.9 station. In manila as i remember, it does not have that problem because the stations are far apart from the dial from each other. As a plus, it pulls in the distant stations that on the built.in tuner of my mini-component make out as noise than music.

  6. Jam. says:

    Yep naksd. iFM is already in HD

  7. myke says:

    i’ll be buying an ipod touch later this day, should i wait for this? no.. i don’t think so :p

  8. sylv3rblade says:

    here’s hoping for a Zune – Xbox connectivity :D

  9. bengtotpogi says:

    @ sylv3rblade: I read somewhere it will have some sort of Xbox connectivity/integration.

    @yuga: I saw pics of a black one, it does look a lot nicer than this gray one.

    One thing I noticed is the resolution… it sucks!

  10. jude says:

    cguro mhal yn,mga mgkno kya yn?..

  11. herbert says:

    There’s only 1 station whose name appears in my 80 GB Zune. When I go to 88.3, it has this:
    (then the scroll bar to browse for stations)
    Jam 88.3 your kind of mix

    Does that mean that 88.3 is on HD?

  12. rgpod says:

    lahat na ginaya ng microsoft

    Windows: copy of the MacOS
    Microsoft Office: copy of Lotus 1-2-3, WordPerfect
    Internet Explorer: copy of Netscape
    Xbox: copy of the Playstation
    Vista: copy of OS X
    Zune: copy of the iPod
    Live Search: copy of Google

    In the not so distant future.

    ZuneHD: copy of iPod touch
    Bing: another copy of Google
    Xbox 360 w/natal: copy of wii

    ang zune kahit kailan mukhang remote control ng tv

  13. rObytot says:

    1 thing is for sure… microsoft is 1st when it comes to OS… while Mac has owned everything when it comes to GUI.. it’s really idiot-friendly.. but i don’t care who’s first i just want the specs, just saying what i want..

  14. viv says:

    ermm.. i have a quesion.. how much is it here in the philippines?? and is it even available yet??
    tnx.. :)

  15. mike says:

    i have hd zune but i dont know how to upload some games and applications… :((

  16. iggyboi says:

    sir . meron po b kayong available usb sync cable for zune HD?

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