Globe intros 4G Tattoo up to 10Mbps

As a result of the recent HSPA+ roll-out of Globe Telecom, they’re now promoting their Globe Tattoo 4G super stick, with design inspiration from Tonino Lamborghini.

The promised speed — up to 10Mbps on your mobile broadband stick — and they called it the 4G Tattoo Tonino Lamborghini.

We got this poster from @talk2globe today.

realme philippines

The full 10Mbps plan costs Php2,199 per month but you can still get the Lambo stick at lower plans of 3Mbps and 5Mbps.

There’s also the option of getting the Globe MyFi device with an additional Php100/month on top of the MSF.

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  1. Michelle Dy says:

    our company bought the stick and subscribed! +P50 if you want to get the special router of globe to emit the the 10mbps wifi. one of our problem is that our company’s office is in the upper basement of the building in makati. but it didnt stop the stick to work. 4G means pala – one of the fastest wireless internet connection, so our office level still has globe cellphone signal and so did the stick, ganun pala sha. kaso pag situated ka sa ground floor dun talaga mas todo ang internet speed. anyways compared to 1 witribe and this stick which we emmits and 5 office officers. this stick still is faster and reliable. but to my experience our cable internet at home destiny is still faster and more reliable as the signal of the stick mostly fluctuates.

  2. Val says:

    Ang ganda ng stick, pang collectible. Pero I don’t know of the service. Sana magkaroon na tayo ng internet kagaya sa SoKor. ISPs should focus more on satisfying customers first rather than focusing on how to make more money. If satisfied ang customers, money will follow naman after and without much advertising effort for them. IMHO :)

  3. There oh says:

    The reason why Globe is so expensive naman is because they brand their products through expensive endorsements at iba pa. :D

    So don’t wonder anymore kung bakit, minsan, hindi kami gumagamit ng mga ‘sikat’ na products.

    If you want fast internet, switch na lang kayo sa Sky Cable’s. Pinaka mabilis sa country.

    • Denz D Naitawei says:

      I’m also a sky broadband user. It’s indeed fast (except some time during late afternoons til midnight). My only problem is that they have this cache thing for sites you visit and a some-sort of shield IP for visiting sites, that makes downloading to file-hosting sites a pain (unless you have premium accounts on all file-sharing sites) because they see your IP downloading something else (for no-parallel downloading sites like non-premium rapidshare, etc.). Plus lately, they seem to be undergoing a lot of “system maintenance”. But I learned to deal with these handicaps of skycable. Again as with other ISP’s don’t expect much and be polite with your concerns and you’ll be more or less satisfied.

  4. Jose Palala says:

    wow that is.. really fast. i wonder why DSL modems aren’t as fast as the 4G wireless?

  5. Steve Jobs says:

    I’m very happy with Globe for more than 2 years now. I get what the advertise speed. Most of the time more than the advertise speed. Globe Tattoo Postpaid subscriber ako. Now i upgraded my Plan to 1299 and still im very satisfied.

  6. juanel says:

    Sana bago mag-intro ang Globe ng kung ano anong gimik, sana ayusin muna nila ang existing line-up nila. I have Globe 3MBPS Postpaid plan. 3 months and counting na ng complaints ko, walang umaaksyon to fix it. hanggang nagsawa na lang ako sa kakareport. di ko na lang nirereport even if there is a problem of getting 300-500kbps only CONSTANTLY on a supposed 3mbps plan.

  7. walakopaki says:

    Want a stable connection? Get a lease line or go abroad and get a connection and see how much you’ll pay for it.

    You really get what you paid for dude.

    And those advertisers will NOT.. again NOT market or say anything bad about there products. So please get used to it. You can quit if you don’t like the service and switch. That simple. If you can’t stand ther stupid service then give up using the internet. Balik ka na lang sa dial up bro.

    • Stephanie says:

      Yun nga ang annoying dun eh you cant just quit dahil naka 12 or 24 month contract ka! Gets mo!


  8. PNOY says:

    Kung yung promo nila na up to 2Mbps ay di nasusunod laging 500Kbps-1Mbps lng ang nakukuhang speed. Wat more ung up to 10Mbps. Bka up to 5Mbps below lng ang makuha mong speed, sayang lng ung 2,200 na bayad mo. Dapat talaga atleast 10Mbps, kung ganyan ang ibebenta nila, tiyak maraming bibili.

  9. jp says:

    bwisit yan globe na yan… yung sa dsl namin kung di pa kami ttwag di maayos yung net.. after ng mga 1-2 days mawawalan na naman ng net tapos tawag ulet paulit-ulit na lang lagi. Nabibiwisit ka pa na after magkaroon ng connection ttawagan k ng csr nila tatanungin kung satisfy sa services nila at mabilis dumating yung mga technician.

  10. Globe must implement fair usage policy for this just like Wi-tribe to avoid abuse! To hell with bandwidth abusers!

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