Globe intros 4G Tattoo up to 10Mbps

Globe intros 4G Tattoo up to 10Mbps

As a result of the recent HSPA+ roll-out of Globe Telecom, they’re now promoting their Globe Tattoo 4G super stick, with design inspiration from Tonino Lamborghini.

The promised speed — up to 10Mbps on your mobile broadband stick — and they called it the 4G Tattoo Tonino Lamborghini.

We got this poster from @talk2globe today.


The full 10Mbps plan costs Php2,199 per month but you can still get the Lambo stick at lower plans of 3Mbps and 5Mbps.

There’s also the option of getting the Globe MyFi device with an additional Php100/month on top of the MSF.

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74 Responses

  1. Bryan says:

    Ang ganda sana nito pero, yung phrase na “upto 10mbps” nagpapangit. Sana “at least 10mbps”

  2. Bryan says:

    Ang ganda sana nito pero, yung phrase na “upto 10mbps” nagpapangit. Sana “at least 10mbps”.

  3. JC says:

    how about the old ones? can we just update the firmware?

    • IMHO.. Tingin ko walang upgrade ng firmware … hindi kasi sila kikita sa ganun..malamang gusto ng globe bumili uli ng ganyang product nila…

    • DJ says:

      Wag masyadong cynical. Hindi pwedeng firmware upgrade lang sa lumang USB sticks kasi pang-3G lang talaga yun, at 4G na to.

  4. otepsphere says:

    Wow! Ma try nga!

    I agree with bryan sana nga atleast 10mpbs :))

    kaso kumusta naman… almost 2,200 din a month…whew! :))

  5. Les says:

    I’m not convinced, it may give u a faster download speed but what about connectivity? How many times in a day will it disconnect? haha

  6. lomo13 says:

    why can’t they fix their current service first?

  7. simplynice93 says:

    I’m gonna wait for the reviews. Better be absolutely sure than be sorry/angry/depressed.

  8. Kevin says:

    I assume this is also subject to the daily download cap limit?

  9. Kevin says:

    Up to 10 Mbps. Means 100kbps is still good on what you signed up for.

  10. csseyah says:

    ayos yung Plan 999 ah.. wait din muna ako ng review about this 4G tattoo..

  11. mario says:

    I think that both Globe and Smart are full of shit. While both are marketing the “up to” 21-84MBps, I doubt any of the speeds will actually change much from the current 1-2MBps. They should really start to guarantee an avg speed of say 1, 2, or 5 MBps for a day, rather than trick people into theoretical numbers.

  12. Earl says:

    Wow!!! Sobrang bilis! maubos ng bandwidth cap jan
    kapag nilagyan nila!! wala din! =))

  13. bern says:

    Is speed relative to number of users online?

  14. jose says:

    great deal if the fair use policy doesn’t apply.

  15. Rey says:

    Ang masasabi ko lang: “Weh?”

  16. bleh says:

    he looks gay. no offence

    • Blah says:

      They made him look like that :D So if you don’t want to look gay, don’t use Globe at wag rin magpagamit sa Globe!

  17. adam says:

    Php 2100 per month tapos “up to 10Mbps” lang ang promise.

  18. lee17 says:

    awesome! but wait. is it still bound by the 800MB/day cap?

  19. i hope they offer 4G on prepaid soon

  20. Steve Jobs says:

    Konte palang coverage ng Globe Tattoo 4G. If you are in area with Globe 4G coverage then its a good GO.

  21. jo-asia says:

    i agree, bkit up to? dapat at least 10 mbps! for 2200/month. mabuti sana kung di bababa ng 5mbps ang int.speed, paano kung 0.00kbps ang palagi mong makikita sa statistics at lagi pang nddisconnect! LOL!! and one more thing, why is this thing called 4g? i think 4g means 14mbps or higher. like cellphones that has 4g in their name like lg optimus black 4g, samsung infuse 4g,samsung epic 4g their internet speed is 14mbps or higher. i think 4g of globe is not a technology its just a marketing strategy. bow.

  22. Smart says:

    another gimmick that sucks

  23. poche says:

    800mb total download/upload per day still in effect with this new plans.

  24. marco says:

    D2 sa amin, hanggang 100kbps lng ang naabot ko(swertihan na un ah) pero ang equivalent na noon pag tiningnan mo sa dashboard eh 1Mbps… Mga cnungaling!

    • anon says:

      as in 100kbps lang? or 100kBps? iba un tol…
      100kBps halos equivalent un ng 1mbps XD

  25. Denz D. Naitawei says:

    As always, crab mentality ng mga pinoy talaga. If you don’t like their service, bakit pa kayo nag-cocontinue ng subscription nyo, tapos nagngingitngit kayo sa galit. Andami naman ibang telco dyan. I asked a globe employee, and she said that 800mb daily cap is only imposed on prepaid mobile internet daw… pag-postpaid, there’s no cap daw. She may be wrong pero katangahan nga naman if you’re using a 10mbps subscription with an 800mb daily limit. Exception na lang talaga siguro sa mga postpaid na talagang abusado sa pagdownload ng kung ano ano 24/7. If you look at it closely, yung 2,199 na yan parang 3mbps subscription ng skybroadband, theoretically 10 mbps ka pa. If masusunod ang 60% (or is it 75% or 80%) lower limit imposed by NTC for consideration ng mga “up to” “up to” na yan 6mbps is still a good thing. Or is that NTC ruling only for wired connections? Sana lang maglabas ng map of 4G coverage yung globe para malaman kung covered yung area ng mga pinupuntahan ko ng 4G speeds nila.

    • poche says:

      wala pang 4G ang globe lol. kaya wala ka mahahanap na mapa nyan.

      3.90G = HSPA+(globe)up to 84Mbps dl
      3.95G = LTE (smart)up to 100Mbps dl

    • Denz D. Naitawei says:

      That’s according to the original ITU requirements pero di ba ni-revise nila yan to include any great significant improvement sa performance and capability ng 3G (which is what HSPA+ is). Not being too picky about the terminologies, let me revise my statement. Sana maglabas ang globe ng map ng “4G” (according to Globe’s claims) coverage area. Satisfied?

    • poche says:

      LTE na ang talagang may term na pre-4G kasi firmware upgrade lang needed to full 4G. at least next year pa magkaka LTE ang globe according to them since di pa sila ready.

      Smart tested HSPA+ around 2009 but decided to ditch it and go straight to LTE.

    • Denz D. Naitawei says:

      From a non-technical and practical perspective, Globe’s current offering may be the best that we can have right now. San ba yang LTE-Advanced network na yan ng Smart as of today? Ilang devices ba ang nag-fufully support and utilize ng LTE-Advanced frequencies na available (?) sa bansang ito? Even sa US, Sprint’s 4G (WiMAX) offers peak rates of 10mbps pero averages around 3 to 6mbps lang. Verizon’s LTE? Peaking at 12mbps pero averages around 5 (even lesser) to 7mbps. HSPA+ ay mabilis i-roll out at may maraming available supported device so it was practical to release it first like what T-mobile and AT&T did. Kahit technically it isn’t 4G (as is plain LTE and WiMAX) but they offer great improvements in speed, so I’m fine with that. Even if advanced technologies could theoretically provide speeds of up to 100 mbps don’t expect the networks to give you that much bandwidth. LOL!

    • koki_motok says:

      who to blame if we complain about the services we get? and do we have lots of choices?? open ur mind. it’s not crab mentality, u might be fortunate that u have not experienced horrid service from this company.

    • Denz D. Naitawei says:

      Or maybe I’m just not expecting much from my 3mbps connection which only costs 1,999 per month. As explained by Yuga on his article: some subscribers are led to believe that when they subscribe to a 1mbps line they can download at exactly or near 1mbps and for some, they demand that type of speed 24/7. At 999 pesos (or 1,500 for some), they sure do have some high expectations. The key to contentment is to lower your expectations down a little and learn what’s actually happening with your connection. That’s not to say na magpapaabuso ka na lang kung parating down ang network nyo. Ofcourse you have the right to complain… THRU THE RIGHT CHANNELS (and may I add —> politely).

    • marco says:

      Why tell lies? I think most people are really thinking of having a 3mbps connection before getting that subscription.

      But the point of your first post is hypocrisy which doesn’t really apply in a semi-monopolzed telco business. Here, you should get the least of a liar from them, then you will have to deal of what they can offer until the next gruelling years if you are as poor as me who can only afford 1 broadband stick every 36 months.

      Just because i’m continuously using globe’s services doesn’t mean i’m satisfied.

      And before you ask, my expectations are nearly one tenth of yours, but never got the level of satisfaction you seem to have. :(

    • Denz D. Naitawei says:

      Who’s lying? And what is it exactly that they’re lying about? You know that word “up to”? That’s the maximum bandwidth given to you by the telco in ideal situations: Your terminal has no bottleneck and is well-programmed, your wires and set-up (modems and router) is properly installed and of good quality, the connection from you to the server of the telco has minimal interference, the number of users accessing the server on your area is well within the server’s capacity, the international gateways and servers are well-functioning and aren’t congested, the server of the site your visiting or downloading from aren’t congested. Some post this in their FAQ but we all don’t want to read or hear about them. We just want that maximum speed like our life is about end if we lose those precious bandwidth!

      Semi-monopolized? I’ve been shifting ISP’s eversince (around 5 na ata) and I still see a lot of options if my current provider doesn’t deliver well AFTER exhausting all possible ways WITH THE TELCO (and not the blogs) to meet my so-called little expectations. Hypocrisy is your call, which would only reflect your disposition to my post. If you look at this blog post properly, you will see that this is a new type of service globe’s offering. Nobody in the comments section seemed to have actually used it yet and exhaustively if I may add. And here goes the rants, OH CRAP CAP SLOW POS, I’ve eaten their cake once and it tasted bitter so this must taste like shhh.

      “And before you ask, my expectations are nearly one tenth of yours, but never got the level of satisfaction you seem to have”
      You seem to be so sure of this. You’ve actually measured my expectations? If you’ve never got the level of my satisfaction, then your expectations are still not low enough. Lower them down or move to another option.

    • marco says:

      If you read my previous post you’ll know where i’m coming from. And i’m actually avoiding the cost of changing my network provider, that’s why i’m continuously using globe’s services. Here on my place it’s only globe or smart, the others are proven crap in terms of signal, so basically, i don’t have much of a choice.

      You said you have a 3mbps connection, so it’s safe to assume that you expect to get at least 1mbps on your regular browsing. I’m literally jumping with joy if i could have at least 100kbps, most of a time i only got 5-10kbps. But my dashboard has a guts to tell me it’s 50-100kbps!

      You would never get to understand my situation, unless you experience it yourself. Before i get my first broadband stick, i was expecting a decent connection, but it’s far from what i thought, and now i have to deal with them, and pray to heavens above that time will come when they will improve their service, in a way that i could feel it.

    • Denz D, Naitawei says:

      It’s pretty clear that your location is not that good for globe’s tattoo service (or any other ISP sabi mo). You can’t force a company to build the facility just for you. You brought that stick with your expectation that your area has good connection, but it didn’t. So what do you do? Continue subscribing and then keep commenting on various blogs that you have poor service? Will that help you meet your expectation? Seriously.

    • marco says:

      That’s what i’m trying to do right now. And who are you to tell me/us otherwise? If we experience bad service, it’s a reasonable reaction to complain on whatever channels there is… i dont care. As if i’m lying, i’m just telling the truth. Build a facility on my place? Why not? I’m not the only one who are using globe’s services here, there are plenty of us, mostly unsatisfied.
      Just face it! There indeed exist a number of unfortunate people who need to chase for signal just to connect to the internet. And if you love globe so much, why not treat our existence as a motivation for your company to improve their service on a broader scale? But you could still go on and on and put the blame on me, on why i’m such a negative publicity on your precious company, but it will still not change the truth.

      Good for you, you are a happy customer, but you don’t have to go to the extent of accusing us of crab mentality, which i find very rude.

    • marco says:

      I’m not using any post paid subscription btw. I’m on prepaid. But it still sucks if i cant even finish a 50mb download for 50pesos, oh well…

    • Jologs says:

      Complaining through the right channels? HA!!!! As of that would accomplish anything! Believe me, been a Globe subscriber for so long that I know that complaining through the right channels will accomplish NOTHING!

      And puhleeze, everyone’s entitled to their own opinions. Let them vent! At least by hearing their horror stories, we consumers are warned as to NOT what to patronize.

      Tell me, are you a Globe employee???

    • Jologs says:

      One more thing, kelan pa naging crab mentality ang pagsabi ng totoo about the service that you’re getting? Calling us names huh? At least we’re not self-righteous prigs na parang walang bahid dungis kung magsalita.

      And your point na walang ma-aaccomplish ang pagcomplain so forums? Well at least we save people from getting the same crappy service that we’re getting by pointing them elsewhere. No matter how small the numbers are, at least di nadadagdagan ang nauuto ng mga telcos na yan!

    • Denz D Naitawei says:

      LOLz! Ok! Go ahead! Say what you want. Use your globe tattoo and continue to patronize globe with pain and agony. They get your money and you get what—- more white hairs. I only have a postpaid line with them (handyphone) and for me, everytime I complain about network problems, it gets resolved. Maybe because I’m just polite with their customer service representatives. Enjoy your globe tattoo guys! LOLz!

  26. they paid that expensive race car driver a big amount of cash to promote the product. Where else where they take the money to pay for it? the consumers of course! Sorry but I don’t buy gimmicks. I would much rather get unadvertised product, and see it on actual usage. Connection must be stable, quick to connect, and more than half of the advertised speed.

  27. chinitoguy says:

    No prepaid? The price is reasonable naman but how’s the speed? Is it better than 3G broadband stick? It has stable speed? If yes I will subscribe!

  28. Steve Jobs says:

    Kumuha ako kanina ng Tattoo SuperStick Plan 1,299. Hindi ko pa ma test kasi di pa activated internet ko. As of now naka 999pesos SUPERSURF ako which is 3Mbps naman talaga ang speed kapag nagdodownload ako. Hope 5Mbps din makukuha ko sa Plan 1,299

  29. kenenth pattinson says:



  30. Paul Agabin says:


  31. dodong says:

    Don’t get this if there’s no HSPA+ globe tower near you.

  32. johnbrew says:

    i dont trust globe.
    in business, domino effect yan.
    kaya its normal na maging word of mouth (negative, hindi positive) lalo na yung unsatisfied sa service nila.

  33. ace says:

    For reviews/discussion regarding Globe’s wireless offerings, this thread in TPC can be helpful:

  34. Denz D. Naitawei says:

    @Yuga (or anybody who knows)
    I’m just wondering what mifi device Globe’s using for their 10mbps plan? Kasi yung e5 di ba hanggang 7.2mbps lang?

  35. Moppi says:

    Covered din ito ng Fair Use Policy ng Globe?

    Coz I just got my first dose of that Policy and it sucks, ilang oras lang na browse at Youtube… BLOCKED. At more than 2 kaming nagamit ng internet. :/

  36. Bern says:

    I hope this 4G of globe is not rip off.

  37. mike says:

    OK sana kung walang bandwidth cap. haha! sun user here!

  38. RE intro and introduction however they take this ad we still get sold :) we even give them a space on the interwebs to discuss with. Globe should be happy right now LOL

  39. Supertoblerone says:

    walang kwenta…yung wimax nga 4G na pero sablay.. yan pa kaya? boooo!!!

  40. Globe must implement fair usage policy for this just like Wi-tribe to avoid abuse! To hell with bandwidth abusers!

  41. jp says:

    bwisit yan globe na yan… yung sa dsl namin kung di pa kami ttwag di maayos yung net.. after ng mga 1-2 days mawawalan na naman ng net tapos tawag ulet paulit-ulit na lang lagi. Nabibiwisit ka pa na after magkaroon ng connection ttawagan k ng csr nila tatanungin kung satisfy sa services nila at mabilis dumating yung mga technician.

  42. PNOY says:

    Kung yung promo nila na up to 2Mbps ay di nasusunod laging 500Kbps-1Mbps lng ang nakukuhang speed. Wat more ung up to 10Mbps. Bka up to 5Mbps below lng ang makuha mong speed, sayang lng ung 2,200 na bayad mo. Dapat talaga atleast 10Mbps, kung ganyan ang ibebenta nila, tiyak maraming bibili.

  43. walakopaki says:

    Want a stable connection? Get a lease line or go abroad and get a connection and see how much you’ll pay for it.

    You really get what you paid for dude.

    And those advertisers will NOT.. again NOT market or say anything bad about there products. So please get used to it. You can quit if you don’t like the service and switch. That simple. If you can’t stand ther stupid service then give up using the internet. Balik ka na lang sa dial up bro.

    • Stephanie says:

      Yun nga ang annoying dun eh you cant just quit dahil naka 12 or 24 month contract ka! Gets mo!


  44. juanel says:

    Sana bago mag-intro ang Globe ng kung ano anong gimik, sana ayusin muna nila ang existing line-up nila. I have Globe 3MBPS Postpaid plan. 3 months and counting na ng complaints ko, walang umaaksyon to fix it. hanggang nagsawa na lang ako sa kakareport. di ko na lang nirereport even if there is a problem of getting 300-500kbps only CONSTANTLY on a supposed 3mbps plan.

  45. Steve Jobs says:

    I’m very happy with Globe for more than 2 years now. I get what the advertise speed. Most of the time more than the advertise speed. Globe Tattoo Postpaid subscriber ako. Now i upgraded my Plan to 1299 and still im very satisfied.

  46. wow that is.. really fast. i wonder why DSL modems aren’t as fast as the 4G wireless?

  47. There oh says:

    The reason why Globe is so expensive naman is because they brand their products through expensive endorsements at iba pa. :D

    So don’t wonder anymore kung bakit, minsan, hindi kami gumagamit ng mga ‘sikat’ na products.

    If you want fast internet, switch na lang kayo sa Sky Cable’s. Pinaka mabilis sa country.

    • Denz D Naitawei says:

      I’m also a sky broadband user. It’s indeed fast (except some time during late afternoons til midnight). My only problem is that they have this cache thing for sites you visit and a some-sort of shield IP for visiting sites, that makes downloading to file-hosting sites a pain (unless you have premium accounts on all file-sharing sites) because they see your IP downloading something else (for no-parallel downloading sites like non-premium rapidshare, etc.). Plus lately, they seem to be undergoing a lot of “system maintenance”. But I learned to deal with these handicaps of skycable. Again as with other ISP’s don’t expect much and be polite with your concerns and you’ll be more or less satisfied.

  48. Val says:

    Ang ganda ng stick, pang collectible. Pero I don’t know of the service. Sana magkaroon na tayo ng internet kagaya sa SoKor. ISPs should focus more on satisfying customers first rather than focusing on how to make more money. If satisfied ang customers, money will follow naman after and without much advertising effort for them. IMHO :)

  49. our company bought the stick and subscribed! +P50 if you want to get the special router of globe to emit the the 10mbps wifi. one of our problem is that our company’s office is in the upper basement of the building in makati. but it didnt stop the stick to work. 4G means pala – one of the fastest wireless internet connection, so our office level still has globe cellphone signal and so did the stick, ganun pala sha. kaso pag situated ka sa ground floor dun talaga mas todo ang internet speed. anyways compared to 1 witribe and this stick which we emmits and 5 office officers. this stick still is faster and reliable. but to my experience our cable internet at home destiny is still faster and more reliable as the signal of the stick mostly fluctuates.

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