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Windows 9 is coming, and here’s what to expect

Microsoft will unveil the new Windows 9 in a press event on September 30th. We may be a few weeks away from seeing the future of Microsoft’s flagship software, but that didn’t stop those who had early access to provide some noteworthy features. We give you a rundown of what to see from the next-gen operating system.


The return of the Start menu… with a twist

[jwplayer mediaid=”69953″]

Microsoft has been on the receiving end of the backlash since the release of the modern Windows 8 since it practically killed the much-loved start menu in favor of a new start screen with live ‘metro’ tiles.

Now, The Redmond Giant is getting back to basics by bringing it back… but still, with the metro tiles. A screenshot leaked from a technical preview showed the Windows Start Menu along the live tiles at the right side.

Interactive live tiles

These live tiles don’t just redirect you to places and programs, but rather interact with them directly from where they are, giving new life to the rather static icons. These were previewed earlier this year on Windows Next by Microsoft Research, as seen in the video.

The interactive tiles will not initially be a part of the technology preview, and will be added on in the future updates.

Cortana for PC


Many praised Cortana on the Windows (phone) for its efficiency, and the digital assisant is arriving to the desktop platform along with the slew of the new features coming to the upgraded OS.


Evidently in its early stages, Cortana currently supports location, time and people information.

New Notifications Center

Windows 8 introduced system toasts for new app notifications. On winsows 9, Users can now check on their missed toast updates through a notification center placed at the taskbar.

Better support for virtual desktops

Virtual desktop cloning will now be a staple in the new OS as Windows puts a virtual window button besides the Search on the taskbar. The icon can be used to create and clone virtual desktops. New workspaces can easily be created, perfect for multitasking and organizing .

Relocated search icon


Windows 9 is axing the charms bar featured in its predecessor, which included the system’s search function. The instant search feature, first seen on Vista, is now located beside the start menu for quick access.

Full-screen Apps can now run in desktop


‘Metro’ apps can now be directly run in window mode from the desktop. Scrrenshots show that metro-style icons were run on the traditonal desktop, complete with a mini menu and the usual minimize, maximize and close buttons.

While Windows 9 may not be called ‘Windows 9’ at all because of the current brand restructing efforts done at Redmond, one thing’s for sure: We’re going to get a glimpse of the improvements we’ve been waiting for since the last OS update this September 30th.

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12 Responses

  1. Stebe J says:

    They said the pc/desktop/laptop is dying 2 years ago being replaced by tablets.

    Now, the pc sales dip is decellerating and sales are projected to even increase as tablet sales are decreasing.

    And there seems to be an increased demand for windows pc tablet/hybrids.

    • Alphere says:

      PC’s will never die. They just have longer life span than tablets. Plus, I can’t imagine my self using tablet at the office instead of laptop or desktop. It my decrease sales, but it will not totally disappear.

    • Millhouse says:

      Quite indeed. When it comes to power, processing, multitasking and storage, the tablets will simply never outweigh the laptops and PCs. Anyone who says otherwise must be nuts.

    • [1/(Pc or desktop or laptop)] x (Win9*tablets)= 100% Productivity

      I think di dapat pinagkukompara ang dalawa in terms of functionality :)

      PC vs PC while Tablet vs Tablet dapat

  2. jenie says:

    Looks like Win 9 is shaping up to be a good OS. Let’s hope it delivers:

    Win 95 = Success
    Win 98 = Fail
    Win 98SE = Success
    Win ME = Fail
    Win XP = Success
    Win Vista = Fail
    Win 7 = Success
    Win 8 = Fail
    Win 9 = Success (hopefully) ^__^

    • Oona says:

      Shall we call it, Windows 8S? :)

    • Millhouse says:

      It may not be as widely praised as Windows 7, however, Windows 8 is not as bad as Millenium and Vista. In fact, Windows 8.1 had already fixed the numerous errors and bugs Windows 8 was notorious for. The haters and skeptics would simply not give 8.1 a chance.

    • lawrence says:

      Windows 8 had shortcomings. But Windows 8.1 offered vast improvements and I am pretty pleased with it. Specially transition from desktop mode and tablet mode. I’m looking forward to “Windows 9” or whatever it will be called.

      I have a Windows 8.1 laptop and an Android tablet. I could live without the Android tablet but could never live without a Windows laptop. Tried also Ubuntu and other Linux incarnations but keep coming back to Windows. So, IMO Windows will stay. Microsoft just has to make improvements based on user feedbacks. And that’s what exactly they are trying to do with Windows 9.

  3. a says:

    virtual desktop- Linux have it since the 90s lol

    • lawrence says:

      So? Nothing wrong with implementing a feature of other OS’s that’s successful and useful for the users. Even Apple does that. Have you seen the “new” features of IPhone 6 that Android users have already been enjoying for years now? :-)

  4. Erickson says:

    Charms Bar is very useful IMO. I don’t know why MS have to remove it. They should maintain Charms Bar for touch devices and remove it for non touch.

    • lawrence says:

      I also like the Charms Bar. But let’s see what MS has in store for us in place of the functionality of the Charms Bar. I’m pretty sure they will base it on user feedback. Let’s wait and see. :-)

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