Windows 8 Video Demo

Windows 8 Video Demo

Microsoft today demoed the UI of their next-generation operating system, Windows 8. And if you have one of those Zune media players or a Windows Phone 7, you’ll see the striking similarity on how they did it for Windows 8.

See the video below.


Looks like it’s gonna work with tablets too. Like it? Not?

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46 Responses

  1. Epstein says:

    Looks Neat.

  2. Fleeb says:

    The good: it’s a full desktop OS under the hood.
    The bad: … (let’s wait for the actual thing to launch)

  3. alben says:

    interesting one… seems to be comparable from the lift from Windows Phone 6.5 to Windows Phone 7, way too different in the UI.

  4. J.P. Reyes says:


  5. simplynice93 says:

    Looks like Microsoft is going to phase out the mouse and promote touchscreen monitors. This is a bad sign for gamers.

    • lsp says:

      huh? were you even listening? tsk…

    • Calvin says:

      uhh you really think Microsoft’s going to shun gamers away??? why do you think they would do that? It’s their biggest advantage over Mac and they won’t throw it away just to get a touchscreen-friendly OS. Even if you didn’t view the whole video it’s a silly thing to think of.

    • ry6renz says:

      what are you smoking?

  6. it actually looks good

  7. John says:

    sa wakas.. a full desktop OS to a tablet! =)

    iOS and Honeycomb? hahaha

    imagine playing windows games and apps plus apps optimize for that tablet. =)


    • Maru says:

      Dota lang ba alam nyo? or Dota lng kaya ng RIG nyo? ^^

    • Messie says:

      I look forward on playing Starcraft 2 (with the soon to be released expansion: HOTS) and Diablo 3 on a Windows tablet.

      *sigh* libre lang mangarap I guess. They should make innovative gestures to replace the right click on a tablet. :)

    • ry6renz says:

      Just remember that there are 2 variants==desktop and tablet windows 8–the tablet version is a dumbed down version–so expect that you won’t get the full functionality.

  8. Noir says:

    Any news if the rumors that WIn 8 can play Xbox 360 games?

  9. camhiliciouz says:


    makes me think twice of buying a Macbook later this year…

  10. Neil says:

    iPad? Galaxy Tab? Xoom? All of you, go away.

  11. Num Lock says:

    This is the only true upgrade from Windows 95.

    DOS>Windows 3.1 (window feature)>Windows 95 9 (start menu)>Windows 8(touch/tiles/full window apps)

  12. gar says:

    It looks great on tablets. But on desktops, i don’t think so..

  13. POngPing says:

    Looks like Windows 8 will cater most on touchpad-enabled gadgets. Though the market right now caters more usage of tablets and smartphones, Windows 8 will definitely change the way our Social Media escapades. For gamers, I hope this new OS will be more just an OS in the background i.e. it will not require huge system requirements like Vista and the Games played will be the forefront of the Windows 8 machine.

    Will definitely wait for this. I hope this is not so pricey when Windows 7 launched 2 years ago.

  14. George says:

    It looks like Windowsâ„¢ Media Center redesigned completely!

  15. choy says:

    Apple’s got serious competition in Windows 8!

    • cyberstar says:

      You mean iOs not Apple , right? Because when it comes to desktop Snow Leopard/Lion versus Windows–the war has been won a long time ago.

  16. razorous says:

    This is what I’m waiting for. Will wait for the next brand that would match with this… Dell? HP? Sony?

  17. adam says:

    Like it. :-) Looks fast and neat.

  18. Messie says:

    This OS is aptly named Windows 8. So, should we assume that this will somehow find it’s way to desktop PCs as the successor of the current Windows 7? Come to think of it, they should have named it Windows Tablet 8 if they plan on having it exclusively portable like Windows Phone 7…

    • ry6renz says:

      Pleased read it’s for the desktop and tweaked for tablet usage –2 variants

  19. mr. bogus says:

    im only interested in ms office…..

    need a lot of improvement…

    still android!!!

  20. agvu says:

    this will be the bomb if used in dual screen laptops like a giant ninty DS

  21. Michael says:

    I will wait til they announce real specs. But then again no one can beat iPad’s amazing battery life. A tablet should run without needing it to charge very often and that’s what iPad offers. You get a 10 hour battery life that is enough for you to do your tasks for a day. Currently, I’m doing this comment with my iPad 2. This is not an oversized iPhone. The user experience is very different from an iPhone.

  22. netbooksearcher says:

    Mukhang maganda ang interface. Finally, a true Windows upgrade!

  23. Air21 says:

    Is this for tablets?? right?? The best alternative. Going to replace IPAD soon !

    • if i heard it right (from the vid) it says that it will not only work on tablets, it will also work on desktops and laptops…

    • John says:

      its windows 8 for all.. yun nga lang, magkakaiba ng interface.. pero iisa lang yan.. as far as i know, windows 8 interface on PC and Laptop eh parang windows 7 lang.. (or i guess pwede kang mamili kung metro o yung luma)

  24. kevin says:

    the old giant is making a stunning comeback…and one more thing, this is what competition is all about- shape up or ship out

  25. yeah, it’s about time Microsoft shows some guts and muscle. i think the next obvious question since this is performance and minimum requirements of your hardware. :)

  26. bern says:

    Wow! bringing in all windows apps to tablet world, it would be a huge blast to Apple app store – they can’t brag anyomore!


  27. 1001 says:

    that’s more like it. a different windows interface not similar ones

  28. Erwin says:

    Bye bye iOS & Honeycomb.

  29. ronnie says:

    Where’s the start button? :)

  30. Ced says:

    looks good. Windows 8 will have a touch version for tablets and a non touch version for desktop computers

  31. jesse says:

    from someone who owns a macbook and an iphone, this looks awesome! cant wait!!

  32. Num Lock says:

    Tatakbo kaya mga atom tablets or tablet/netbook compatibles dito with 1 gb or less than 1gb ram?

  33. Win8 says:

    This is the beginning of the end for Steve Jobs. iOS is a joke compared to this.

  34. Azri says:

    Why release a new OS? Windows 7 is a great OS. Baka maging Vista version ito…

    Microsoft OS History

    Windows 98 – Stable
    Windows ME – FAIL
    Windows XP – Stable
    Windows Vista – FAIL
    Windows 7 – Stable
    Windows 8?????

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