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Nokia to launch 5530 XpressMusic in June?

With the release of Nokia’s 1st-generation touchscreen phone last January, it will not be a surprise if the Finnish company will follow it through with another low-end version of the 5800 XPressMusic. Next month, Nokia might unveil a much cheaper 5530 XPressMusic named Kenzo.

nokia 5900

The alleged Nokia Kenzo specs:


2.9 inch QVGA touchscreen
Quad-band GSM
EDGE connectivity
no 3G
No Wi-Fi
150 MB internal memory
up to 16 GB via microSD
3.2 MP camera with dual LED flash

The speculated price of this low-end touchscreen phone is around $200 {via}.

This one actually makes sense compared to that earlier speculation about a Nokia 5900 from a Chinese website. With almost zero on connectivity, this Nokia 5530 could be positioned in the same market segment as the LG Cookie.

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27 Responses

  1. whaâ„¢ says:

    ok na dun boss yuga. para ma experience naman namin ang TOUCH SCREEN GENEARATION SA MOBILE PHONE kahit it locks CONNECTIVITY OPTIONS.. may bluetooth po ba?

  2. whaâ„¢ says:

    sorry for the typos… im using my opera mini 2.. it shud be…
    ok na DIN….. it LUCK

  3. sky says:

    Actually, it LACKS connectivity options.

    What’s the use of touch screen if you can’t even browse the web? No Wi-Fi? 3G? Unless it’s below 10k, it won’t sell.

  4. crisiboy says:

    yap i agree whats the use of touch screen if you cant even browse the web?

  5. Edz says:

    No WiFi?
    No 3G?
    No GPS?
    No, I dont like this Phone!

    napansin ko ang samsung madalas magrelease ng tpuch screen phone PERO same interface and specs NO WIFi(majority) tas appearance lang pinagkaiba!

  6. MP says:

    Based on the review, there is EDGE connectivity. Meaning you can browse with a speed lower than 3G

  7. cris says:

    worthless. no wifi? does a wifi receiver cost that much?

    even PSPs have wifi. why they can’t put one in??

  8. emenyueru says:

    If its $200, so mga around 10K yun, kung ganun yung price add ka na lang ng 5K, makakabili ka na ng 5800

  9. There are two reasons why new phones have big screens videos and browsing, there’s only one reason why there is touch screen ease browsing being independent from the joystick and the tab, To be able to click the link you want to right at that moment and not take the long ceremonies we have to go through with tabs or joysticks in simple word touch screen technology exist today to ease navigation, whether be it a phone or browser.

  10. i bet this phone is intended only to individual who loves to listen music, take pictures, text and making calls only, nothing follows..:-)

  11. Pink says:

    Almost a ‘No’ for everything.. So what’s this?! lol

  12. cArLo_AnGeLo says:

    GSMArena says that the 5530 migh have WiFi.


    As rumors have it, Nokia seem to have another full touch phone in store for us – one that’s even cheaper than Nokia 5800. The unannounced Nokia 5530 XpressMusic is said to be due for September and will be more compact and won’t have a GPS receiver.

    A “reliable source” to Daily Mobile claims that the upcoming 5530 XpressMusic is another touch-based device form Nokia. The rumored specs include a 2.9-inch touch display, Wi-Fi, FM radio, 3.2 megapixel snapper, 3.5mm audio jack and 150MB internal storage expandable via microSD slot.

    As you can see there is much similarity with the 5800 XpressMusic, but the screen is smaller. There is also no info on GPS or 3G support, but the OS remains Symbian S60 5th Edition.

    It seems the 5530 XpressMusic is a smaller sibling of 5800 and hopefully it will be cheaper due to the smaller screen size and missing GPS receiver.

    According to the source the phone will be introduced in September this year.


  13. bengtotpogi says:

    The cheaper the better I’d say, I’m all for competition and choice… Good for Nokia if this is indeed true…

  14. inglesero says:

    it’s a touch screen “Xpress music” nokia phone for crying out loud. don’t look for the wireless fidelity feature, it’s already in the 5800 unit. this one is for those who want the full touch screen experience on a music phone without the extra features. they wouldn’t release a phone that already has the same features as the 5800 and looks almost like it. and it’s said to be less expensive than the 5800 Xpress music. so it’s fine that it’s not wi-fi ready. if you already have other gadgets that is wi-fi ready, then you can go with this phone without worrying going on-line. also, you’ll have a longer battery life since you are not on line every time your in a wi-fi zone. just enjoy it’s superb sound quality for it is a music phone after all.

  15. van says:

    correcti0n! it has wi-fi!
    the features are the same with nokia 5800, it will cost about 14k,only diff wd the nokia 5800 is that this will come with a 4g micro sd..

  16. Edge Lacorte says:

    Hi Yuga, correction po..

    May WiFi po sya
    Mas updated din ang Homescreen kasi you can set up to 20 contacts to display with horizontal scrolling..

    You can also display up to 4 application shortcuts on the homescreen at the same time, unlike 5800 where you can either choose to have contacts or application shortcuts. Sa 5530, you can have both.


  17. charmingwadi says:

    hi ask k lng kng exact amount ng 5530-xpressmusic?thanks guys

  18. KeitaiKun says:

    domo minna!!!
    watashi wa nihon kimashita…
    demo,firipin-jin desu..
    tanung ko lang po..when will this great phone be released in the phillipines and how much or approximately how much ang price nia?im sooo excited to get this phone..and one more thing,mabibili ko na po ba agad to sa local phone stores lyk WELLCOM pag narelease na sia?

  19. Christian says:

    Ang gu2lo nyo, wlng wifi ang 5530, bkit ndi nyo ichck s website ng nokia.! Wag nyo icompare s 5800 dhil mgk ibang phne cla, malamang mas mgnda 5800

  20. Christian says:

    Ang gu2lo nyo, wlng wifi ang 5530, bkit ndi nyo ichck s website ng nokia.! Wag nyo icompare s 5800 dhil mlaki ang lamang ng 5800, screen size plng tapos n usapan.

  21. erwinator says:

    Actually it has WIFI.

    ok lng nman kung walang 3G, most pinoys don’t use 3g anyway kasi mahal! GPS? uso ba yan dito sa pinas? i don’t think so! most features sacrificed are not big issues for average pinoy users. so ok lang. and according to an article i’v read. it’ll start shipping in the phils by SEPTEMBER 2009.

  22. natche21 says:

    nokia 5530 13.5k here in sm fairview, nokia 5800 1400k
    watha? 5800 nln

  23. natche21 says:

    14k… sorry bout that

  24. paulo says:

    im using the phone now. it HAS WIFI.
    its got only 70MB, not 150…
    got the phone for a lower deal at 11K only. hehehe

    real good phone. faster and better than 5800XM. ayun.. i find it better ha. hehe

  25. louise says:

    anu mas prefer nyo sa dalawa?

    5530 or 5800..
    and how much is the price.?

  26. George says:

    Nokia 5530 is my favorite phone.
    Nokia 5530 Xpressmusic

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